UPDATE: Riese & Müller have recalled the Packster 70 due to problems with the steering. You can find all the information here.
As the only E-cargo bike in the test, the R&M Packster 70 Vario has to compete against the significantly lighter competition. Can this giant with its clever transport system and Bosch Cargo motor convince us, or does its sheer size count it out? We found out for you!

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Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario | Bosch Cargo Line Cruise/1250 Wh
62 kg | € 9,548 | Manufacturer’s website

An E-cargo bike in the commuter bike group test? Hold on a second! Has our editor-in-chief eaten too many of those special brownies (again) while sending out the invites for the test? Or is there something to this? After all, while searching for the best cargo bike we found out what kind of potential there is in these gentle giants. While other ebikes proudly carry 25 kg of luggage in two saddlebags on their rack, the Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario smiles indulgently. This bike can face the really big challenges of everyday urban life. Transport half of the kindergarten to the park? Why not? At a stretch, the transport box will fit three and another little one will fit on the rack at the rear. Weekend shop for the whole crew? Not a problem. The bike shines with its capacity of 375 L and is approved for a cargo of up to 100 kg. Impressive? Yep. Commuting ready? We’ll find out!

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario spec in detail

The Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario doesn’t just exude irrepressible sex appeal for E-cargo bike fans. Hardly anyone can take their eyes off the Ferrari amongst cargo bikes out on the streets. In comparison to an Italian sports car, the price of € 9,548.20 doesn’t even seem quite so high anymore. In terms of finishing quality, there’s not much to discuss – Riese & Müller have been setting standards here for years. The comprehensive spec is perfect for everyday use and shines with a MIK rack that is rated up to 27 kg, making it suited for a child seat. It also comes with a bright Supernova M99 front light with a high beam, metal mudguards, and a central, easy to use stand and two locks: one frame lock and a matching chain lock in the saddlebag. In case a criminal mastermind does manage to crack both, they’ll get a nasty surprise: thanks to the factory-fitted RX Chip, the bike can be tracked and recovered. R&M offer various RX services with different subscription models starting at € 39.90 per year.

The Packster 70 is definitely not the most intuitive bike in the test. However, once you’ve got used to the agility of the steering, you’ll hardly find a more fun bike in the test!

Big feet? Oh, dear.
People with big feet might have problems pedalling and brush against the box with their toes. A pity for the nice box!
Tangled legs guaranteed
Even if Mattis and Sarah would have liked to take Marlene with them, there’s not really enough space for a third person in the box.
What a gizmo
A genius was at work here and managed to integrate the E-cargo bike’s steering completely internally.

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario

€ 9,548


Motor Bosch Cargo Line Cruise 85 Nm
Battery 2x Bosch PowerTube 1250 Wh
Display Bosch SmartphoneHub
Fork SR Suntour MOBIE-A32 70 mm
Seatpost SATORI Elegance-LT OV
Brakes TRP C2.3 180/203 mm
Drivetrain GATES CDX/Enviolo 380 stufenlos
Stem SATORI 60 mm
Handlebar SATORI Horizon 620 mm
Wheelset Alex MD30
Tires Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus 20/26 x 2.35"

Technical Data

Weight 62 kg

Specific Features

huge transport box
center stand
suspended seat post
RX Connect location chip

Locked and loaded
The two lockable Bosch PowerTube batteries are perfectly integrated into the frame and alongside the large range, result in a low centre of gravity for the E-cargo bike.
When things get steep, you have to tag out
The Enviolo hub gear reaches its limits on steep climbs and even the massive power of the Bosch motor can only do so much.
Top tube 590 mm
Head angle 71.0°
Seat angle 69.0 °
Chainstays 440 mm
Wheelbase 1,870 mm
90° corner? Why not?
The Packster 70 Vario is very agile thanks to its cable-actuated steering and even tight corners present no problem for the E-cargo bike.

E-cargo bike power – The Bosch Cargoline Cruise motor

Which motor is powerful enough to push a fully-loaded cargo bike up the next climb? There’s only one sensible answer to this question: the Bosch Cargoline Cruise motor with 85 Nm torque. Luckily, that’s exactly the model that R&M have chosen. The Bosch motor is fed by two batteries with a total capacity of 1,250 Wh. Examine the battery concept more closely and the know-how of the manufacturer becomes apparent. The plug for charging the batteries on the bike is positioned at the front of the transport box. Just ride to your chosen outlet and connect the E-cargo bike to the mains – clever! The batteries’ position in the lockable lower section of the box is well-chosen, resulting in a lower centre of gravity for the bike. Of course, you can also charge the batteries externally. Simply unlock the two Bosch batteries, pull them out and take them into your flat. The Bosch SmartphoneHub is responsible for navigation and other connectivity features and can display the most important ride data even without a smartphone attached.

In terms of acceleration, the large E-cargo bike won’t win any prizes and riding above the 25 km/h assistance is only possible downhill. Nonetheless, the Packster 70 Vario moves quickly over flat terrain without much effort, making sweat-free rides into the office possible. Unsurprisingly, you’ll ride the heavy cargo bike, which has a dry weight of 63.2 kg, exclusively in Turbo mode. But that should be obvious anyway. You don’t drive a Ferrari at anything but full throttle. 😉

Transport half the kindergarten? No problem! Up front, depending on their age and size, two or three kids will fit in the box, at the back one will fit on the luggage rack and, if that’s not enough, you can attach a trailer with two more in tow.

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario on test

As you spend more time with the R&M Packster 70 Vario, you’ll inevitably discover the new, cable-operated steering integrated into the frame. In comparison to most other cargo bikes, it’s not possible to identify how this truck of a bike is steered from the outside. Our congratulations to the boffin sitting in the Riese & Müller development team. The cable steering has made it possible to reduce the turning circle to an impressive 2.3 m, making it possible to turn the E-cargo bike around without any problems in our courtyard. That’s an advantage for tight cities, especially as the Packster is very manoeuvrable while riding and at low speeds. Cargo bike newbies should take things easy and would be well served with a few practice rides in an empty car park, as cruising with the elephant in the group test has a learning curve and requires some getting used to. We can’t quite attest to the dead-easy handling claimed by the manufacturer.

Tuning tips: if you mainly transport cargo rather than your kids, you should investigate the Carry System for € 169.90. This practical addition makes transporting euro crates child’s play and options to secure your load get a solid upgrade with four additional eyelets. | if you ride in hilly terrain a lot, order the bike with a different drivetrain.

Oh dear
We’re in 2021 and you’re still hating on ebikes and laughing about cargo bikes? Come on, pull yourself together. There’s nothing better than the feeling of being chauffeured around with your best friend in an E-cargo bike.

The Enviolo gear hub fitted to our test bike couldn’t quite convince with its vague shifting and, due to a lack of easy gear, steep climbs leave the E-cargo bike in a bit of a stew despite the capable Bosch motor. The Suntour MOBIE A32 suspension fork offers good comfort up front, effectively swallowing the impact of kerbs, potholes and other obstacles on the road. That’s a particular advantage when carrying precious cargo! Thanks to the rain cover, both your cargo and kids can stay dry and even if the bike tips over, you don’t have to worry about your precious cargo, as the box’s low position and generous crumple zone result in a lot of safety. Overall, the test crew had a whole lot of fun aboard the R&M Packster 70 Vario. It’s definitely not a typical commuter bike and not an option for people who have to carry their bike up steps every day or keep it in the flat. However, if you take your kids to kindergarten before work, go shopping on the way home, or are simply looking for a serious alternative to a car, you’d be well-served by the R&M Packster!

Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario conclusion

The R&M Packster 70 Vario is the exotic one in our test field and the handling of the E-cargo bike requires some getting used to. However, if you let yourself in for it, you’ll be rewarded with a fun ride and will be able to transport kids and cargo of all sorts thanks to the modular transport concept. The connectivity king convinces thanks to the genius RX concept as well as the SmartphoneHub and shines with a powerful motor and high battery capacity. No wonder that the test crew can hardly keep their fingers off the red Ferrari…


  • modular transport concept
  • good connectivity with SmartphoneHub and RX concept
  • most secure stand of all bikes on test
  • high battery capacity
  • lots of fun to ride once you're used to it


  • limited range of Enviolo gear hub
  • foot contact with box for riders with big feet
  • comparatively unintuitive handling
  • requires a dedicated parking spot
  • difficult to handle due to its size

Rider Type

The trans-urban mile muncher 1
The stylish city explorer 2
The Transporter 3
The short distance whizz 4
The passionate recreational cyclist 5

You can find out more about at r-m.de

The testfield

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Words: Photos: Valentin Rühl