Simplicity and urban living? Try SimpliCity! CUBE claim to have found the key to stress free urban transport. To this end, CUBE present the minimalist Editor Hybrid city ebike with a compact but powerful Bosch SX motor. Find out if the new Editor Hybrid is not only simple, but also smart.

CUBE Editor Hybrid SLT 400X | Bosch Performance SX/400 Wh | 17.7 kg according to the manufacturer | € 3,299 | Manufacturer’s website

CUBE aim to improve urban life with its latest model, the CUBE Editor Hybrid, promoting the new ebike with the slogan “SimpliCity”. Designed to impress with its minimalist style, simplicity and a touch of sportiness, the Editor Hybrid is the electric brother of the already established analogue CUBE Editor. The manufacturer offer the Editor Hybrid in 5 variants priced between € 2,499 and € 3,299. All variants are equipped with a Bosch Performance Line SX motor and a 400 Wh battery, with the flagship model weighing in at just 17.7 kg.

Low-maintenance super speedster? – The CUBE Editor Hybrid city ebike in detail

The CUBE Editor Hybrid shares part of its name with its analogue brother. However, the suffix of “Hybrid” and the integration of the Bosch Performance Line SX motor meant that the city ebike had to be completely redesigned. The CUBE Editor Hybrid is not CUBE’s first bike with an SX motor. We have already tested the CUBE AMS Hybrid ONE44, which is an attractive eMTB for all downhill-oriented bikers. The Editor Hybrid, however, is primarily aimed at urban riders.

At first glance, the CUBE Editor Hybrid has a sporty and elegant look. The clean lines of the aluminium frame on all variants are more reminiscent of a gravel bike than a city ebike. Its clean looks are not only due to the beautiful design of the diamond frame, but to the way all cables neatly disappear into the headset. The Bosch Performance Line SX motor with 55 Nm torque, powered by the Bosch CompactTube 400 with 400 Wh battery capacity, has been beautifully integrated into all variants of the city ebike. The battery cannot be removed from the bike for external charging and must be charged via the charging port above the bottom bracket area. If you think that the compact SX motor is not powerful enough for a city bike, we have found 7 reasons why urban biking is better with the new Bosch Performance Line SX motor.

However, because the CUBE Editor Hybrid is not available with a range extender, you will need to have the right riding style to make it home with assistance. Sprinting through city traffic or too many steep climbs could drain the battery.
All models come with the minimalist Bosch System Controller in the top tube, which includes a wireless mini remote to monitor and control the motor system. There are no suspension elements on the Editor Hybrid, CUBE have opted for a rigid carbon fork on all variants, so don’t expect too much comfort.

At the heart of all variants is the Bosch Performance Line SX motor with a 400 Wh battery. The Bosch System Controller on the top tube shows the battery status and support level.
The manufacturer use a belt and a Shimano ALFINE hub to minimise maintenance on the top-of-the-range CUBE Editor Hybrid SLT 400X.
Elegant look – CUBE have designed the aluminium frame beautifully, with virtually no visible weld seams.

The 5 variants of the CUBE Editor Hybrid are classified as SLT, SLX and Pro, corresponding to the top, middle and entry level. They are available either “Fully Equipped” (marked with the suffix FE) with rear rack, lighting system, kickstand and mudguards, or with standard equipment (without suffix). The top model, the Editor Hybrid SLT 400X, features an 11-speed ALFINE hub gear and GATES CDC belt for low maintenance. Priced at a reasonable € 3,299, it offers great value for money. The SLX FE 400X and SLX 400X also use a Shimano hub gear, but a chain instead of a belt. Priced at € 2,899 and € 2,699 respectively, they are more budget-friendly than the top-of-the-range model but sacrifice some of the low-maintenance benefits. The Pro FE 400X and Pro 400X, priced at € 2,699 and € 2,499 respectively, are the entry-level models in the new range and feature a derailleur instead of a hub. The more you are prepared to invest, the less maintenance your bike will require. All in all, the variants are reasonably priced and provide an affordable entry into the CUBE range.

All FE models come as standard with an integrated lighting system,…
mudguards, rear rack and kickstand.

Model overview and variants

CCUBE Editor Hybrid SLX FE 400X for € 2.899
CUBE Editor Hybrid SLX 400X for € 2.699
CUBE Editor Hybrid Pro FE 400X for € 2.699
CUBE Editor Hybrid Pro 400X for € 2.499

Conclusion on the CUBE Editor Hybrid

CUBE electrifies the analogue Editor while designing a completely new city ebike with a sporty and elegant look. Thanks to the geared hub on the top models, the bike is particularly low-maintenance and comes at an attractive price. We’ll let you know if it’s worth the money when we get a chance to put it through its paces. Until then, stay tuned!

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Words: Benedikt Schmidt Photos: Manufacturer