Berlin-based start-up LEMMO present their 2-in-1 hybrid bike concept, the LEMMO ONE. The bike can be transformed from an electric to an analogue bike in no time at all, and the Smartpac battery can be leased. We’ve put the LEMMO ONE to the test to find out if it still has a few teething issues to sort out, or whether it delivers off the bat.

Lemmo One | 531 Wh | 19.42 kg in size L | from € 1.389 | Hersteller-Website

Hypaths GmbH is the start-up behind the bike brand LEMMO, and was founded by 3 friends. LEMMO (formerly Lemo) stands for Light Electric Micro Mobility. And the new LEMMO ONE is the first bike in their portfolio, as the name suggests. The bike is currently being manufactured in Asia, but the brand claim that they will soon be making them in several European factories too. LEMMO’s E+BIKE concept relies on a clever mechanism that lets you convert the hybrid bike between motorised and analogue in just a few simple steps. The Berlin start-up also have an online configurator, allowing you to adapt the bike to suit your preferences. Our configuration of the LEMMO ONE costs € 1,990, and it shouldn’t break the courier’s back with its weight of 19.42 kg.

Two for one! – The LEMMO ONE in detail

The first thing you’ll notice on the LEMMO ONE is what looks like a frame bag in the main triangle: this is the Smartpac. It doesn’t just house a 540 Wh battery, but also the charging port, the motor controller, ebike connectivity hardware, and USB ports for accessories. In other words, the Smartpac houses most of the components that make an ebike, apart from the motor. Once you’ve removed the 3.12 kg Smartpac, you’ve completed the first step in converting it into an analogue bike. All that’s left to do is pull the handle on the thru-axle of the 16.3 kg LEMMO ONE and give it a 90° turn, thereby decoupling the motor and eliminating its resistance – et voilà: it’s now an analogue bike.

The Smartpac of the LEMMO ONE can be conveniently removed from the frame and doubles as a power bank.

A small cover also closes the battery connection port to keep out dirt and moisture. The USB-A and -C ports on the Smartpac can also be used to charge laptops, smartphones, and other devices with a matching plug. As such, the ebike battery doubles as a power bank, and it can be customised with an exchangeable fabric cover. Recharging the Smartpac takes place via a dedicated charging port on the battery. If you’re not yet sure whether you need the Smartpac, you’ve got the option to lease it first, either at € 45/month for three months, with a €20 registration fee, or € 35/month for a whole year. If you decide in advance that you can do without assistance, our build of the LEMMO ONE – excl. Smartpac – would cost you € 1,090. Should you change your mind, you can buy the smart battery separately for € 900.

The motor controls can be found to the left and right of the brake lever clamps. Pressing the right hand button lets you select support mode 0, 1, 2 or 3. The left button is for the integrated horn. You’ll find a display seamlessly embedded into the top tube, indicating your speed, power, support mode, range and Bluetooth connection, along with some other info. The LEMMO app can be used to access further data and adjust the settings via your smartphone. The Hub E-lock is cleverly integrated into the Dual Mode Hub, which prevents the bike from rolling away, and wards off would-be bike thieves. You activate and deactivate the lock by pressing and holding the two remote buttons on the handlebar simultaneously.

The remote buttons used to operate the motor are nicely integrated into the brake clamps, and don’t stand out.
The beautifully integrated display in the top tube indicates the speed, performance, support mode, range, Bluetooth connection, and other info.

The Smartpac E-lock further protects the battery, securing it to the frame. With the lock function activated, the bike will sound an integrated 100 dB alarm the moment it detects any movement. If you want to keep an eye on the LEMMO ONE, nonetheless, you can do so via GPS tracking on your smartphone. However, this only works in E-mode. To keep tabs on your bike even in M-mode, you can always hide a GPS tracker (not included) somewhere on the frame. We would recommend the Knog Scout Bike Alarm & Finder, which uses Airtag technology and even won a Design & Innovation Award in 2023.

The E+BIKE concept is hidden behind the clear lines and coherent design language of the high-quality aluminium frame. Thanks to bonded aluminium production technology, which has been adapted from the aerospace and automotive industries and doesn’t produce weld seams, the LEMMO ONE looks like a one-piece construction. The rigid carbon fork doesn’t just reduce the overall weight, but also matches the bike’s stylish look. The LEMMO ONE on test looks inconspicuous, and almost modest with its simple grey finish. Alternatively, you can also opt for a light sand colour in the configurator. You’ve got the option of fitting two bottle cages thanks to the bosses on the seat tube and bottom of the down tube. All cables are routed internally, neatly entering the frame via the headset and only reappearing where they’re needed. The Berlin brand’s city ebike is available in sizes XL, L, and ST, with the ST model featuring a gently sloped step-through frame. Our LEMMO ONE relies on a mechanical, 10-speed Shimano DEORE drivetrain, but you can also opt for a GATES CDX BELT in the configurator. With the belt, however, the LEMMO ONE is exclusively available as a single-speed. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer the gear range of a derailleur or the low maintenance of a belt. Frame sizes ST and L of the urban commuter roll on 27.5″ aluminium wheels, whereas the XL size model comes with larger 29″ wheels. The LEMMO ONE relies on little-known Innova IA-2562 tires and unbranded four-piston brakes, which are paired with 160 mm rotors, none of which comes at the cost of handling and braking power.

The generously sized mudguards are a nice touch, extending far down the tires to ward off spray. You’ll find a K-Mark tail light with a brake light function neatly integrated into the rear rack, which should provide added visibility on the road. However, since the mudguard protrudes through the top of the rack, and it lacks a top platform or spring-loaded clamp, the rack is only suitable for a pannier (available in the configurator for € 69) and not for a basket to transport your groceries. The tail light is matched by a 20 lux headlight, which is attached to the head tube and charges while riding. It can even be removed with a key and used as a flashlight. LEMMO also offer some optional accessories: there’s a folding lock (€ 49), 20 l pannier (€ 79), chainstay protector (€ 16), and trailer hitch (€ 39) available in the online configurator.

Tuning tip: add the € 16 chainstay protector in the configurator

Lemmo One

€ 1,990


Motor Nabenmotor 40 Nm
Battery Smartpac Akku 531 Wh
Display LCD-Bildschirm
Fork mm
Rear Shock mm
Seatpost Aluminium mm
Brakes Vierkolbenbremsen 160/160 mm
Drivetrain Shimano Deore 1x10
Stem Aluminium mm
Handlebar Aluminium mm
Wheelset Aluminium 27.5"
Tires Innova IA-2562 2.0"

Technical Data

Size XL, L, ST
Weight 19.42 kg
Perm. total weight 140 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 120,58 kg
Trailer approval Yes
Kickstand mount Yes

Specific Features

Removable battery

Keep it simple – The LEMMO ONE on test

Riding the LEMMO ONE on asphalt, you’ll notice the compact and upright riding position. This gives you a good view of traffic and your surroundings. Pedalling in M-mode with the motor disengaged, the LEMMO ONE rides like a normal city bike, without any additional resistance from the motor. However, you will notice the added weight of the motor system, which requires a little more pedalling effort. Fortunately, you can leave the Smartpac at home when riding analogue, thereby reducing the added weight to a minimum. While the brakes perform well, the small 160 mm rotors are likely to overheat on hilly terrain and with heavier riders.

Will man nun doch auf die Tretunterstützung zurückgreifen, muss man mit einem kurzen Handgriff den E-Mode an der Hinterachse einlegen und den Akku wieder einsetzen. Beim Pedalieren auf flachen Stücken unterstützt der Nabenmotor stark.
To use the pedal assist, you must first activate E-Mode on the rear axle and reinsert the Smartpac battery. On flat terrain, the hub motor provides ample support. Levels 2 and 3 feel especially powerful and were the most popular support modes amongst our testers, quickly bringing you to the 25 km/h limit and providing a decent tailwind. The remote buttons are intuitive to operate, though the haptics leave something to be desired – you must press the buttons quite hard to get a response. On the climbs, we didn’t just benefit from the powerful Dual Mode Hub, but also from the gear range of the 10-speed Shimano DEORE drivetrain that we opted for in the configurator, the smallest gear of which makes easy work of steep climbs. Riding downhill, we were impressed with the responsive and intuitive handling, making for easy yet good-natured cornering and resulting in a lively and agile bike. The LEMMO ONE is a hoot to ride, invariably leaving you with a big grin on your face. That said, it’s somewhat lacking in comfort, since the bike offers little compliance apart from the 1.95″ tires, which offer plenty of grip on asphalt, yet feel responsive and fast-rolling. Unfortunately, the urban commuter from Berlin doesn’t come with any form of chainstay protection as standard. You’ll only hear this when riding down a curb, but it will leave unsightly scratches on the chainstay in the long run. You should definitely opt for the € 16 chainstay protector in the configurator – not just for your ears’ sake.

Ouch! – The LEMMO ONE doesn’t come with a chainstay protector as standard. You’ll have to add it in the configurator.
The LEMMO ONE hybrid bike feels agile and lively to ride.

Who is the LEMMO ONE for?

The hip LEMMO ONE is aimed at sporty urbanites who don’t have space for several bicycles in their garage, but who still want to have a choice between the simplicity and light weight of an analogue bike and the powerful support of an ebike. Budget-conscious riders who are looking for an everyday commuter with clever features like an electronic lock and a removable power bank to make everyday life just that little bit easier will also find what they’re looking for in the LEMMO ONE.

Our conclusion on the LEMMO ONE

With the LEMMO ONE, the Berlin based brand present a lightweight and smart hybrid bike that rethinks urban mobility, using a clever concept to reimagine the way we use existing technology. On the road, the LEMMO ONE offers easy and good-natured handling, which makes it a lot of fun to ride. Thanks to the intuitive handling, electronic gadgets, and fun character, the LEMMO ONE proves to be a smart, feature-packed bike, available for a very fair price.


  • hybrid bike
  • many useful features, like the Hub E-Lock and GPS tracking
  • agile handling


  • chainstay protector doesn’t come as standard
  • lacking in comfort

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Words: Benedikt Schmidt Photos: Mike Hunger