For the Endeavour 5.B Excite+, Kalkhoff put stock in an unusually high load rating of 170 kg, though this is contrasted by the previous-generation Bosch motor fitted, which delivers only 65, rather than 85 Nm, torque. Can this ebike ride to the win nonetheless or is it held back by the missing power?

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Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+ | Bosch Performance Line/625 Wh
26.28 kg in size L | € 3,899 | Manufacturer’s website

Kalkhoff are one of the dinosaurs of the bike sector and have over 100 years of company history to look back on. With the Endeavour 5.B Excite+, the manufacturer, hailing from the flats of northern Germany, sends a bike from its E-trekking range into the group test. Kalkhoff want to shake off their antiquated image and appeal to new target audiences outside the usual 61-year-old everyday Joe. And so, our test rider Jannik, one of the most promising talents of the Stuttgarter American football club and a tender 23 years old, appears right on cue. Find out how the Endeavour deals with 123 kg of pure muscle power and how it compares to the rest of the competition in our test.

Steep climbs and maximum weight push the Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor to its limits and makes everyone involved break a sweat.

Look into my eyes and tell me you love me
The cable routing around the cockpit doesn’t exactly make the Kalkhoff irresistible. Where the Endeavour has some room for improvement, Jannik stands out all the more.

Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+ spec in detail

At € 3,899, the Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+ is one of the most affordable bikes in the test. However, in terms of the spec, points have to be deducted for the fitted motor. Instead of the latest Bosch Performance Line CX unit, the slightly lower performing Bosch Performance Line Cruise delivers only 65 Nm, rather than 85 Nm torque, to drive you forward. If you value maximum motor performance, you should take a look at the most expensive bike in Kalkhoff’s E-trekking range, the Endeavour 7 for € 4,499. However, this model only has a maximum permissible weight of 130 kg rather than the 170 kg here. Like the Haibike Trekking 9, the Kalkhoff Excite+ is available in three different versions: a diamond frame with its high standover tested by us, a ladies-style trapeze frame and a step-through frame. All of these are rated for a maximum permissible weight of 170 kg, the third-highest of all the bikes in this group test. The rest of the spec is just as impressive, with the four-piston Shimano brakes standing out in particular and the 12-speed Shimano XT drivetrain, which offers a massive range with its 10–51 t cassette, equipping the Kalkhoff for the steepest of climbs.

Carry your bottle yourself
You’ll be looking for bottle cage mounts in vain. Apart from the two mounting points on the underside of the down tube for a lock or other equipment, the frame triangle is stingy on the mounting opportunities.
Look at me!
The prominent welds have a polarising look and draw attention across the frame.
170 kg is a lot to stop
Four-piston brakes front and rear are an advisable choice for an ebike with a maximum permissible load of 170 kg, the third-highest in the test. A great choice!

Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+

€ 3,899


Motor Bosch Performance Line 65 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display Bosch Kiox
Fork SR Suntour MOBIE25 63 mm
Seatpost Concept EX
Brakes Shimano MT420 180/180 mm
Drivetrain Shimano XT/DEORE 1x12
Stem Concept EX, verstellbar
Handlebar Concept EX Riser 700 mm
Tires Schwalbe GT Tour 29 x 2"

Technical Data

Weight 26.28 kg

Specific Features

high quality lighting system
stem height adjustable
very high perm. total weight

Some room for improvement
In terms of integration and cable routing, there’s still room for improvement even after 100 years of company history. Kalkhoff, please don’t make us wait another 100 years…
Nice and bright
The Supernova MINI 2 PRO front light is equipped with a high beam and remote and will light up the darkest paths.
A bailout when you need it
With its largest 51 t cog, the Shimano cassette offers a huge range and will help heavier people like our test rider Jannik get up the next climb in hilly terrain.
Seat tube 430 mm 480 mm 530 mm 580 mm 630 mm
Top tube 588 mm 597 mm 606 mm 615 mm 624 mm
Head tube 160 mm 170 mm 180 mm 190 mm 200 mm
Head angle 72.0° 72.0° 72.0° 72.0° 72.0°
Seat angle 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0° 73.0°
Chainstays 485 mm 485 mm 485 mm 485 mm 485 mm
BB Drop 65 mm 65 mm 65 mm 65 mm 65 mm
Wheelbase 1,108 mm 1,117 mm 1,126 mm 1,126 mm 1,144 mm
Reach 390 mm 396 mm 402 mm 408 mm 414 mm
Stack 648 mm 658 mm 667 mm 677 mm 686 mm

Bosch Performance Line without CX – Still suitable?

For the Endeavour 5.B Excite+, Kalkhoff rely on the Performance Line Cruise motor with its cheap-feeling plastic casing. The more powerful Performance Line CX would have been a brilliant upgrade, not just in terms of performance but visually too with its magnesium housing. Last decade, the motor integration on the Kalkhoff would have scored top marks but in 2021, we would expect a little more refinement and finesse. The 625 Wh PowerTube battery can be removed from the top of the down tube, making charging at home significantly easier. Except for the navigation functionality offered by the Bosch Nyon display, the Kiox fitted here has all the features you’ll need, with good contrast that shows all key information clearly. The motor remote also convinces with its ergonomics and is one of the best in the test.

Now to the interesting question: how does the 65 Nm motor compare to its big brother? When setting off, it quickly becomes clear that things are more restrained, less dynamic and particularly uphill, the Cruise motor reaches its limits quicker than the CX model. Nonetheless, in terms of power on the flats, the Bosch Performance Line CX doesn’t have to shy away from the in-house competition. When things get really steep, the bike benefits from the easy gears of the big cassette. However, this is exactly where the motor starts to struggle with heavy riders like our test pilot Jannik or loaded up with luggage to the 170 kg limit. For this reason, if you have to surmount lots of climbs on your way to work and a maximum permissible weight of 130 kg is sufficient for you, we would recommend the more expensive Endeavour 7. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is worth the increase in cost alone. Everyone else should buy a different bike with a stronger motor and high maximum permissible weight.

Climb on the horizon? Full speed ahead!
The Bosch Performance Line Cruise starts breaking a sweat when things get steeper. Heavier riders in particular will have to push hard on the pedals!

Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+ on test

The Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+ convinces from the get-go with its touring-ready riding position which can be further fine-tuned with the adjustable stem. That makes it well suited for the occasional trip on weekends. In comparison to the Haibike Trekking 9, the Kalkhoff exhibits better damping, making riding off perfect asphalt possible too. However, the Endeavour isn’t a comfort-wonder, with the front and rear triangle too stiff for this. The large 29 x 2.2″ tires suit the ebike excellently and shine with good rolling resistance and rollover characteristics, which, combined with the good straight-line stability, contribute to a high feeling of security on the bike.

You want to cruise through the city and past cars relaxed, silently and stylishly? The Kalkhoff Endeavour should be on your list!

Tuning tip: Tuning tip to Kalkhoff: Furnish the bike with a luggage rack with a 27 kg load capacity. And a CX motor on top of that

What, he can smile?
The Kalkhoff delivers enormous amounts of fun and even elicits a smile from Jannik, who claims that his facial expressions range from angry to very angry.

At low speeds, the Kalkhoff impresses with its intuitive handling and reacts good-naturedly to steering inputs, taking the fright out of navigating winding and tight streets. If we were looking for the quietest commuter, the Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+ would snap up the win! Nothing rattles, creaks or groans. Why so many other manufacturers struggle here is a puzzle to us. But this only underlines one of the key aims of the Kalkhoff: to enable the rider to have a good time. The ergonomic bars with a pleasant amount of backsweep contribute to this, underlining the bike’s character as a manoeuvrable cruiser. Relaxed and silent carving through the town? The Endeavour is here for you!

Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Excite+ conclusion

We were surprised – positively! With the Endeavour 5.B Excite+, Kalkhoff present a fun bike that shines with its high weight limit of 170 kg, intuitive handling, a high feeling of safety and great ease of operation. On top of that, it goes about its business almost completely silently. Unfortunately, the Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor is missing the zing to face up to steep inclines, meaning this ebike can’t quite mix with the front of the pack.


  • almost silent
  • ease of operation
  • intuitive handling
  • high maximum permissible weight of 170 kg
  • feeling of security


  • nest of cables at the front of the bike
  • under-motored for steep climbs

Rider Type

The trans-urban mile muncher 1
The stylish city explorer 2
The Transporter 3
The short distance whizz 4
The passionate recreational cyclist 5

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Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf