With the Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7, the French brand Moustache want to deliver a bike to commuters which can also cut a fine figure on the weekends as a leisure bike. Can the full-suspension ebike with its Bosch Performance CX motor and Bosch Nyon display swing the commuter bike group test in its favour?

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Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 | Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh
26.50 kg in size L | € 5,399 | Manufacturer’s website

You’ve been commuting to work with your bike for years. Since your grocers opened up three blocks down, where the car rental used to be, you’ve noticed that you do almost all your shopping by bike. There’s good weather forecast for the weekend and a trip into the country would be a nice thing again. You start packing your picnic blanket into the car and operate the remote for the garage door. There’s a thick layer of dust on the windscreen, but next to it, your bike shines at you. You take a moment and think, “No. The car should stay in the garage.” That’s the conviction that brought Grégory Sand and Emmanuel Antonot to found the 100% electric bike brand Moustache. Since then, the likeable French brand has developed ebikes for every application. They like to go their own way for their ebikes as well as their naming conventions. While the company name Moustache is curiously derived from a handlebar moustache, the long and technical-sounding name of the Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 reminds us more of a multi-function printer. We tested the high-end ebike for you in everyday use and in our spare time and can tell you right away, that it should just have been called the Moustache Everyday!

Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 spec in detail

As one of the few full-suspension ebikes in our commuter bike group test, the Moustache Samedi convinces with its slim and elegant silhouette. The welds on the head and seat tube have been cleanly finished and result in flowing transitions that you’ll usually only find on significantly more expensive carbon bikes. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been carried through to the motor mount or rear end, with the one or other weld exposing it as an aluminium frame. The cables at the front are bundled together with cable ties before they tidily enter the frame behind the head tube. The height-adjustable stem avoids a tower of spacers and convinces both visually and functionally.

Everybody, every day! The Moustache Samedi is well-equipped for every eventuality and can be easily adjusted to fit different body sizes and weights.

An SR Suntour MOBIE25 suspension fork generates comfort up front, while at the rear a Magic Grip Control shock developed by Moustache does its duties. The suspension delivers 100 mm travel front and rear and can be adjusted to rider weight by adjusting the air spring. We tell you how to set things up in our suspension guide. If you want to adjust the geometry of the ebike, you get the opportunity to do so with the flip-chip in the shock mount. The dropper post has 100 mm travel and can be adjusted to your body size with a quick-release clamp. The stem is also adjustable – that means the Moustache Samedi can be adjusted to fit various body sizes in just a few seconds and, for example, be lent to another member of your family to ride. The Moustache is offered in four sizes from S to XL, costs € 5,399 and weighs 26.50 kg in size L.

The Moustache Samedi Xroad 27 FS 7 manages the balance between long-distance comfort and security for sporty detours.

The name Samedi i.e. Saturday is a bit of a misnomer. The comprehensive everyday spec of the bike leaves hardly any wishes open, whether on the weekend or during the week. The sturdy mudguards stay securely in place if you ever carelessly put down the ebike instead of using the adjustable bike stand. Unfortunately, the mudguards don’t provide as much coverage as some of the competition to guarantee dry feet in bad weather. On the other hand, the generous chain protection keeps oil off your trousers. The 25 kg rated rear rack is compatible with both the MIK and QL3 standards. The bright Supernova front light ensures visibility during the night and together with the Spanninga rear light, can be controlled via the Nyon display.

This is where the magic happens
The Moustache Magic Grip Control shock provides a lot of comfort and grip on the rear wheel.
Doesn’t speak every language
The cassette is missing the range for steep climbs. Luckily, the powerful Bosch motor is here to help.
The height-adjustable stem lets you find the perfect riding position within seconds.
Finest craft
The aluminium frame seduces with its high finishing quality. Many welds have been cleanly finished.

Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7

€ 5,399


Motor Bosch Performance Line CX 85 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display Bosch Nyon
Fork SR Suntour MOBIE25 100 mm
Drivetrain Shimano XT 1x11
Stem Moustache Alu, verstellbar 90 mm
Handlebar Moustache 680 mm
Wheelset Moustache
Tires Hutchinson Python 27.5 x 2.1"

Technical Data

Size S M L XL
Weight 26.5 kg

Specific Features

Supernova E3 headlight
Spanninga PRESTO2GUARD rear light
rear rack kompatible w/ QL3 and MIK standard, max. load 25 kg
dropper seat post

Takes up everything
The rack lets you fit all sorts of bags and baskets thanks to the MIK and QL3 standards, even a child seat can be mounted.
Dirty work
The generous chain protection ensures clean trouser legs. Unfortunately, the slightly too short mudguards don’t keep spray completely off your shoes.
Money suck
The Nyon display shows how much money you’re saving with your current riding in comparison to a car, as well as how much you’ve saved in the current and last weeks.
Size S M L XL
Seat tube 390 mm 440 mm 490 mm 540 mm
Top tube 563 mm 588 mm 613 mm 638 mm
Head tube 130 mm 140 mm 150 mm 160 mm
Head angle 68.7° 68.9° 68.9° 68.9°
Seat angle 74.7° 74.7° 74.7° 74.7°
Chainstays 458 mm 458 mm 458 mm 458 mm
BB Height 327 mm 327 mm 327 mm 327 mm
Wheelbase 1,127 mm 1,150 mm 1,176 mm 1,202 mm
Reach 398 mm 420 mm 442 mm 464 mm
Stack 602 mm 613 mm 622 mm 631 mm

The Bosch system and Nyon display of the Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 in detail

Moustache are a longstanding development partner with Bosch eBike Systems and rely exclusively on Bosch motors across all of their ebikes. As such, it’s not surprising that the Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 uses the powerful Bosch Performance CX motor which produces 85 Nm torque. The 625 Wh battery hides invisibly in the frame and powers the motor, lights and Bosch Nyon display. While Bosch power most of the E-drives in our group test, only the Moustache comes with the high-tech Nyon display as part of the series spec. On the Cannondale, the Nyon is found on the Limited Edition and on the Homage, you’ll need to pay a surcharge in the online configurator. Thanks to the Bosch Nyon, the Moustache benefits from an inbuilt navigation device with a touch display, which can cross-check the remaining battery charge with the assistance mode and your planned route’s length and elevation profile. That means that you can always be sure that you’ll have enough juice left in your battery to finish your ride. Tours planned in Komoot can be transmitted in a few simple steps from your smartphone to the Nyon display. A Bluetooth heart rate monitor can be paired directly with the display and shows your heart rate during sportier rides. The premium Lock function disables the motor when the Nyon display is removed and can only be reactivated by the same display, making the bike less attractive to thieves.

Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 on test

Has your council bought new curtains for the town hall rather than spending their budget on long-overdue road maintenance? No problem, as if by magic, the Magic Grip shock turns the rear of the Moustache Samedi into a flying carpet and gently floats over every pothole. On tours away from solid surfaces, the Moustache also stands out with its high level of comfort. Getting on and off the bike is relatively easy thanks to the dropper post and lowered top tube. The Moustache Samedi manages the balance between a touring-suited riding position and a feeling of security that animates you to ride sportily. Thanks to the ergonomic backsweep of the bars, your upper body remains relaxed and upright on longer tours. Nonetheless, you don’t sit too high but well-integrated with the ebike, which conveys a high level of trust and ensures easy to master handling. Thanks to the well-tuned suspension, the Moustache has lots of reserves and isn’t easy to push to the limit, making it ideal for more demanding detours on flowing sections of trail. The strong surge of the Bosch motor underlines the bike’s sporty character. In combination with the punchy Shimano XT gearing, precise gear shifts without any loss of propulsion under load are possible. The powerful motor also makes up for the missing range of the cassette, which would otherwise force you to dismount on steep climbs.

Tuning tip: the premium Lock function turns the Bosch Nyon display into a key for your ebike. If you remove it, all motor functions are disabled until you reconnect it.

Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 conclusion

The Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 7 is a master of everything and gets the well-deserved Best in Test of our commuter bike group test. The comfortable suspension and first-class Bosch motor system lend the Moustache an excellent ride and let you ignore some small gaps in the otherwise comprehensive spec. The Nyon display with integrated navigation enriches your ride with practical connectivity features and the stylish frame puts the cherry on top.


  • high level of comfort
  • good level of riding security
  • versatile application
  • high-quality frame
  • Bosch Nyon display


  • limited range of cassette

Rider Type

The trans-urban mile muncher 1
The stylish city explorer 2
The Transporter 3
The short distance whizz 4
The passionate recreational cyclist 5

You can find out more about at moustachebikes.com

The testfield

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: Valentin Rühl, Benjamin Topf