The Diamant Juna Deluxe+ almost lets you forget in which year we’re in: the urban bike combines modern ebike technology with retro flair like no other bike in our commuter bike group test. Find out here whether the mix works and whether it can put this bike at the top of our test field of 19 bikes.

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Diamant Juna Deluxe+ | Bosch Active Line Plus/500 Wh
26.12 kg in size M | € 3,099 | Manufacturer’s website

Time to shift down a gear! Diamant send the Juna Deluxe+ into the race for the best commuter bike of 2021 title. Instead of top-speed, the Juna Deluxe+ vies for your attention with deceleration. The long-established company, which joined forces with bike giant Trek in 2003 but has more than 135 years of its own company history, has specialised in stylish bikes with character. With the Zouma Supreme+ S the Diamant team proves that it has also mastered high-tech carbon S-pedelecs. However, the Juna Deluxe+ is dedicated to a different concept: with plenty of charm, it tempts you out of the front door even in the rain. We found out whether roller skates and the Diamant ebike are the perfect recipe for a sunny disposition whatever the weather.

Diamant Juna Deluxe+ spec in detail

The morea green frame with its split and deeply slung top tube isn’t just a feast for the eyes but also ensures comfortable (dis)mounting. The mudguards and racks are colour-matched to the frame. Other components fit the package with either a chrome finish or brown leather accents. The bars have a pleasant rearward sweep, resulting in a cruiser feeling when you sit astride the bike for the first time. The front and rear lights powered by the ebike’s battery complement the design and bridge the gap between retro and modern. The cables from the cockpit enter the down tube relatively late and take large curves in front of the cockpit. What would be disturbing and feel dated on every other bike in the test fits the image of this charming city bike perfectly. The same goes for the external 500 Wh battery: not only in our group test of 19 bikes is it the only external one, but it’s also an increasingly rare sight across the whole ebike sector. But instead of increasing the diameter of the tubing to integrate a battery, Diamant made a conscious decision to stay true to the slim lines and to integrate the battery into the design philosophy with leather accents.

The design of the Juna Deluxe+ is a homage to simpler times – and just looks lovely.

Just as retro but simultaneously fully on-trend is the 8-speed Shimano gear hub. It is controlled by a grip shifter on the bars and can be actuated even at a standstill. However, it’s not suited to quick gear changes with the chain under load, as this results in skipped gears. An inconspicuous spec highlight is the effective suspension seat post which lends the ebike a big boost in terms of riding comfort. The quality centerstand, which leaves the bike standing securely, and the fixed frame lock, which shares the same key as the external battery, contribute to the ease of use. That also means you won’t be forced to lift the 26.12 kg bike into your flat to secure it but will get a well-equipped bike for € 3,099 that can look after itself in your bike storage area.

Down to earth
Thanks to the stable centerstand, the Diamant Juna Deluxe+ can be stood securely almost everywhere.
Piggyback battery
External batteries are relatively rare on modern ebikes. Thanks to the pretty leather detailing, the look of the battery on the Juna Deluxe+ didn’t disturb us.
Enchanting from every angle
All components match the design language of the bike and fit the look perfectly. One highlight is the suspension seat post, which doesn’t just fit visually but works really well too.
Class instead of brawn
The Bosch Active Line Plus is the weakest motor in our group test. However, it’s well suited to relaxed rides through the city. With a stronger motor, the Juna Deluxe+ would be over gunned.

Diamant Juna Deluxe+

€ 3,099


Motor Bosch Active Line Plus 50 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh
Display Bosch Intuvia
Fork -
Brakes TEKTRO Vela 180/160 mm
Drivetrain Shimano NEXUS 1x8
Stem Diamant
Handlebar Bontrager Capital Urban
Wheelset Hohlkammer Alu
Tires Schwalbe Fat Frank 28 x 2.0"

Technical Data

Size S M
Weight 26.12 kg

Specific Features

front rack with 15 kg max. load plus lowrider rear rack
center stand
AXA Solid+ frame lock

Modern technology with a vintage look
The Intuvia display on the bars reveals that modern Bosch technology is inside. However, the black and white display isn’t at the newest level technically anymore.
For a relaxed approach
The Shimano NEXUS gear hub can shift through all 8 gears at a standstill, but under load, it doesn’t always hit the right one.
Love in the details
There’s a lot of attention to detail in the Juna Deluxe+, so we didn’t want to let you miss out on this closeup.
Clash of the style icons
The practical front rack can take up to 15 kg of luggage, but it demands a suitably tasteful bag. It wouldn’t be happy with plastic bags from the pound shop.
Size S M
Seat tube 450 mm 490 mm
Top tube 600 mm 625 mm
Head angle 67.0° 67.0°
Seat angle 67.0° 67.0°
Chainstays 505 mm 505 mm
BB Drop 62 mm 62 mm
Wheelbase 1,124 mm 1,149 mm
Reach 324 mm 349 mm
Stack 650 mm 650 mm

A babbling brook, not white knuckle rapids – The Bosch motor concept of the Diamant Juna Deluxe+

The Juna Deluxe+ is propelled by flower power and a Bosch Active Line Plus motor that produces 50 Nm torque. All other Bosch motors in the test field are Performance Line models and sit a significant step above the Active Line motor in terms of power output. However, for the intended application of the Juna Deluxe+, the gentle drive is excellent and, on top of that, is very beginner-friendly thanks to its good-natured character. It only runs out of power on steeper climbs. Essential data is shown on the Intuvia display. While it hardly affects the overall impression of the styled ebike, we would have preferred to see a motor concept without any external display at all. The Diamant ebike doesn’t connect to your smartphone or offer any other connectivity features.

Diamant Juna Deluxe+ on test

Regardless of whether you’re wearing flip-flops or sandals, the Juna Deluxe+ makes hardly any demands when it comes to its rider’s clothing. The relaxed riding position can compete with the best lounge chairs, allowing you to dedicate yourself to a relaxed ride home into the sunset after a long day at work. Luggage can be evenly distributed between the front and rear rack, with a maximum load of 15 and 14 kg respectively. The rigid fork exhibits a decent amount of vibration damping and the suspension seat post exceeds the comfort of the adjustable suspension seat post fitted to the MERIDA eBIG.TOUR 700 EQ. Dismounting from the bike is child’s play at every red light thanks to the low standover height. When the traffic light changes to green, the Diamant accelerates smooth as butter and can be easily steered at low-speed thanks to the manoeuvrable front end.

The Diamant Juna Deluxe+ is the style icon of this group test! It’s the perfect bike for collectors and epicures.

Tuning tip: stylish bags for the front rack and handlebar streamers

It might not be able to win torque battles against the likes of ebikes like the Cannondale Topstone Carbon Neo, but you can only lose a race if you enter it. The Juna Deluxe+ isn’t designed for high speeds. It’s missing the necessary precision as a result of lacking stiffness in the frame and fork. Steering quickly feels too indirect and vague at high speeds. The motor delivers enough power for restful cruising and not more. The Shimano NEXUS’ slow shifting speed under load also results in skipped gears. If you want to explore around the city on the Juna Deluxe+, you should stay on surfaced roads to not overwhelm the bike. Then you’ll also avoid the disturbing sound of the rattling mudguards and chain. Bad weather might not make much of an impact thanks to the full coverage mudguards, but nor does this match the sunny disposition of the bike. The Juna Deluxe+ wants to be treated like a vintage convertible: it’s a collector’s item and limited as an everyday bike. It’s much more a matter of the heart and not really a rational purchasing decision. Instead, it brings up memories of the first ride on grandma’s bike, on which you effortlessly cruised through your childhood until sunset and you could only reproach yourself for having forgotten the colour film to capture the moment.

Diamant Juna Deluxe+ conclusion

The Diamant Juna Deluxe+ is the perfect ebike for stylish deceleration. It masters relaxed rounds through flat harbour towns just like the trip to the nearby market for your shop. With its tasteful looks, it is predestined for people who take pleasure in the finer things in life. If you want to travel quickly, cover large distances or carry lots of luggage, you’ll find better options elsewhere in our group test.


  • loving design concept
  • stable centerstand
  • relaxed riding position and comfortable suspended seat post


  • not a rational choice for commuting
  • insecure handling at high speeds
  • lacking motor power for steep climbs
  • clunky shifting of gear hub

Rider Type

The trans-urban mile muncher 1
The stylish city explorer 2
The Transporter 3
The short distance whizz 4
The passionate recreational cyclist 5

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: Valentin Rühl, Benjamin Topf