Gas, more gas, GasGas! The Spanish manufacturer always stays in the fast lane, especially in the motorbike sector. Since 2020, GasGas also offer ebikes, and the Moto 1 stands somewhere in between, combining chunky moped tires and BMX-style handlebars. We tested their beach cruiser in the Golden State, sunny California!

GASGAS Moto 1 Sideshot
GASGAS Moto 1 | BAFANG H 550/504 Wh | Rigid chassis | 32.28 kg | € 2,799 | Manufacturer’s website

GasGas have been a big name in the motocross and moto trials scene since the early 80s. The Spanish brand is even represented in the Dakar Rally, and debuted in the MotoGP in 2023. GasGas were fully acquired by KTM and the Pierer Mobility Group in 2020, which explains their sudden enthusiasm for ebikes. While so far GasGas offered mainly just eMTBs, with the Moto 1 they’re now paying tribute to the motocross sector, putting fat tires on a beach cruiser. Their new e-cruiser is imbued with a strong desire for freedom and rebellion, and is blatantly inspired by the motorbike sector. However, the motor isn’t a 1200 cc Harley V2 gas-guzzler, but an electric Bafang hub motor, feeding off a 504 Wh battery – only the rigid steel frame of the Moto1 looks as though it could come from a motorbike. Retailing at € 2,799, the unconventional looking, two-wheeled Spaniard is definitely suitable for smooth beach cruises and beer garden bragging, but can it prove itself in everyday riding situations? We tested the 32 kg GasGas Moto 1 for you, both on California’s beaches and in the German winter.

GASGAS Moto 1 Riding

What makes the GasGas Moto 1 so special?

With its unique moto-style look, the GasGas Moto 1 stands out from the e-bike crowd. While the long seat and wide tires are reminiscent of a Honda Monkey and the handlebars of a Bonanza bike, the GasGas Moto 1 is effectively an e-beach cruiser, pairing small 20″ rims with super-wide 4″ tires, which ensure plenty of style, traction, and control. However, above all, they provide comfort, which comes in handy given that the Moto1 lacks any of the suspension components you might normally find on a motocross bike.

The black frame bag fills the otherwise empty frame triangle, and is available from your GasGas dealer.
The black and white display doubles as an up and down rocker switch and is easy to read thanks to the light-coloured digits.

The back end of the rigid steel frame is barely visible, tucked away behind several plastic covers. In contrast, the front triangle of the frame is completely bare and reminiscent of a cool-looking cafe racer. To make good use of the space, GasGas also offer a matching frame bag, as there’s no other storage solution on the bike. High-rise BMX handlebars with chunky red grips tower high above the rigid saddle, which, unlike a conventional bike saddle, offers no height adjustment. The motor is discreetly tucked away inside the rear hub and draws its power from a vertically mounted 504 Wh battery, which can be accessed via the fold-up seat and connected directly to the charger. Whether you charge it on or off the bike is irrelevant, because the battery can be easily removed using the key lock. The Bafang H 550 rear hub motor delivers 60 Nm of torque, and is hardly visible – not so much because it’s particularly small, but because it’s visually overpowered by the chunky tires and voluminous frame. The rider’s leg power is transferred from the pedals to the tarmac via a 7-speed, derailleur drivetrain which, together with the hub motor, allows you to negotiate even steep climbs.

The 7-speed drivetrain has 233% gear range, which in combination with the motor is enough for steep climbs.
BAFANG H 550 Motor
Overdriver: The Bafang H 550 motor delivers 60 Nm torque and 250 W rated power.

If you value “useful” gadgets like lights, mudguards and transport options and still want to cruise in moto style, you should take a closer look at the GasGas Moto 2, which costs € 500 more and comes standard with mudguards and lights, both front and rear. In line with the moto style, the front light is integrated into a cool race plate. Alongside the everyday features, you’ll also get a bigger 672 Wh battery for the additional money.

How does the GasGas Moto 1 fare on the promenade/beach?

The GasGas Moto 1 places you in a comfortable pedalling position, albeit with a very low saddle. The high-raise handlebars ensure an upright, chopper-style position for riders between 1.60 m and 1.85 m tall. However, the fixed saddle position doesn’t allow you to set an efficient knee angle for pedalling. The hub motor only pushes hard enough for cruising, which makes it difficult to ride at full power and consistently above the 25 km/h threshold, or to pedal continuously under your own steam – but the Moto 1 wasn’t designed to be an efficient bike anyway. The motor regulates its power according to the crank speed and is connected with a torque sensor, which results in natural yet powerful assistance. The bright black and white display on the left-hand side of the bars doubles as a toggle switch and motor remote. The on switch, on the other hand, is positioned in front of the display.

Even in soft sand, the wide tires generate enough traction to pedal effortlessly.

The tires accompany the quiet drive system with a strong humming noise, which sounds a lot like a motor and allows you to announce yourself without using a bell. The tires also ensure a high level of comfort and the traction of a chopper. While running low air pressures increases riding comfort and the tire’s damping qualities, it also creates a bouncy feeling when riding over bumps – big, soft tires aren’t comparable to tuned suspension. Moreover, the long saddle has very thick padding. Depending on your height, you can position yourself a bit further forward or backward to find the position that’s most comfortable for you – albeit only to a certain extent. While, in theory, the saddle is big enough to accommodate a second person, the GasGas Moto1 has a total permissible weight of 150 kg and payload of 118 kg – so you better find yourself a skinny passenger! There are side handles under the seat, but no moto-style footrests.

Tuning tip: Order an additional frame bag to increase everyday use

Against the flow! The GasGas Moto 1 doesn’t fit into the ebike commuter mainstream.

On the road, the GasGas Moto1 is lively and agile, even though the balloon tires prevent you from leaning into corners too deep. However, they always provide good grip and traction, inspiring a good amount of confidence in the process. The steep head angle ensures direct handling, which sometimes results in a nervous front end. Not only is the small, licence-free supermoto great fun on long summer days but also a comfortable companion for rainy autumn days with its slightly profiled tires. The low seat makes it particularly fun to turn in, swing your legs forwards and ride around obstacles as if you were riding a supermoto. The chunky tires hardly lose traction, regardless of whether you’re cornering or braking. On California’s Long Beach, the 4″ tires not only left deep tracks in the sand, but also made passers-by smile – you won’t go unnoticed astride the red GasGas!

Who should take a closer look at the GasGas Moto 1?

Whether you live in London, Mallorca or Santa Monica, the GasGas Moto 1 is a fun choice for short, stylish commutes. However, without useful everyday features, like the optional frame bag, the Spanish cruiser is more of a fair-weather vehicle than a practical everyday “estate”. The lack of adjustment options comes at the expense of long-distance comfort and versatility. For all GasGas fans, the Moto 1 is the perfect N+1 next to a motocross bike, and could be a gateway to motorsport for kids.

Our conclusions about the GasGas Moto 1

The GasGas Moto 1 is an elegant cruiser with a, and the strong motorbike vibe is a true highlight, especially for GasGas fans. In the ebike cosmos, however, the Spanish cruiser is a little awkward for everyday use and looks more like a fun machine for moto-crossers who want to let the world know what their hobby is! All in all, the Moto 1 is great fun and a real eye catcher. There’s no need to mention the price: this is by far the cheapest way to buy yourself a GasGas 😉


  • Chunky tires ensure a comfortable ride
  • Long, moto-style seat allows for different seating positions
  • Style points +100!


  • Very limited everyday use due to lack of lights, mudguards and storage room

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: GasGas, Antonia Feder