For a long time, the comfort and off-road performance of full-suspension eMTBs has been the sole reserve of sporty riders. However, a paradigm shift is underway as off-road step-through bikes challenge this stereotype. They extend eMTB performance to all who refuse to compromise on convenient access and comfort. But does the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave, priced at € 5,499, really deliver on its promises?

ADVANCED Trekking Pro FS Wave | Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh | 120/120 mm (f/r) | 32.1 kg in size M | € 5,499 | Manufacturer’s website

True to the motto “the best of both worlds”, ADVANCED have blended a sporty e-mountain bike with the accessibility of a step-through frame. The result is the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave, presenting a seamless fusion of style and outdoor comfort. With its contemporary design, ADVANCED have established new benchmarks for athletic step-through bikes. The Frankfurt-based ebike brand, renowned for their city and trekking bikes, now offer an e-SUV that fits in with its urban origins.

ADVANCED have recently caused a stir in the industry with the RECO step-through model, showcasing cutting-edge production with injection-moulded composite frames. These frames can be fully granulated and recycled at the conclusion of their lifecycle. With the new TREKKING Pro FS Wave, however, ADVANCED are relying on a more conventional aluminium frame, fitted with a generous 120 mm of suspension travel front and rear. The top-of-the-range 32kg ADVANCED with 29 inch wheels in size M costs € 5,499. But beware, since we had a prototype, the weight will change again. Powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and featuring a 625 Wh battery, we’ve put the ADVANCED full-suspension step-through bike through its paces.

ADVANCED Trekking Pro FS Wave

€ 5,499


Motor Bosch Performance Line CX 85 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display KIOX 300
Fork SR Suntour XCR 34 120 mm
Rear Shock SR Suntour SUV Edge LOR190 120 mm
Seatpost Ebike Dropper Seatpost 30,9 125 mm
Brakes Shimano BR-MT420/MT-410 180/180 mm
Drivetrain Shimano XT/-Linkglide/ CS-LG 600 1x11
Stem EBIKE adjustable 100 mm
Handlebar EBIKE Adjustable Alu 740 mm
Wheelset Ryde Rival 26 29"
Tires Continental Ruban 2,1"

Technical Data

Size S M L XL
Weight 32,1 kg
Perm. total weight 140 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 107 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

Lezyne lighting system with high beam
angle-adjustable stem
Variable battery sizes

Tuning tip: dropper post with suspension

Neatly laid out. ADVANCED have paid attention to a clean design.

What sets the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave apart?

The ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave boasts a stylish design that lends an air of sportiness to this comfortable step-through bike. With discreet branding and a subtle shade of light grey that blends seamlessly with the battery cover, the frame’s striking silhouette gives the step-through bike a timeless, effortlessly chic look. Other eye-catching features are the seat tube, which widens towards the bottom, and the smooth join between the seat stays and the linkage. The rear end of the ADVANCED is not only functional, but also a design statement. While most manufacturers taper their frames around the motor, the ADVANCED’s frame remains wide, enhancing stability. The only disturbances to its clean lines are the brute weld at the front and a handful of exposed bolted joints.

The concealed shock absorber, integrating full suspension into the ADVANCED step-through bike.

The ADVANCED bike is available in sizes S, M, L and XL and is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor. ADVANCED have chosen a premium motor that integrates neatly into the frame, at least on the drive side. However, on the opposite side, the motor’s appearance is a bit awkward and doesn’t quite align with the frame’s contours. Our ADVANCED test bike has a Bosch PowerTube battery with 625 Wh. For those seeking more power, a 750 Wh battery option is available for an additional € 200. If your charging setup doesn’t allow direct access to the port just above the motor, don’t worry – removing the battery is a breeze; simply lift it out of the down tube. Held in place by a knurled screw, the battery cover adds security, and the battery itself is locked in with a key.

In city traffic, the dropper post is a huge advantage. If you have to stop at traffic lights, you can simply lower the saddle, also facilitating getting on and off the bike. When venturing beyond the city limits into wooded areas and on trails, the ability to lower the saddle on descents enhances manoeuvrability and confidence. However, on the more economical version of the bike – priced € 700 lower and equipped with a Shimano DEORE drivetrain – ADVANCED have fitted a conventional seatpost.

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor lets you tackle any climb.
The rear carrier lets you carry up to 25 kg. Just make sure not to exceed a total weight of 140 kg.

The knobbly 29 x 2.1” Continental Ruban RX ebike tires provide good stability and a safe ride. The tread pattern offers plenty of grip when cornering, while its low rolling resistance allows for easy pedalling when the motor is throttled back. The suspension is provided by SR Suntour, with their XCR 34 suspension fork and SUV Edge LOR 190 rear shock contributing to a smooth riding experience, whether over kerbs and cobbles or on forest paths and trekking tours. The concealed rear shock further contributes to the bike’s sleek urban design.

If another family member wants to borrow the bike, the angle-adjustable stem makes the bike suitable for a wider range of people

What is the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave really capable of?

The wave-like geometry of the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave not only catches the eye but also makes it easy to mount and dismount. However, if your shoe accidentally brushes against the battery cover during these transitions, it will probably leave unsightly dark marks.

For an urban step-through bike, the ADVANCED has a sporty yet comfortable riding position. The front is a little lower than other comparable bikes The result is a slightly elongated riding posture, which lends a feeling of sitting on top of the bike, rather than being integrated between the wheels. Thankfully, the adjustable stem allows you to quickly tweak the riding position if need be. If you swap out the rather sporty saddle, you’re ensured long-distance comfort. ADVANCED’s cockpit integration is tidy: the sleek Lezyne lighting system is neatly incorporated without cable clutter, and discreetly concealed from the rider’s sightline by the Bosch display. All the controls are neatly laid out, following the ebike’s clean, uncluttered design.

The Shimano XT LINKGLIDE drivetrain glides smoothly from sprocket to sprocket and allows easy shifting under load.

The powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor guarantees a smooth start, which is particularly advantageous in hilly terrain. The powerful turbo mode makes the ADVANCED ebike a particularly good companion, enabling you to effortlessly conquer any ascent with minimal exertion. In combination with the Kiox 300 display and the eBike Flow app, Bosch offer numerous useful software features. The eBike Lock function enhances security against theft by disabling the electronics. If you are seeking triple-tier security, consider the optional Bosch Connect module for bike tracking.

Even in a hilly city like Stuttgart, riding the ADVANCED is a piece of cake. Only when launching off up steep climbs in the potent turbo mode, the front wheel might momentarily lose contact with the ground. For riders seeking a more leisurely pace, the Tour+ mode offers a controlled motor output that harmonises with the rider’s input – a particularly good choice for newcomers due to its more gentle power delivery. Approaching a climb, the Shimano XT LINKGLIDE drivetrain, designed to withstand the rigours of ebikes, enables you to effortlessly shift gears even under load. The chain glides seamlessly over the sprockets without you having to take pressure off the pedals. The firm rear travel absorbs bumps and offers a decent level of comfort. Generally, the handling tends towards a relaxed riding style; leaning into corners requires a bit more effort. Manoeuvring through crowds at a farmers’ market can be challenging for the somewhat sluggish ADVANCED, demanding timely braking and forward planning.

Unfortunately, the mudguards struggled in off-road conditions, with a tendency to wobble once off the tarmac. On the flip side, Continental’s knobbly Ruban tires not only provide robust grip during leisurely rides through the city park, but also offer a good level of control in loose corners when taking the ADVANCED on a weekend trekking tour. Stability is maintained even under heavy loads, with no sign of speed wobble even at higher speeds. However, this sense of security is slightly marred by the effort required to apply the brakes. With a suspension system that effectively absorbs bumps and jolts, your ride remains comfortably cushioned, even on cobbled roads.The only drawback is that the kickstand and mudguards tend to rattle. So if you’re in the mood for off-roading and don’t mind a little noise, go for it!

The ADVANCED has all the potential for comfort over long distances. The elements most prone to fatigue during extended rides are your bum on the uncomfortable, sporty saddle and your hands on the brakes. The ebike features built-in bottle cage mounts situated on both sides of the head tube, allowing you to effortlessly reach both bottles while riding.

Who is the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave for?

Much like the architects behind the ADVANCED headquarters in Frankfurt, the product designers of the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave have placed significant emphasis on aesthetics. This ebike complements the urban flair of the metropolis and mirrors the iconic Frankfurt skyline. For those who value comfort and enjoy trekking adventures, the ADVANCED is the perfect mix of both. With its e-SUV character, the ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave is not only a mere city commuter or leisurely café cruiser; it’s also a bona fide trekking bike. Not small, nervous and agile, but sturdy, comfy and steady. The ADVANCED is not only a comfortable means of transport, but also a stylish urban statement – not something you can always say about trekking bikes.


The ADVANCED TREKKING Pro FS Wave will undoubtedly make a lasting impression in urban environments. The step-through ebike appeals to people who are immersed in an urban lifestyle, value exceptional comfort and have a penchant for spontaneous outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, the sleek, contemporary design comes at the expense of functionality in certain areas. Nevertheless, when used primarily on wide forest paths, the bike effortlessly overtakes others and draws plenty of appreciative glances.


  • urban design
  • comfortable riding position
  • dropper post
  • full suspension


  • noisy mudguards and kickstand
  • high weight for a city bike

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Words: Antonia Feder Photos: Julian Schwede