What’s the connection between design classics by the likes of Vitra, Knoll, and USM, and bikes? Why should every well-furnished home have at least one bike on a stand or wall mount? And what’s even more exhilarating than spending the whole day on a bike? We commandeered one of Germany’s finest furniture stores, arranged some wickedly expensive furniture, and drilled holes in every other wall. Dive into our ultimate guide to integrating bikes into your home decor!

Why on earth would I want to keep a bike in my flat? Sounds rather messy, and it will probably lead to arguments with my partner. Besides, I’ve got a spacious garage that could easily hold ten bike stands.
You either hear something like that, or the complete opposite: Oh no, I’ve run out of space in the basement! Where am I going to store my beloved bikes if not on a bike stand in the flat?

When cycling is your passion, you tend to dabble in different aspects of the sport: you rarely stick to just one bike or one discipline. And inevitably, your flat ends up being the only storage solution. Whichever category you fall into, there’s one compelling argument: what could be better than spending all day on your bike, except admiring it all evening at home as well? It’s all the rage in the world of urban, trendy lifestyles – what influencer’s home story would be complete without a retro road bike stylishly adorning the living room wall? But us regular folks don’t have to hold back either! Almost all fourteen of us editors have bikes at home. Sometimes they’re propped haphazardly, stacked against a wall, sometimes they’re stylishly showcased, thanks to chic wall mounts or bike stands. We’ve discovered a range of solutions for storing bikes, helmets and other gear in the living room, bedroom, hallway and even the kitchen. And it’s not necessarily because there’s a lack of storage outside our own four walls. A bike is to us what an altar is to others. Idolatry is a fundamental aspect of human nature, and the revered bike belongs in designer lofts, three-bedroom flats or even offices. Need some inspiration? Look no further – here’s some thoughts and ideas on how to turn your prized possession into both a lifestyle statement and an eye-catching centrepiece.

Vitra, Knoll, USM Haller – these brands stand for iconic, timeless design. So what could be more fitting than integrating our dream bikes with these design classics in our own homes? To this end, we commandeered one of Germany’s leading furniture stores – architare in Nagold – rearranged outrageously expensive furniture, and set to work drilling holes in the walls. What we discovered was remarkable: Bikes are extraordinary pieces of furniture – after being ridden on roads, trails or gravel paths, of course. Many bikes have designs that are too exceptional to be confined to the basement or garage. Displayed on bike wall mounts in our living rooms or offices, they tell the stories of our adventures and triumphs, spark engaging conversations, and inspire dreams. In fact, bikes not only shine on the road, they are the perfect complement to design classics. Barbara Benz, owner and managing director of architare, was so impressed by one of our installations that she promptly integrated an exhibition space featuring our arrangement. And of course you’ll find Barbara’s top tips for interior design with bikes right here!

The last espresso before the ride – As seen from the bike stand

Sip, sip, hmmm… The perfect way to kick off your ride and one of the best espresso moments of the day. Your companion for the day is waiting on the bike stand, eager to hit the road and looking as stylish as ever. Now it’s time to set off, with the rug setting the tone: Into the wild! With the enticing aroma of the Black Ivory bean still lingering in your nostrils. …

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Rose Backroad FF – Bike
FINGERSCROSSED GTH 90° Bikestand White
Specialized S-Works Prevail 3 – Helmet
PNS x Fizik Ferox Carbon – Shoes
PNS Men’s PAS Thermal Speedsuit
Oakley Encoder Strike – Glasses


Vitra Eames Lounge Chair + Ottoman
Tom Dixon Swirl Table Large – Side table
USM Haller USM – Highboard
Moooi Memento Moooi Medley Dawn – Rug
Vitra Classic Tray Love Heart – Tray

Dreaming of better days – With the Parax bike wall mount

Sweat trickles down your face, as the branches of the young beech trees lining the trail brush past your legs. Around the next bend, a panoramic view of the entire valley awaits. Oh, the meeting? Yes, right.
With your bike hanging on the wall of your office thanks to a bike wall mount, you will be able to take mental breaks throughout the work day. And even if working late prevents you from going for an after-work ride, the day is still better because at least you always have the feeling of having been on a bike.

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Canyon Lux Trail CFR – Bike
Parax D-Rack – Wall mount
Sidi Sixty Limited Edition Snake – Shoes


Walter Knoll Lead Chair Management – Chairs
B&B Italia RECIPIO – Dining table
Gardeco Visitor Plus – Sculpture

Iki bike – With or without bike stand!

Is your life already infused with ikigai? Not sure? Then answer these questions: What do you love? What are you good at? And do you manage to combine both to create value for yourself and others? Bingo! In Japan they would say you have ikigai, the happiness formula for a life of joy and purpose.
For us at 41Publishing, the answer to all these questions involves bikes, specifically the production of quality bike magazines. For us, biking is the path to inner and outer harmony. Of course, there’s more to it than that. But creating excellent bike content is a compelling example of experiencing ikigai.

Is biking part of your ikigai? All the more reason to bring your two-wheeled friend into the house! It doesn’t always have to be on a wall mount or bike stand, as long as your bike has a nice kickstand installed.

. .


Voltaire Legendre – Bike


Moroso Bohemian – Armchair
Moroso UKIYO – Side table

On display – Bike wall mounts de luxe

A gear organiser or a real Banksy on the wall? Both have the same effect: lasting fascination! Turn your hottest bikes, jerseys and more into design statements with special bike wall mounts, and swap them around easily when the parcel service delivers the latest must-have item! It’s so chic, you’ll want to use multiple mounts to display your treasures.

tons impress with an equally minimalist and stylish concept of wall mounts for bikes and gear.

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Rose Backroad FF – Bike
tons – Bike wall mount
tons Rack D. Shoes + 2 Glasses + Helmet + Tray – Gear Organizer 1
tons Bar A. Shoes + Glasses + Helmet – Gear Organizer 2
PNS Men’s Solitude Logo Jersey White – Shirt
Pit Viper The Try Hards – Glasses
Specialized S-Works Prevail 3 – Helmet
Dromarti Sportivo Touring Terra – Shoes
POC Devour – Glasses


Classi Con Lantern Light tall – Floor lamp
Walter Knoll JAAN-Living – Sofa
Vitra Wooden Doll No. 1 – Wooden figure
Leica Sofort 2 – Camera

tons’ flexible wall mount (of the same name) allows any bike to be placed in a straight position.
A visual treat for gear enthusiasts: With tons’ Rack D and Bar C, you can effortlessly decorate your living room wall with your favourite gear.

Clash of styles

What are the ingredients for a successful day? Does expense always equate to seriousness? Or does true luxury begin where freedom lies? So why not place the full-face helmet in the designer kitchen (€140,000 – wow!) or enjoy pizza and champagne on the Saarinen table? Oh, and let’s not forget the eMTB on the wall. The bike wall mount requires a truly spectacular bike – like this one, a two-time winner of the E-MOUNTAINBIKE group test. Winners wear pink – and not just at the Giro. And true style only comes from not being afraid of letting styles clash. Consciously. With confidence. Because you want to. And because you can.

. .


Orbea Wild M-LTD – Bike
Parax L-Rack black – Bike wall mount
POC Coron Air Mips – Helmet


Knoll International Saarinen Dining table – Dining table
Knoll International Saarinen Tulpenstuhl – Chair
Miinu Evolution – Rug
Tom Dixon Plane Short – Chandelier – Lamp

Sleeping Beauty – In the bike stand from FINGERSCROSSED

Nightmares? Not with this view! What’s the last thing I want to see before I go to sleep? And what’s the first thing I want to see when I wake up? Exactly – my favourite thing in the world. In other words, my favourite bike. And that’s why it deserves its pride of place on the bike stand.

The Plus Minus Bike Stand on the sideboard is a great way to show off your bike.

. .


Specialized Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL8 – Bike
FINGERSCROSSED Plus Minus Bikestand Yves – Bike Stand
Specialized S-Works Prevail 3 – Helmet
POC Devour – Glasses


Rimadesio MAXI – Sliding door system
Rimadesio Self up bold – Sideboard
Luis Sculpture – Bed
Walter Knoll Waridi Silk – Rug

Bike wall mounts, bike stands and other bike accessories for your home – What to look out for

Let’s get practical: what are the pitfalls of having a bike as a roommate, and how can you overcome them?

Firstly, yes, there will be dirt; there’s no getting away from it. It’s better to roll your bike over a doormat in front of your house or on the patio after a ride than to leave loose dirt from the tires on the living room carpet. And after a shredding session, you’ll definitely need to use the steam cleaner more often than those who park their bikes in the garage.

Is it true that there’s always room at the inn? Well, not really! Especially in small to medium-sized apartments, the question arises: Who has to move out when the bike moves in? Where do I put my precious wheels? If you’re moving into a new home, you can plan the ideal place for your bike from the start but when space is limited, you have to prioritise, which can lead to some tricky decisions. Will it be the cosy reading corner or the bike stand for Dad’s new bike? Of course, if you do have a little more wall space, you can show off that special piece of art there. Hung on the bike wall mount or on the freestanding bike stand, you can display your treasure next to your favourite piece of designer furniture.

Difficulty number three: The lack of goodwill from the people we live with. If your partner doesn’t love bikes as much as you do; if their tolerance or willingness to compromise is rather low, then there will always be a bone of contention. About the bike that’s always in the way, blocking access to the bookshelf, the patio door or the wardrobe when you’re tinkering with it again, or someone banging their head again because they overlooked the bike on its wall mount. About the mess, the many minutes of precious time you spend cleaning the bike instead of having a good conversation (or at least doing the dishes). If you find yourself in this scenario, you probably haven’t given your partner the ultimate argument for living with a bike: the design factor! Because let’s face it, what’s more compelling than Nino Schurter’s world champion bike acting as a room divide, or the high-end DT Swiss wheelset on the wall? The bike as an unconventional but aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that provides an exciting topic of conversation with visitors – that will surely convince your style-conscious other half.

On the other hand, if the other people in the household are as obsessed with their bikes as you are, it’s not a question of if, but who. Negotiating skills will be needed to decide which bikes get pride of place on the wall mount in the house and which do not. Each household will have to negotiate for itself, whether by drawing lots, by the number of zeros on the dealer’s invoice, or by shouting the loudest. Alternatively, you could do as the Louvre does, and introduce the principle of rotating exhibitions. After all, other bikes are beautiful too.

And when it comes to storing your bike in your office, it’s clear that bikes represent the future, love of nature, fitness, adventure and health – and make a good impression in any innovative company!

Storage solutions: Handling, quality and assembly of bike wall mounts and bike stands

We tested bike wall mounts and bike stands from Parax, tons and FINGERSCROSSED because they met our expectations for stylish design and top quality. We also wanted to get a feel for design start-up DesignmachineLAB and ordered their 3D printed magnetic wheel mount. Find out what to look out for when choosing and installing your mounts here.

What is important for bike wall mounts and the like?

What should you consider when choosing a bike stand for your home? It should, of course, hold your bike securely, and allow you to attach and remove it easily. It should also be compatible with the type of bike you ride and, last but not least, it should enhance the design of your favourite bike, turning it into a premium piece of furniture.
You should always check the manufacturer’s specifications for bike mounts: What handlebar width and bike type is it suitable for? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to mount an MTB or eMTB on the wall so that it hangs straight – the handlebars are just too wide.
With the Gear Organisers from tons, on the other hand, it’s simple: the racks vary in width and number of hooks and shelves, so all you have to do is decide how many items you want to display, and whether the available wall space in your home lends itself to a horizontal or vertical solution.

A big flat-screen is great – but everyone has one.
What about wheels above your sideboard instead?

Tips on mounting and aesthetics of bike stands and bike wall mounts

  • Check the material of your wall. Plasterboard will not hold your bike mount as securely as a solid brick wall, particularly if you want to hang a heavy ebike.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Not every wall mount will fit every bike! It would be annoying if it didn’t stay on the wall or hung crooked.
  • Adjust using a spirit level.
  • Always fit bike wall mounts and gear organisers with wall plugs.
  • Check what is behind the wall you have chosen. Don’t just start drilling! A locator for water and power lines is as important as your helmet when biking – otherwise you could either get wet or electrocuted 🙂
  • If you want to hang a bike with an angled top tube, you’ll need to prioritise either placing the top tube horizontally, or the wall mount itself. With the tons bike wall mount, you can easily ensure that the frame hangs straight by adjusting one of the two individual wooden bars slightly downwards. The Parax D-Rack offers flexibility, because it looks good in any position. With the horizontal Parax L-Rack, on the other hand, you might get more strange looks than admiration if you mount it at an angle.
  • As for the drivetrain: show it, don’t hide it between the wall and the frame! Definitely looks better.
  • Against dirt: You can protect your wall from dirt or annoying black streaks from your tires by using a transparent protective film or wall impregnation.

Bike stands for the floor

The 90°GTH bike stand from FINGERSCROSSED is available in black, white or a raw industrial look. According to the manufacturer it can hold up to two bikes, which we can confirm: Two road or gravel bikes can easily fit on it if you hang them in opposite directions. But even if you have an (e)MTB and a road or gravel bike, you can still fit both bikes and stay well under the 50 kg maximum load of the bike stand. Putting your bike on or taking it off requires very little effort, since the crossbar to which the saddle is hooked is at a comfortable height. With its minimalist, geometric design, the 90°GTH scores 100 out of 100 for style!
The Plus Minus bike stand, also by FINGERSCROSSED, is a bit more wobbly. Even more minimalist in shape and size, it can only hold one bike, and loses stability due to its light weight. However, it can be used in child- and pet-free zones, such as the bedroom at the top of the article, and it makes for a stylish presentation of a road or gravel bike.

Bike mounts and gear organisers for the wall

We have also tried mounts which allow you to orient the bike horizontally. tons emphasise minimalism in design and use of material, while Parax offer solutions in high-quality aluminium and wood. All models are supplied with screws and wall plugs. With Parax, once you’ve determined the orientation of your bike, installation is a breeze, thanks to the template provided and the inventive threaded spirit level. tons also simplify the process: two wall plugs, two screws and the display for your most prized possessions is ready! With tons and DesignmachineLAB’s wheel hangers, you can even showcase your € 6,000 Lightweight wheels.

You can find the wheel hanger by DesignmachineLAB on Etsy. Put it on – click – and the magnet holds the disc.
tons: minimalist wheel hanger with maximum efficiency for your high-end carbon wheels

Behind the scenes – How we took over the architare furniture store in Nagold, Germany with our bike stands and bike wall mounts

Imagine sitting in a € 140,000 kitchen in a furniture store, sipping Coke from cans and devouring a huge slice of pizza. Unthinkable? It might sound ludicrous, but it happened at architare, one of Germany’s premier furniture destinations. At the helm is managing director Barbara Benz. We were lucky to have her for the shoot, given Barbara’s constant whirlwind of activity and high demand as a consultant for high-end residential and commercial projects. Notably, architare recently furnished the design studio for Porsche’s new development centre. But such accomplishments are hardly a surprise from the daughter of Rolf Benz and sister of Markus Benz, CEO of Walter Knoll AG.
Respect to Barbara for her calm composure as she observed our somewhat unconventional activities in her furniture store. Here, a bike mount on the living room wall; there, a bike stand on the € 20,000 Knoll carpet… Naturally, we immediately recruited her and her son Emil for our business shoot and had a great time with them.

Interior design tips from architare boss Barbara Benz

Even at the end of a long production day at architare, Barbara didn’t miss the opportunity to share some of her knowledge on interior design. Read the interview here.

Dear Barbara, it’s just before seven and you’re about to go to dinner. But you didn’t want to miss out on giving us your top interior design tips. What are the key questions to ask yourself when it comes to furnishing your home?

The basic questions are: Where will I feel comfortable and have my needs met? Do I want to play the cello, but also relax with a cup of tea? If so, I’ll find out where I can create a cosy corner for myself. Or do I want to party with my friends? Then I need a different environment. This environment may also change due to changes in your family dynamics, relationships or personal outlook on life. The key is to get the basic furnishings and colours right. The rest, such as accessories and decorations, can be changed. That’s why it’s important to recognise the crucial difference between furnishing and decorating!

How is that? They’re often used as a synonym, aren’t they?

Furniture is the basic element of an apartment or a house. It’s about colour schemes, choosing the right materials and proportions. If you get it right, you can live in the same interior for many, many years and just change the decor from time to time.

What do you mean by colour schemes and the right materials?

What kind of wood do you have? What fabrics and leathers will complement it? Should I consider wallpaper? Should I combine green with pink or petrol for colour harmony? For a light and fresh feel, I might combine it with beautiful oak. If I am leaning more towards an Italian style with a love of the sea, I might opt for blue water tones, light linen fabrics, alongside light woods and perhaps some natural stone. The colours and materials need to complement each other seamlessly. It might also be a good idea to consult a professional. We work with these materials every day and have extensive knowledge of the industry, so we can give our customers excellent advice.

Do you have any tips for bikes in your home?

I would say this is mainly a concern in big cities. In the countryside or in small towns, you usually have more storage options. Of course, it depends on the layout of your home and your goals. If I’m looking for practicality, I’ll store the bike in the hallway. Then I make sure there’s a stool where I can put my shoes on and easily get the bike out. However, if my hallway is cramped, it might be a good idea to hang it in the bedroom, where there’s plenty of wall space. Alternatively, I could take it into the living room and hang it over the sofa as a decorative piece. In this scenario, practicality is key: maybe I’ll paint the wall with waterproof paint or use durable wallpaper. That way, if the bike isn’t meticulously cleaned, I can just wipe the wall clean without worrying about stains. I’d also make sure the bike complements the interior in some way. Of course, I need the perfect bike first (laughs), but if I have a pink bike, I might add a stylish decorative bird from Vitra or something that complements the colours. That way my bike becomes a fantastic decorative element in the apartment.

Thanks so much, dear Barbara, for the interview and for giving us the opportunity to rock out in the hallowed halls of architare!

For more information about architare, visit architare.dearchitare.de/en

Bikes in the home? Yes, please!

Our interior design mirrors our lifestyle and values. For many of us, the bike plays a central role in our lives. So wouldn’t it be strange if our homes didn’t reflect our spirits at all? Whether in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or office, bikes make a statement, mounted on the wall, hanging from the ceiling or displayed on a stylish bike stand. So go for it, and take your interiors to the next (bike) level!

Words: Felicia Nastal Photos: Antonia Feder