What looks like a stylish briefcase is also a well-designed bike pannier – the Leather Fellini from the Dutch brand New Looxs proves that you don’t always have to compromise on form for functionality. We’ve put the chic pannier to the test to see how it fares on the daily commute.

New Looxs Leather Fellini | 1.9 kg | RRP € 254.95 | 18 litres | Dimensions: 40 x 32 x 15 cm | Manufacturer’s website

Dutch label New Looxs was founded in 1947 as Burgers Lederwaren. The third-generation family business specialises in bike panniers, which are nowadays made from a wide range of materials. We commuted through the urban jungle with the Leather Fellini, a high-quality leather briefcase that impresses at first glance with its subtle retro look.

And the inside is just as impressive. Open the Velcro-attached lid to reveal a well-designed and versatile interior with room to hold everything you need for work on the move. There are plenty of zipped and unzipped pockets, an extra compartment for a 15″ laptop and a removable sleeve for tablets or other gadgets.

Plenty of space for the mobile office.
We are impressed with the quality of the bag.
Handy: the removable protective cover.

But how does this stylish bag become a fully functional pannier? The solution lies in the design with its many well thought-out details:

At the heart of the pannier function are the R & K hooks, a mounting mechanism from Rixen & Kaul. These hooks can be individually adapted to the rear rack, although the diameter of the tube should be between 6 and 16 millimetres. Once fitted, the hooks are adjusted to the rear rack and click into place. The handle can then be easily stored inside the bag with a zip. The adjustable shoulder strap also disappears inside the bag and can be secured with a Velcro fastener. It would have been nice if the shoulder strap was completely removable, though. Once you have reached your destination, pull the handle through the zip on the flap to remove the bag from the bike. The hooks can then be tucked away behind a leather flap.

Smooth! The fastening hooks disappear elegantly behind the leather flap.
Zip up and the bag is ready for the city.
Open the zip and simply pull the bag upwards by the handle.

When riding, remember that the pannier is only attached to the R+K hooks at the top, there is no additional fixture at the bottom. This means that wild jumps over kerbs should be avoided when commuting. We also recommend that you only take the Leather Fellini out in good weather. The bag won’t get damaged in the rain immediately, but it’s better not to expose the beautiful leather to the elements too often. If you still don’t want to part with your bag in wet conditions, we recommend the rain cover accessory.

Conclusion on the Leather Fellini bike pannier

The Leather Fellini is a dream come true for urban commuters who value style. It can also be used so effectively as a bike pannier thanks to the attention to detail and the quality workmanship. As long as you can live with the fact that it is not recommended for use in heavy rain, the Fellini cuts a very fine figure.


  • stylish
  • high-quality materials and workmanship
  • well-thought-out details


  • not waterproof
  • shoulder strap not removable

For more information, visit newlooxs.nl

Words: Susanne Feddersen Photos: Antonia Feder