With the RECO ONE, ADVANCED have achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of urban step-through ebikes. On top of that, with a trend-setting production technique, the company shows just how sustainable modern mobility can be. Find out about the new manufacturing method and how the ebike performs in practice here.

Are you ready for a real innovation? No greenwashing, marketing talk or empty promises, but something completely new? Made in Germany and already awarded the prestigious Design & Innovation Award? Let’s go!

ADVANCED RECO One | € 4,299 | 28.66 kg | Manufacturer’s website

What’s so significant and innovative about the ADVANCED RECO One?

What do a litre of water and a RECO One frame from the German manufacturer ADVANCED have in common? We won’t hold it against you if you don’t know. After all, not all ebike fans are familiar with ADVANCED bikes, but the development team has come up with a genuine innovation. We’re not talking about a new bell sound, a new tire tread or a new bike helmet that is a few grams lighter. No, in this case, the innovation has far greater potential. Ground-breaking and revolutionary? Oh yes! Before we reveal the secret, let’s return to our opening question. The glass of water you drank in the kitchen this morning, half-asleep after snoozing your alarm clock for the fifth time, has existed in this form for longer than any of us can remember. It is in an eternal cycle, is purified naturally (or chemically) over and over again and, if chance has it, you will drink the same drop of water twice in your life. A crazy idea! ADVANCED transfers the impressive potential of a drop of water to the world of two-wheelers and has managed to design a bicycle frame that is not only produced in the shortest possible time, it is also 100% recyclable. And we mean real and genuine recycling. Not the recycling that many manufacturers, industries and politicians like to extol, where in actuality the product or plastic waste is simply burned for energy. After all, our conscience may benefit from things that say “recycled” on them, but nature and the animal kingdom have very little to gain from such virtue signaling. So let’s find out what ground-breaking technology the ADVANCED team uses for its bikes.

The future looks bright: ADVANCED show the competition how sustainable urban mobility works.

The miracle material: The ADVANCED composite

Nowhere is what makes ADVANCED so special as evident as in their radical new frame production for the RECO models. RE stands for recycling, CO for composite. As you can see, the manufacturer, whose name says it all, has a penchant for wordplay. The starting point for production is the so-called ADVANCED composite granulate – a carbon fibre-reinforced material. We will spare you an in-depth dive into the type and composition of the granulate, because anyone other than those who didn’t drop chemistry at school might quickly get lost (or bored). In any case, thanks to a newly developed production technology, a completely new carbon frame is created using this granulate at the push of a button using injection moulding in just 90 seconds (sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s crazy!). In the time it takes us to brush our teeth, ADVANCED have produced a complete frame.

The transformation from feedstock granulate into a finished bicycle frame…
… takes only 90 seconds.

Another great advantage of this production method is that it is completely independent of the factory and location, as it allows for short transport routes, less storage requirements and flexible utilisation of production capacities. Incidentally, compared to the production of an aluminium frame, this reduces CO² emissions by 50%, while delivery routes are also significantly shorter. The cherry on top is that all this is done in Germany and due to the high degree of automation, production actually ends up being very cost-efficient. With short distances and direct quality control, this opens up a completely new opportunity for consumers – and also for manufacturers who can adapt the new process.

If you do eventually decide to buy another bike, your beloved RECO, which comes with a 30-year (!!!) guarantee, can have a second, third and many more lives. Compared to a frame made of carbon, a material that is unsurpassed by many but simply ends up as hazardous waste at the end of its lifespan, this is a completely new, environmentally conscious and sustainable way of producing bicycles.

Details and spec of the ADVANCED RECO One

The ADVANCED RECO One is available in three sizes from S to L and in four colours. In addition to the anthracite version we tested, the bike is also available in pure, red or white – so there should be an option for everyone. In terms of motor support, the RECO One relies on Bosch’s Performance Line CX mid-mounted motor, which pushes you forward with 85 Nm torque and is one of the most powerful and natural-feeling in its class. The 625 Wh battery delivers a decent range and is positioned inside the frame, where it can be locked and removed with a key. The Bosch Kiox display is centrally located in front of the stem and completes the Bosch system. The only drawback: compared to other modern bikes, the level of integration and connectivity leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to find out more about the motor and display, we recommend you read the tests in our sister magazine E-MOUNTAINBIKE.

The RECO One uses a Shimano DEORE derailleur with 11 gears, whose range is perfectly sufficient for the bike’s area of use. For a decent level of comfort, ADVANCED have given the bike a Suntour XCR34 suspension fork with 80 mm travel, which is supported by the wide 700 x 55C Continental Contact Cruiser tires. Another comfort element is the frame itself: thanks to the properties of the material, the ADVANCED bike has outstanding damping and generates sufficient comfort for long tours even without a suspended rear wheel. In addition, the manufacturer has given the RECO One an adjustable stem, which should make it easier to find the optimal riding position. For full suitability for everyday use, the urban bike comes with mudguards, a luggage rack, a kickstand and lighting system. The permissible total weight, consisting of bike, luggage and rider, is 140 kg. After deducting the bike’s own weight of 28.66 kg, this leaves 111.34 kg for you and any additional load. If you are thinking of taking your children with you in a child seat or bicycle trailer, you do so at your own risk, as the manufacturer does not explicitly approve the bike for them. Too bad!

The ADVANCED RECO One on test

With the RECO One, ADVANCED have managed to pack amazing and ground-breaking technologies into a stylish package. The city and touring bike doesn’t just benefit from the simple paintwork and clean lines required by its manufacturing process. It also sets visual accents with the cables routed through the frame and details such as the integrated saddle clamp, even if the numerous cables first have to make a fairly long journey from the handlebars to the underside of the frame. Nevertheless, the RECO One is clearly a bike on which you can be seen and with which you can make a conscious statement!

In real-world use, the ADVANCED ebike convinces with an intuitive ride, which is especially friendly to newcomers. The RECO One always shines with a high level of stability and plenty of smoothness, which in turn conveys a strong feeling of safety. You’re always left with the feeling that you are in control of the situation. Likewise, the bike also benefits from the natural feel of the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, which also provides sufficient support in every situation and on the steepest of climbs. Those who often have to contend with bad roads, cobblestones or unpaved paths in their neighbourhood will be pleased with the high level of comfort generated by the frame, suspension fork and tires. The ADVANCED composite is really a great material with many benefits! The question of why more bikes in the manufacturer’s portfolio aren’t based on it and why ADVANCED are currently the only manufacturer to use this new process will be answered in a separate article.

ADVANCED RECO One conclusion

Dear ADVANCED development team: thank you! Your approach to make urban mobility more sustainable and greener is a big step in the right direction and a real innovation! However, the RECO One not only convinces with its unique manufacturing process but also shines on the road with its beginner-friendly and capable handling. We can only hope that this step-through model is only the beginning of a new generation of sustainable urban ebikes!


  • innovative and sustainable manufacturing process
  • stable ride
  • beginner-friendly, intuitive handling
  • good ride comfort
  • powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor
  • 30-year frame guarantee


  • no official approval for child seat or bicycle trailer

Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf