After using the original Croozer Dog XL trailer privately for quite some time, we became big fans of it. With the new Tammo and Enna models, the German manufacturer wants to take their dog trailer game to the next level, presenting true luxury cruisers with elegant designs and spicy price tags. Read the full review to find out what they’re capable of, and whether they’re worth the money!

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Suspension trailers are in high demand, and so is the Croozer! But wait, the rigid Croozer Dog Peppa model is the last of its kind on Croozer’s website, retailing for € 649. In its place are three suspension Croozer Dog trailers, with a range of sizes and two distinctive, bright finishes – Sundown Yellow and Moss Green.

The Croozer Dog are included in the test with two models: ENNA and TAMMO. Bruce is especially happy about the larger Enna.
Croozer Dog Enna |16,08 kg | € 999.00 | Manufacturer’s website
Croozer Dog Tammo | 20,3 kg | € 1,299.00 | Manufacturer’s website
  • Dog Enna – Ideal for small dogs up to 35 kg, retails for € 999
  • Dog Mikke – A stylish wag-on for mid-sized dogs up to 45 kg, retails for € 1,199
  • Dog Tammo – A swanky ride for big doggos up to 45 kg, retails for € 1,299

At first glance, the Mikke and Enna are hard to tell apart. The most striking difference is that the latter has a higher headroom, giving your dog more freedom of movement. We pitted the Croozer Dog Tammo and Dog Enna against the hottest dog trailers of the year.

The special features of the new dog trailer models are Croozer’s proprietary AirPad suspension, the low step-up, and the removable, washable interior. In addition, both Croozer Dog models have good headroom in the front section and a parking brake on both wheels. Furthermore, the trailers are meant to be “foldable at the push of a button” to allow for easier storage. Croozer also promise that their new trailers are suitable for off-road riding! We tested them to find out how they fare, both around town and beyond the city limits.

Our initial impression was a little disappointing, especially for our dog-dad Manne, who’s been commuting to our head office every day with the previous, rigid Croozer Dog XL trailer since 2018. Compared to the old Dog XL, the newer models no longer feature a storage pocket for all your doggy essentials. Manne feels lost without it, as he needs to carry a backpack to stow away all of the treats, the water bottle and dog lead. Unfortunately, the new Croozer models can’t be used as pack-mules anymore, and the new Tammo, Mikke and Enna model names are rather confusing, making it hard to understand whether you’re looking at a L, M or S size trailer.

Croozer Dog Tammo


Technical specifications

Brake: side-mounted
Wheels: 16’’ x 1.75
Maximum dog weight: 35 kg
Trailer system weight: 16.08 kg


L x W x H folded: 88 cm x 71,5 cm x 71 cm
L x W interior: 70 cm x 35 cm
Step-up height: 18 cm
Interior height: max. 57 cm

Standard equipment

Battery tail light
Lockable hitch arm


Dog bed from € 89.90
Stroller-buggy kit from € 59.90
Rain cover from € 39.90
Storage cover from € 55.00
Roof compartment from € 24.90

CroozerDog Enna


Technical specifications

Brake: side-mounted
Wheels: 16’’ x 1.75
Maximum dog weight: 35 kg
Trailer system weight: 16.08 kg


L x W x H folded: 88 cm x 71,5 cm x 71 cm
L x W interior: 70 cm x 35 cm
Step-up height: 18 cm
Interior height: max. 57 cm

Special features

Lockable hitch arm
Croozer hitch mechanism
Croozer AirPad suspension

Structure, design and compatibility of the Croozer Enna and Tammo suspension dog trailers

We’re the coolest when we’re croozen’! But before we start, let’s get the details out of the way. In our 2023 dog trailer group test, German manufacturer Croozer enters the race with the flashiest and perhaps coolest-looking models, the Enna Dog and Tammo Dog. Both models rely on a stylish, modern design with elegant colours, and employ a stable frame construction, sturdy materials and magnetic fasteners, all topped off with the highest-quality workmanship – these are without doubt the best-looking trailers in this test!

The Croozer DOG have a practical magnetic closure.
The magnetic closure system is extremely discreet and works flawlessly.
The Croozer DOG are a real eye-catcher: stylish and modern.
They see me rollin’…

Croozer’s proprietary hitch mechanism is pretty unique too, making it very easy to connect the trailer to the bike – and it looks great! Canyon’s off-road step-through ebike, the Pathline, comes standard with a Croozer thru-axle, and the German trailer manufacturer offers a wide range of thru axles for all types of bikes on their website – hardly any other manufacturer offers such a wide range of compatible axles. The safety strap of Croozer’s dog trailers is pretty ingenious too: it’s elastic and therefore compatible with any bike frame – which isn’t the case with most of Croozer’s competitors!

The Croozer DOG have the best clutch in our comparison test. Just stick it on like no other.
The Croozer Dog have a selection of thru axles on their own website.
Like a kid in a… thru-axle shop?
The elastic safety strap on the Croozer DOG makes it easy to handle.
The elastic safety strap adapts to any bike frame design.

In theory, Croozer’s intuitive concept should make it easy to assemble the trailer.In practice, it’s not so straight-forward. The cover material is sewn together so tightly that it’s almost impossible to pull over the frame, even with another person helping you. The material tension ensures good stability, but it makes assembly a real mission – just a few more centimetres of fabric would make your life a lot easier! Assembling the Croozer on your own is pretty hard, unless you like your eggs with a sprinkle of steroids – particularly if you’re built like the typical puny cyclist! Folding it up, on the other hand, is super easy and – just as Croozer promise – is done at the click of a button!

Handling and comfort – How do cool dogs cruise in the Croozer?

Assembled and ready to roll! Now the question is: does the Croozer’s performance do justice to its cool look and high-end price tag? At 23 and 18 cm, respectively, the Dog Enna and Dog Tammo are the models with the most ground clearance in our 2023 comparison test. Unfortunately, the floor plate is lined with fabric, which makes it less suitable for epic backcountry expeditions, as the fabric rips easily. In this regard, the generous ground clearance comes in handy, especially when riding off-road, which is where you’re most likely to catch the trailer on obstacles. At the same time, Croozer’s Dog trailers have the lowest step-up height in the entire test field, and also proved the smoothest-running competitors too, displaying excellent handling characteristics without annoying background noises. Taking a break on a slope isn’t a problem either, with the double-sided parking brake making it easy to stop on steep hills.

Braking is made easy with the Croozer DOG as it has a side parking brake. With the Croozer DOG you can take a nice after-work ride in the forest.

According to Croozer, the manufacturer’s proprietary AirPad suspension “adjusts automatically to the road conditions and your dog’s weight, absorbing shocks and preventing bouncing”.Our accelerometer tests showed that no matter how much you load the Croozer trailers, the suspension performs consistently with all sorts of obstacles. While we can’t comment on behalf of our dogs, we can tell you about our riding experience. In a nutshell, both Croozer dog trailers delivered an impressive performance, even in direct comparison to other suspension dog trailers. The AirPad axle effectively absorbs impacts and potholes while mitigating vibrations and, as a result, you hardly notice that you’re even towing a trailer. That said, a well-padded dog bed is just as crucial to your dog’s comfort as a well-functioning suspension system. Fortunately, Croozer sell one in their web store. For more in-depth information about dog trailer suspension, check out our introduction to this test here..

Croozer DOG advertises the Croozer AirPad suspension, which is supposed to adapt independently, no matter the weight of your dog.
Economy or first class?
The Croozer Airpad suspension ensures a first class riding experience, both for you and your four-legged friend!
Life is good! 🙂

The Croozer Dog models have the most robust bumpers in the entire test field, extending far over the wheel to provide excellent protection. Removing the bumper takes some patience, as it’s rather fiddly and doesn’t leave much space for your fingers.

The Croozer DOG has the best mudguard in our test. The wheels are adequately protected here.
Safety First
The bumper protects the tires when squeezing through tight spaces and riding on narrow, twisting paths.
When driving through narrow streets, the bumper protects the wheel should you run the risk of getting stuck.
A tight squeeze!
Such a big trailer requires a vigilant riding style.

The Croozer’s windows are reasonably sized and well distributed around the trailer. The convertible roof and front section ensure plenty of room, allowing your dog to stick their head out and enjoy the panorama, while at the same time letting dog-daddy Manne keep an eye on his furry passenger Henry. Furthermore, the mesh side panels ensure excellent ventilation on hot commutes.

Henry likes to stick his head into the wind from the Croozer DOG.

As if the trailer wasn’t expensive enough, Croozer found a way to let you spend even more money! Croozer have obviously borrowed the German car industry’s pricing policy, providing you with just the basic shell, then upselling you countless accessories to pimp your ride: you can get an optional dog bed from € 89.90, a rain cover from € 39.90 and a stroller buggy conversion kit, which retails for € 59.90 and allows you to use the trailer without the bike, in case you wanted to take your dog for a walk without taking your dog for a walk. The rain cover extends over the sides and the whole roof area, preventing your pooch (or whatever you’re carrying) from getting soaked on a rainy day. Although Croozer deliver their Dog trailers with a standard battery-powered taillight, it would make more sense to position it at the back of the trailer rather than on the side, as this would actually make you visible to traffic behind you.

Should it rain, Croozer DOG offers extra rain protection in the shop.
No rain, no pain
For the tough cookies amongst us who also ride in the rain, it’s worth investing in the rain cover to protect your dog from the elements, if you have any cash left over after shelling out for the trailer.

Our conclusions about the Croozer Dog trailers

Are Croozer’s Dog trailers worth their money? If you don’t mind digging deep into your pockets to get your four-legged friend a bike trailer, Croozer’s Dog models are definitely worth their price. Built to the highest quality standards, the Tammo and Enna are extremely comfortable, both for the dog and rider, offering a wholesome overall package with the most elegant design in the entire test field. The simple, intuitive Croozer hitch mechanism ensures a first-class dog trailer experience. The only drawback is the assembly, which can be tricky on your own.


  • Brake activation
  • Overall build quality
  • Stable
  • Only trailer in this test with lockable hitch mechanism
  • Looks/design
  • Proprietary Croozer hitch mechanism


  • Tight-fitting cover material makes it hard to assemble
  • Expensive (rain cover and bed not included in the price)
  • Lack of integrated pockets and storage room
  • Lack of integrated dog leash

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Just like Manne, Henry loves the after-work ride in the sunset with the Croozer DOG.

Words: Antonia Feder Photos: Robin Schmitt Antonia Feder