With the Orox R14, Tern launch a new cargo bike that aims to impress with its intuitive handling and off-road qualities. Priced at € 8,999, it comes equipped with two batteries that provide an extensive range of 1,600 Wh. Can this cargo bike do it all – from grocery shopping to a short weekend trip?

Tern Orox R14 | Bosch Performance Line CX/1600 W | Weight 50.5 kg | Price € 8,999 | Manufacturer’s website

If you are interested in longtail cargo bikes, you will undoubtedly come across the Tern brand sooner or later. Their cargo bikes, like their other models, are designed for urban use and are characterised by small wheels. But in a break with tradition, Tern now introduce a new cargo bike with “large” 29″ wheels, priced at € 8,999. These large wheels are fitted with knobby tires suitable for gravel roads, light trails and tarmac. If you’re looking for even more versatility, especially on loose surfaces such as sand or snow, you’ll be interested in the fat version with 4″ wide tires designed to prevent sinking on softer terrain. Both cargo bike versions are equipped with two batteries, giving them a total capacity of 1,600 Wh and therefore an enormous range. In addition to everyday tasks such as the weekly shop or taking the children to kindergarten, the cargo bike can also be used for off-road fun and short weekend trips. There are several large panniers and an additional seat on the bike for these tasks. With all this equipment, the Tern has an impressive unladen weight of 50.5 kg. But despite its weight and length, the bike can be stowed in a space-saving manner. Simply pull the rear brake and park the bike upright on the carrier. When upright, the bike is approximately 190 cm high, 80 cm wide and 120 cm long, so it may fit into a corner of your staircase.

To save space when storing the cargo bike, it can be placed on its rear.
If you ride a lot on sandy beaches, then the fat bike version is for you.

The transport features of the new Tern Orox R14 2024 cargo bike

With the Tern Orox R14 you can transport a lot, as long as you do not exceed the permissible total weight of 210 kg. For off-road use the maximum load is reduced by 30 kg to a maximum of 180 kg. Consequently, the maximum payload is 159.5 kg on paved roads and 129.5 kg on unpaved roads, which includes the rider, luggage and any passengers. Tern offer the bike with a choice of rear racks so you can make the most of the maximum payload. Our test bike was fitted with the Captain’s Chair, which allows a second person to be carried on the rear carrier. The Captain’s Chair is fitted with a safety belt and is primarily intended for slightly older children. Although adults can be carried with a little practice, it’s important to note that the high centre of gravity means that excessive leaning can cause the bike to sway and become unstable. You should also avoid leaning the bike too far when waiting at a traffic light, otherwise you risk not being able to hold it up and toppling over. But once you get over the initial challenges, the Captain’s Chair lives up to its name: you sit very comfortably, just like a captain. As well as children and adults, you can also put a Eurobox on the carrier. All you have to do is remove the seat cushions and you have space for a 60×40 cm box – perfect for shopping or as a boot alternative.

To make the most of the space in the frame triangle, the cavity is fitted with a frame bag. Although the frame bag already contains one of the two batteries, there is still room for a water bottle. Smaller items such as a mobile phone, keys and wallet can be stashed in the small pockets for easy access. The bag has a double-sided zip system: the left side opens to reveal the spacious main compartment, while the right side has small pockets and a mesh divider to separate it from the larger main compartment. Handy for quickly grabbing your wallet.

If you need to carry more, there is space further back on the bike. There are two large panniers on the sides of the carrier, each with a capacity of 70 litres, enough to hold half of the farmers’ market (or so it feels). The two roll-top bags are closed by two straps with simple FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners.

If that’s not enough, you can add more bags to the massive front carrier. Bulky items that don’t fit into bags can be tied to the carrier as long as they don’t exceed the 25 kg maximum load. There are also 2 mounts for bottle cages on the carrier within easy reach of you, in case you need a refreshment while riding.

There is less space in the frame bag because it carries the second battery. Still, it is perfect for things you use a lot, like water, keys or sunglasses.
You can remove the cushions and swap the space for a Eurobox. Perfect for shopping at the farmers’ market.
When the roll-top closures are turned inwards, children can simply put their feet in the pockets – protected from the wind and weather.

The motor system of the new Tern Orox R14 2024 cargo bike

Cargo bikes without an electric motor have become a rarity in recent years. Who would voluntarily pedal over 100 kg around without assistance? Well aware of this, Tern have integrated a Bosch Performance Line CX motor. The motor provides a generous 85 Nm of assistance, allowing you to climb steep inclines with ease, even when fully loaded. There are also classic features such as push assist and four different support levels. A compact display shows you everything you need to know: speed, battery level and the support level you are currently in.

The system is powered by two 800 Wh batteries. Together, they have an impressive total capacity of 1,600 Wh. That’s more than enough for all your daily tasks without having to stop to recharge. The ebike also has enough capacity for a picnic in the countryside or a short weekend camping trip. Once you’ve used up both batteries, you can easily recharge them using the charging socket above the bottom bracket. If your garage does not have a socket, you can charge the batteries at home – just remove them with the key.

A Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL is responsible for changing gears. The 14 gears of the hub are spread over a range of 526%. This wide range allows you to tackle steep climbs with ease and ride downhill without pedalling into the void. The Rohloff also stands out for its durability and low maintenance requirements. Unlike a derailleur, the Rohloff only requires an oil change once a year or every 5,000 kilometres. And the belt does not need to be lubricated, just regularly cleaned with water. Say goodbye to chain lube stains on your trouser legs!

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor provides powerful support with up to 85 Nm torque.
Tern use not one but two batteries, providing a remarkable range.

Tuning tip: Shorten the handlebar

The new Tern Orox R14 2024 cargo bike in detail

The manufacturer spared no expense on the equipment: powerful MAGURA MT5 four-piston brakes provide deceleration. The 203 mm brake discs remain in control even during long braking sessions with a high payload.

The chunky Johnny Watts 365 tires come from Schwalbe. The SUV bike tires offer a good mix of gravel grip and low rolling resistance. They also have good puncture protection, reducing the likelihood of being stranded with a flat.

The cockpit, with its very wide 800 mm handlebar, looks quite cluttered with eight different cables coming off of it. Fortunately, they all disappear into the frame via cable ducts, giving the rest of the bike a tidy appearance.

The integrated front and rear lights from ROXIM ensure safety in the busy urban traffic after dark. Two buttons, independent of the Bosch remote control, are mounted on the two brake levers to control the lights. They allow you to switch the lights on and off, and you can also choose between the dimmer low beam and the brighter high beam. The high beam is particularly useful on unlit roads. The rear light is seamlessly integrated into the luggage rack for excellent visibility. It has a brake light and an additional SOS function: if the bike is lying on its side, the rear light starts to flash.

How does the new Tern Orox R14 2024 cargo bike ride?

The Tern Orox R14’s transport concept is a resounding success. The spacious rear pockets offer plenty of room for all your daily essentials as well as larger items. The smaller compartments inside the frame triangle bag for regularly used items such as your wallet and keys are also extremely practical. When loaded, the Tern Orox R14 stands securely and stably on the two-legged centre stand. The kickstand is positioned right under the centre of gravity and the footrest makes it easy to lift a fully loaded bike onto the stand. To start riding, simply push the bike forward slightly and the kickstand folds in automatically.

The first time you sit on the Orox R14 you get that classic bakery bike feel. The long rear end gives you the feeling of sitting on the front axle and pulling a long trailer behind you. After a few metres, however, you get used to it and the cargo bike rides very intuitively, almost like a normal bike. It’s only when manoeuvring through bollards and pedestrians that you notice the extended wheelbase. But with a little practice, even tight corners are no problem.
As well as intuitive handling and enough space in the bike’s panniers for an extensive shopping spree, a good cargo bike also needs to be safe to ride. A high front end and the resulting upright riding position provide a high level of safety. The very wide handlebar also contributes to that feeling. At 800 mm, however, it is a little too wide for our taste. Particularly on long rides and for smaller riders, it quickly becomes uncomfortable. You also have to be careful not to fall over at a red light, especially when the bike is fully loaded and heavy. The high saddle makes life even more difficult. A dropper post would be a good solution here.

The Bosch motor in the Orox provides up to 340% pedal assistance, so you can tackle any incline with ease. Yet the motor remains controllable in all modes and the cargo bike does not jerk forward unintentionally at the slightest pedal input. The Rohloff gear hub also does a good job and you quickly get used to the twist shifter. However, like a car gearbox, you can only change gears when you are not under load. Because there is no clutch on the ebike, you should take your weight off the pedal for a moment when shifting gears. If not, the twist grip will be difficult or impossible to turn. With a little practice you will know when to shift and anticipate the gears to engage smoothly. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a Rohloff is that you can change gears while stationary. That’s a real bonus, especially if you’re standing at a red light with a fully loaded bike in top gear and want to set off straight away.

Who is the Tern Orox R14 2024 ebike for?

The Tern Orox R14 2024 is well suited for bikers looking for a cargo bike with a short learning curve and a natural riding experience. It is an ideal choice for cargo biking enthusiasts who want to carry up to two children or a week’s worth of groceries without compromising on riding pleasure. The chunky tires make the Tern suitable for those who frequently venture onto dirt roads or plan weekend trips into the countryside. In addition, the Orox R14 will appeal to riders with limited space for a conventional cargo bike because it can be conveniently stored in a corner of their stairwell or garage. For those of you who find the € 8,999 price tag too steep, the Orox S12 offers a more economical alternative at € 6,799.

Conclusion on the new Tern Orox R14 2024 cargo bike

The new Tern Orox R14 is a solid and well-thought-out cargo bike. For the handsome price of € 8,999 you get a cargo bike with very good handling and off-road capability. With plenty of storage options, it can take on everything from the weekly shop to the daily trip to the kindergarten to a picnic in the great outdoors. When not in use, the cargo bike can be conveniently parked upright in a corner for maximum space utilisation.


  • practical saddlebag with plenty of storage space
  • for a cargo bike, it rides very conventionally
  • can be stored upright to save space when not in use


  • very wide handlebar
  • no dropper post

For more information visit tern.com

Words: Sebastian Dirscherl Photos: Antonia Feder