The CAKE Ösa Flex is out to conquer the e-moped market with its mid-mounted motor and limitless utility. Additionally, the bike promises to be a capable off-roader and doubles as a mobile power station. Has it got what it takes to conquer the hearts of city adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts? Read on for all the details.

Key Facts:

  • Price: € 9,000
  • Weight: 87 kg
  • Battery capacity: 2,5 kWh
  • Max. Power: 4 kW
  • Max. Range: ca. 92 km
  • Wheelsize: 14”

Our tester Peter isn’t just the deputy editor-in-chief of our sister magazine ENDURO, but also a passionate motocross rider in his spare time. So, if he isn’t out shredding the world’s trails aboard a mountain bike, he gets his daily dose of adrenaline from the throttle of his motorbike. If the CAKE Ösa Flex can convince him, we’re sure it’ll be good enough for the likes of you and me. With a base price of € 9,000 or € 250 for 36 months, the 87 kg bike (including battery) can be configured to suit each customer’s specific requirements, leaving nothing to chance. In addition to a second seat, you can choose from a variety of different transport boxes for the front and rear, as well as mounts for everything from surfboards to skis. The Ösa Flex can even pull a trailer. There are so many modules that configuring the bike reminds us of playing Lego.

The CAKE Ösa Flex has off-road tyres, but that’s as far as it goes on a dirt road. Nevertheless, the bike is fun there.

The CAKE Ösa Flex in detail

The base of the CAKE Ösa Flex consists of a painted aluminium frame, the spine of which is formed by a striking, horizontal strut. This strut serves as the mounting point or “utility bar” for a vast range of modular add-ons. But more about that later. Below the strut, you’ll find a 2.5 kWh battery, which weighs 17 kg and is said to achieve an 80% charge in two hours and a 100% charge in three hours. You can charge the battery in the bike or simply remove it to charge it in your living room. One of the highlights is that the battery has a 5 V and a 12 V power outlet, allowing you to connect different electrical appliances and use the battery as a mobile power bank. Situated behind the battery is a 4 kW motor, which transfers its power to the rear wheel via a GATES CARBON DRIVE belt. Together, the battery and motor should provide an average range of 92 km, independent of environmental influences. The CAKE Ösa Flex relies on hydraulic disc brakes front and rear as well as the electric motor to keep your speed in check. Thanks to the permanently fitted TFT display, you can keep an eye on the most important information. Unfortunately, it isn’t colour, and it’s easy to read only if the sun isn’t shining on it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t got a navigation function either. Fortunately, however, you can connect the CAKE app to the bike via an integrated connectivity module, giving you access to a lot of additional information like the battery level and the bike’s live location. In addition, you can track your rides, adjust the riding modes and activate a theft warning.

Cleverly done: The seat of the e-moped can be moved on the centre support. This allows you to adjust the seating position to your size.
The battery of the CAKE Ösa Flex also serves as a huge power bank for all your devices – so you’ll never run out of power on the road again!

The configuration options of the CAKE Ösa Flex

The biggest plus and unique selling point of the CAKE Ösa Flex is its modularity and the vast range of customisable luggage transport options available. All the cargo solutions are quick and easy to attach to the frame’s central beam via special quick-release clamps. And what cargo could be more valuable than living cargo? That’s right, which is why the most important attachment is the passenger seat, so you can take your significant other out for a picnic by the lake. In that case, you’ll also have to go for the larger footrests, which are big enough to accommodate both of your feet. The front basket will let you transport all the delicacies needed for a romantic retreat and the range of differently sized rear baskets allow you to transport all the utensils required for an overnighter in the wild or a long weekend in a cabin. There are matching nets and dry bags available for all the baskets, too, which you can use to secure your cargo or protect it from the elements. Alternatively, you can opt for a hard shell box instead. We love CAKE’s cargo concept, as it’s well-thought-out, stylish and easy to use.

The CAKE Ösa Flex in review

Climb aboard and go. But first, there’s an important question we need to answer. Many 45 km/h capable e-mopeds get used in cities and metropolitan areas. So, will the CAKE Ösa Flex hold up any cars when pulling away from a traffic light? No! Not at all. In the highest of three riding modes, the bike surges ahead from a standstill even when fully loaded, making the impression that it could easily ride well over 45 km/h. And it could, indeed, if it wasn’t limited to 45 km/h. Thanks to the motor’s torque output, it’ll even reach the 45 km/h limit when riding up most climbs, which doesn’t just instil you with confidence but also makes it a lot of fun to ride. In riding mode 1, on the other hand, the bike is limited to 30 km/h, which is great in 30 km/h zones. In mode 2, you can still reach 45 km/h, though the acceleration is reduced. Both of the two lower modes will extend the range. In undulating terrain, a balanced mix between the riding modes will let you achieve the 92 km range as specified by the manufacturer.

Utility is the trump card: a variety of different luggage solutions can be attached to the CAKE’s middle rack using quick-release levers.

To soften the ride, the CAKE Ösa Flex comes with front and rear suspension, the latter of which can be adapted to the rider’s weight and personal preferences by adjusting the preload of the coil. Nevertheless, the suspension is generally on the softer side of the spectrum. Although this is a disadvantage if you aim to ride very aggressively, it provides plenty of comfort through potholes or over tram rails, making it perfect for use in the cities. On the other hand, the low bench seat isn’t the best in city traffic as it doesn’t give you a great overview of your surroundings and you’re also less visible to other road users. That said, the advantage of this is that you can easily reach the ground with your feet and handle the bike safely no matter how short you are. While riding, the knobby tires of the CAKE and its mid-mounted motor can make quite a bit of noise. So, you won’t be able to glide along silently, but at least pedestrians will know you’re coming even without a sound generator. This contributes just as much to the bike’s safety as the reliable and easy-to-modulate brakes. Beware, however, as the brakes are arranged in the opposite direction to a bicycle or ebike, meaning the rear brake lever is on the left and the front brake lever on the right.

Due to the position of the battery, the centre of gravity of the CAKE Ösa Flex is close to the road, which provides stable and safe handling, even at low speeds and during tight manoeuvres. As such, navigating narrow city streets is a lot less stressful, even for newbies. Instead of agility and dynamics, it’s precisely this relaxed, confidence-inspiring handling that makes the bike so much fun to ride. And it performs equally well in the asphalted urban jungle as it does on gravel roads. However, you’ll be longing for the CAKE Ösa+ on long country straights, which is limited to 90 km/h and therefore better able to keep up with traffic.

Our conclusion on CAKE Ösa Flex

With the CAKE Ösa Flex, the Swedish brand have succeeded in creating an unconventional and characterful e-moped that provides excellent acceleration and a long range. It’s the right choice for those who prioritise utility and cargo-hauling capacity, offering smart details such as the power outlets on the battery pack, and featuring a great design. If you prefer a more engaging ride instead of relaxed cruising, however, you’ll want a racier bike, like some of the other models in CAKE’s portfolio.


  • very high utility thanks to different attachments
  • quick acceleration and lots of torque in the highest mode
  • high level of comfort
  • relaxed and stable handling thanks to the low centre of gravity


  • display is difficult to read when exposed to sunlight
  • limited visibility due to the low seat

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Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf