A two-wheeled mini truck? The Ca Go FS 200 Vario was developed around the closed cargo tray, putting one thing in the foreground: the payload. We put the cargo bike to the test to find out what sets the workhorse apart, what other features it has to offer, and whether this e-cargo bike really can replace the pickup in your garage.

Ca Go FS 200 Vario Cover Pro | Bosch CargoLine /625 Wh | 80 mm (v)
49.4 kg | 8,2909€ | Manufacturer’s website

Ca Go’s original plan was to increase passenger safety for the children onboard, for which the German brand developed a special box made of EPP foam. We got to test the Vario cargo model – without a box, but with even more cargo hauling capacity. The variability of the cargo tray has remained, but the child seats have gone, making the Ca Go Vario offer as comprehensive a range of transport and storage options as the Tupperware catalogue. Ca Go have also thought about cargo hauling safety and riding comfort. The 2.7-metre-long bike with a covered cargo tray and direct cable steering costs € 8,290. Read on to find out where the cargo bike can score and where it falls short.

A delivery box on wheels – What sets the Ca Go FS 200 Vario apart?

Let’s not beat around the bush: A cargo bike must tick at least one box, and that is offering sufficient cargo hauling capacity. Fortunately, the Ca Go has plenty, and it isn’t stingy with attachment points either. The box is large, covered, and easy to organise thanks to a freely configurable divider system – almost like LEGO: simply slot a divider in where you need it to customise the tray to suit your cargo carrying needs.

Regarding external dimensions, Ca Go used the well-known and standardised Euroboxes for reference. The front of the Ca Go can accommodate four 40 x 30 cm, two 60 x 40 cm Euro boxes, or one large 80 x 60 cm Euro box. Of course, you don’t have to use the standardised grey containers, but rather pack the cargo tray with what you want, in whichever way you want to. With about the same carrying capacity as the trunk of a VW Golf and a potential payload of 70 kg, the ebike won’t replace a pick-up truck, though it shouldn’t be underestimated for a 49.4 kg two-wheeler. In total, it can carry up to 175 kg. For the Cover-Pro variant on test, including rain protection for your cargo and several textile compartments, the e-cargo bike will set you back by a hefty € 8,290.

With a maximum payload of 70 kg on the tray and many clever fastening options …
… there’s nothing to stop you from going on a shopping spree.

The frame shape of the Ca Go doesn’t just look modern, it also increases the bike’s everyday utility. The low step-through makes it easier to climb aboard, and the practical handle on the head tube makes it a breeze to prop up on the kickstand. The sturdy kickstand is positioned right below the bike’s centre of gravity, thus bearing most of the weight when parked – even if it’s fully loaded. The position of the charging port is somewhat inconvenient, placed under the handle on the front part of the frame, making it fiddly to plug in and out. The rubber charging port cover is the standard version supplied by Bosch. Since it’s very soft and feels somewhat vague, you should make sure that the flap is properly closed, especially when in wet conditions because the charging port will fill up like a bathtub if not.

Charging cable – The position and cover of the charging port makes it predestined to let in water, so always make sure to close the flap tightly.

In addition to the cargo tray, the comfort of the potential car replacement also plays a major role. This is mainly provided by the suspension fork up front and a suspended parallelogram seat post at the rear. The suspended seat post isn’t included in the standard spec, but we highly recommend it if you regularly ride on rough roads. The fork does a good job of absorbing bumps and keeps the front feel on the ground. This increases safety and comfort while also protecting your cargo.

The suspended parallelogram seat post from by.Schulz comes as an optional upgrade, but you’ll be happy you’ve got it every time you hit a bump.
Better safe than sorry
The powerful MAGURA CME 5 brakes will reliably bring the bike to a halt even when it’s fully loaded.
Integration ist King
The cable routing through the head tube is super clean and is consistent with the integrated display on the stem.

Since Ca Go aren’t just all about safety when it comes to transporting kids, the Vario also comes equipped with several features to increase safety both actively and passively. Included in this are four-piston MAGURA brakes from the mountain bike sector, paired with a large 220 mm rotor at the rear and a 203 mm rotor up front. These should provide ample, reliable stopping power, even on long descents with a heavy payload. Thanks to the high beam function, the Supernova headlight guarantees optimal visibility when riding at night, and the taillight doubles as a brake light, warning other road users and providing visibility from the rear.

Cargo Tetris
The modular divider system on the Ca Go is reminiscent of Tetris …
… and lets you compartmentalise the tray according to your needs.

Attention, abnormal load ahead! – What is the Ca Go FS 200 capable of day to day?

Above all, the Ca Go scores for its high level of riding comfort. Despite the one-size-fits-all frame and non-adjustable handlebar, the riding position proved to be upright and comfortable among a wide range of rider sizes. The slack seat tube angle ensures that the distance to the handlebar increases as you extend the seat post, which is how one frame size can cater to people from 1.60 m to 2 m tall.

The comfort is further enhanced by the active suspension up front and in the seat post, as well as the 2.15″ and 2.8″ Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires at the front and rear, respectively. An adjustable handlebar-stem combination would have made sense, making the bike even more adaptable to the individual needs of as many different riders as possible. But if your bodily proportions differ greatly from the norm, you should definitely test ride the Ca Go first.

The handling of the Ca Go is strikingly agile and manoeuvrable for a bike measuring 2.70 m in length and weighing almost 50 kg unloaded. This is mainly due to the cable steering, which relies on two steering cables per side for redundancy: if one fails, you’ve still got a backup steering cable. This type of steering offers an immediate response as it transmits the rider’s input to the small 20″ front wheel without delay, and – unlike traditional bicycle steering – it enables you to turn the wheel by almost 90°.

The Ca Go FS 200 Vario can almost turn on the spot, making it much easier to manoeuvre through tight alleys and courtyards. The best part: the Ca Go remains stable and in control even under load. It’s only through tight corners that you should be careful not to turn too suddenly to avoid the front wheel from sliding out.

While standing, the e-cargo bike can occasionally feel like it wants to tip from side to side, so you should be sure to keep your feet securely planted on the ground. A dropper seat post would be a great help here. At least the Enviolo AUTOMATIQ drivetrain thinks ahead. It reliably engages the easiest gear when you stop, so you can get back going easily as soon as the traffic light turns green. Unfortunately, the easiest gear doesn’t do for hauling loads up very steep climbs as the gearing ratio is just too high.

Cago FS200 Vario

€ 8,290


Motor Bosch CargoLine 85 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display Bosch Kiox 300
Fork SR Suntour Mobie 32 80 mm
Brakes MAGURA CME 5 203/200 mm
Drivetrain Enviolo AUTOMATiQ Heavy Duty
Tires Schwalbe Big Ben / Schwalbe SuperMoto-x 20 x 2,15"/27.5 x 2,80"

Technical Data

Size one size
Weight 49.4 kg
Perm. total weight 225 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 175.6 kg
Trailer approval yes
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

Dual battery optionally available
very high permissible weight of 225 kg

Who is the Ca Go FS 200 Vario for?

The Ca Go is a versatile solution for all urban and suburban dwellers who want to get by without a car, though without compromising on comfort and safety. The optional battery capacity of 1,250 Wh and the comfortable chassis make the Ca Go well-suited for long-distance use. The cargo tray steals the show from a VW Golf, while the turning circle is smaller than the poster child of city runabouts: the Smart Fortwo. If you’re fine with spending € 8,290 on an e-cargo bike, you will get a viable transport option with a total payload capacity of around 175 kg, clean looks, and a feeling of confidence on the road.

Cornering master
Thanks to the cable steering, the Ca Go Vario corners like a go-kart and is easy to manoeuvre despite its length.

The Ca Go FS 200 Vario offers as extensive a range of transport and storage options as the Tupperware catalogue.

Our conclusion on the Ca Go FS 200 Vario

The Ca Go doesn’t just deliver with its large, variable cargo tray, but also offers a safe and comfortable riding experience. Together with the high-quality components and clean look, you get a complete package that encourages you to leave the car at home. Enviolo’s stepless automatic drivetrain is convenient for inner city traffic, though we wouldn’t recommend it for those who live in mountainous terrain since the gear range isn’t wide enough for steep climbs.


  • high-quality workmanship
  • smart cargo carrying solutions
  • high degree of integration at the cockpit
  • Cornering master


  • limited adjustability of the cockpit
  • gearing range doesn’t suffice on steep climbs

Tuning tips: A suspended dropper post would provide comfort while offering improved safety and convenience when coming to a halt.

Words: Julian Schwede Photos: Jan Richter