Put on your helmets, get outdoors and go on an adventure! With the Urban Arrow Family, kids are king with the wind in their hair and mom and dad the chauffeurs. Read on to find out how the family-oriented Urban Arrow Family Performance CX Disc Zee 500 Wh performs from the perspective of an adult.

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Urban Arrow Family Performance CX Disc Zee 500 Wh | Bosch Performance Line CX/500 Wh
52 kg | € 5,390 | manfacturer’s website

The feeling of discovering the world from the front of a cargo bike must be the absolute best experience for little kids! The freedom of a cargo bike has the power to completely change their world. They’re no longer a co-pilot in the trailer or on the back seat, instead, they are placed at the centre of the action free to enjoy that cabriolet feeling. Parents also benefit from the unobstructed view, allowing them to interact with and keep an eye on their kids.

For flat terrain only. The 380% gear range of the infinitely variable Enviolo Trekking/Cargo drivetrain combined with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor has the Urban Arrow Family quickly reach its limits on steep climbs.

The old Bosch Performance Line CX motor already looks beefy as it is. The double chainstay framing it on the Urban Arrow Family makes it look even bulkier.
Everything under control
The handle on the saddle makes it much easier to manoeuvre the bike while stationary. It should become a standard feature on every long john cargo bike!
Downhill performance
Shimano’s Zee brakes were developed for downhill bikes and are very powerful! They perform just as well on the Urban Arrow Family. With their one-finger brake levers, 180 mm rotors up front and 203 mm rotors at the rear, they offer excellent modulation and reliability.

Urban Arrow Family Performance CX Disc Zee 500 Wh

€ 5,390


Motor Bosch Performance Line CX 75 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh
Display Bosch Purion
Brakes Shimano Zee 180/203 (f/r) mm
Drivetrain Enviolo Trekking/Cargo 380 %
Tires Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 20 x 2,15"/26 x 2,15" (f/r)

Technical Data

Size One Size
Weight 52 kg
Length 260 cm
Width 70 cm
Height 110 cm
Perm. total weight 275 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) - kg

Specific Features

optional bench for up to 3 children
optional child seat adapter

Neat and tidy
The cables are routed into the frame under the handlebar, remaining largely hidden. This gives the bike a clean look.
Dutch bike feeling
Thanks to the flared handlebar, the riding position is upright and relaxed. This suits the bike’s intuitive handling to a tee.
Easy operation
The stand on the Urban Arrow is quiet and easy to operate, making the cargo bike easy to put on its stand even when loaded up. Due to the L-shape, you simply use your body weight to roll it up onto the stand.

A lot of cargo bikes are able to transport children but no other cargo bike in the test is as specialised as the Urban Arrow Family. Our sensitive little ones looked to be very comfortable on the bench of the large EPP foam box with sides that are much higher than most other cargo bikes in the test. The high-quality, three-point safety belts are easy to buckle up thanks to their magnetic locking mechanism and they’re securely connected to the frame. Note: the seat belt adjustment range of the Urban Arrow Family doesn’t go small enough for very small tots. However, it should fit perfectly for passengers from 18 months and older. There’s an extensive range of optional accessories including a rain tent for the cargo area, luggage net, luggage rack and Maxi-Cosi adapter. Going shopping with the kids? No problem, the cargo bay offers enough storage space next to the seats, though we missed a compartment for smaller items. It’s best to put your shopping in a backpack or in shopping bags, which you can then store in the front of the cargo bay. Thanks to the optional front seat, the Urban Arrow Family is claimed to offer enough space for up to three children, but considering the amount of space that our two 14-month-old testers took up, we’re somewhat sceptical.

Helmet Oakley ARO3 | Trousers PEdAL ED Kyo Fahrrad Chino Lang | Shoes Vans Atwood | Glasses Ray-Ben Clubmaster

The concept of the Urban Arrow Family Performance CX Disc Zee 500 Wh is well thought out but the build quality of the frame is sub-par. The aluminium welds look a bit rudimentary and though you don’t immediately see the many sharp edges on the frame, you’re likely to be horrified when you take a closer look. The Urban Arrow Family also received criticism for the old Bosch Performance Line CX motor and the low 500 Wh battery capacity. However, you can upgrade to the Bosch Cargo Line motor for an additional € 400, and we’d recommend you do! The key of the integrated ABUS Shield 560 frame lock can only be removed when the bike is locked, so you can’t lose it while riding but you can’t attach it to your keychain either. We were particularly impressed with the two-legged L-stand which folds away quietly, is very easy to operate and cleverly constructed. You hardly notice how heavy your load is when putting the bike on its stand. While the stand is very secure, we’d advise against leaving your children on the bench by themselves. Sudden movements could cause the stand to fold up and the bike to fall over.

If you need to manoeuvre the cargo bike when stationary, there’s a very helpful handle on the saddle which we think should become a standard feature on every long john cargo bike. Getting on and off the bike is very easy thanks to the low step-through section and it’s very comfortable thanks to Schwalbe’s voluminous Big Ben Plus tires. The upright riding position can be easily adjusted via the stem, though you will need tools.

Dutch bike feeling: Thanks to the flared handlebar, the riding position is upright and relaxed. This suits the bike’s intuitive handling to a tee.

Dutch bike feeling – the riding position on the Urban Arrow Family is very upright. You’ll also be able to get your foot on the ground without having to get off the saddle, thanks to the slack seat tube angle. This provides confidence when setting off and keeping the cargo bike balanced when you’re at a standstill. At slow speeds with the cargo bay loaded up, the Urban Arrow Family is one of the best performing E-cargo bikes in the test.

Tuning tips: smaller chainring for better performance on steep hills | optional net for carrying smaller items | upgrade to Bosch Cargo Line motor for € 400 surcharge

The handling is good-natured, intuitive and no other long john bike remains as easy to control with heavy payloads and when transporting children. If you’ve never ridden a cargo bike before you’ll love the intuitive handling and ride feel of the Urban Arrow. The geometry and weight distribution means turning the bars is directly converted to turning input, the geometry and payload will take care of the rest, unlike on a regular bike that you have to lean in. You don’t have to balance the bike or worry about anything else, it all seems to happen automatically. When you’re through the corner, the bike straightens up by itself. It’s a joy to ride. However, the low gear range of the continuously variable Enviolo TR hub drivetrain in combination with the old Bosch Performance Line CX motor isn’t designed for steep climbs. With the cargo bay loaded up, you’ll quickly reach the limit of what’s possible going uphill. This is partly due to the support from the motor decreasing significantly at lower cadences. The infinitely variable drivetrain uses components from the Enviolo Trekking and Enviolo Cargo line. Unfortunately, the hub gear started to slip during our test on the Urban Arrow, becoming unusable a few kilometres later and needing a service.


The Urban Arrow Family Performance CX Disc Zee 500 Wh is a great taxi for kids with its big transport box and three-point safety belts. Offering intuitive handling, it’s a great option for beginners as well as advanced riders who don’t live and ride in very hilly terrain and like that Dutch bike feeling! We don’t recommend it for bulky cargo, hilly terrain and cargo fans looking for agile handling. The build quality isn’t entirely up to scratch either, which has us questioning the bike’s value for money.


  • intuitive and good-natured handling
  • large cargo box with plenty of space for kids
  • convenient manoeuvring handle on the saddle
  • excellent braking performance


  • some welds look ugly
  • struggles with steep climbs
  • limited versatility of the loading bay which can’t handle bulky loads

You can find out more at urbanarrow.com

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Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf