Trek is making a debut in the urban bike segment! With the Trek Fetch+ 2, the American brand launch a real eye-catcher on the cargo bike market, attracting attention with its bright colours and naked bike aesthetics. Read on to find out what the longtail ebike with Bosch motor and rather minimalist equipment is hiding behind its striking façade.

Trek are one of the biggest bicycle brands in the world, known especially for their high-performance road bikes and mountain bikes. Previously, the brand has never been associated with urban or cargo bikes, as normally their numerous subsidiaries cover this part of the business. This is also the reason that you have never read about an urban bike from Trek in DOWNTOWN before. Well, the Trek Fetch+2, equipped with a Bosch Performance Cargo Line motor and retailing at € 4,999, is now changing that! We put the Fetch+ 2 to the test to see how much cargo bike know-how the industry giant Trek bring to the table and how the bike performs in everyday use.

Trek Fetch+ 2 | Bosch Cargo Line/500 Wh | 31 kg| € 5,499 | Manufacturer’s website

Naked bike with a generous accessories catalogue – The special features of the Trek Fetch+ 2

When ordering the basic version of the Trek Fetch+ 2, you will probably either have a custom solution in mind or you will have to pay the online shop another visit later on. The standard version of the already minimalist e-cargo bike costing € 4,999 comes virtually naked. No mudguards, bench or panniers. These features can be added, keeping the basic price low, and allowing everyone to assemble the bike according to their specific requirements, or to opt for their own customised solutions.

The bright red color is a real eye-catcher in traffic!
Handy! The luggage baskets also provide extra protection for the young passengers’ legs at the rear.

The rest of the configuration follows the minimalist approach: You won’t find a suspension fork or a dropper post, and instead of an automatic hub gear with belt drive you will get a simple 10-speed derailleur. With the Fetch+ 2, Trek dispense with most of the features of modern bikes and thus manage to offer a comparatively light cargo bike that weighs 31.4 kg in the basic configuration. The accessories catalogue, on the other hand, is extensive. Front and rear baskets made of hard plastic are available for € 199.99 each, and the mudguard set for € 59.99. It all comes in four different colours, allowing the Trek Fetch+ 2, which itself is available in three bright colours, to be tailored to your individual taste. The Family Pack Kit includes a bench seat, safety bar, backrest, spoke protector and comes at a price of € 299.99. Child seats can be installed on the long rear carrier, which is compatible with Thule Yepp Nexxt child seats. We reviewed the Trek Fetch+ 2 with the Family Pack Kit and the rear pannier baskets which comes with a price tag of € 5,498.

Equipment options on the Trek Fetch+ 2: What do you really need on a cargo bike?

The Trek Fetch+ 2 comes with a relatively small 500 Wh battery. In combination with the 85 Nm Bosch Cargo Line motor, it might be a good idea to plan ahead for longer tours with a heavy load or some vertical metres. However, when using the bike only for short distances, or if you can charge it at your destination, range won’t be a problem. The battery, neatly integrated into the frame, is very easy to remove and charge.Instead of an overly crowded display, Trek have opted for Bosch’s SmartphoneGrip mount.

The 85 Nm Bosch Performance Cargo Line motor provides enough power for steep climbs.
By connecting to the Bosch eBike Flow app, you get a clear display with navigation and ride data.

If you connect the Bosch eBike Flow app to the bike, you will have uncluttered access to navigation and the essential riding data. Your smartphone can be easily controlled from the remote on the handlebar, and is charged wirelessly while riding. If you prefer the Bosch Kiox 300 display instead, you can buy it for € 129 and retrofit it with a flick of the wrist.A quick trip to the bakery? No need to attach the smartphone, the Fetch+ 2 also works without it. At least, unless you activate the eBike Lock function of the Bosch Smart System that turns the smartphone into a digital key required to activate all motor functions. Conveniently, this works completely automatically as long as the Bluetooth is activated and as the Fetch+ 2 comes without any physical lock, we highly recommend this feature.

You can customise the angle of the adjustable stem, but you’ll need tools and a little time.
The rather small brake discs with only 180 mm diameter limit the braking power of the hydraulic Tektro four-piston brake.

Equally straightforward is the 10-speed Shimano DEORE derailleur, which works well with the powerful Bosch Performance Cargo Line motor. The gear range is wide enough for the steepest climbs, while the ability to carry load and the shifting performance are absolutely sufficient for a cargo bike.What goes up must come down! On steep descents, we would have welcomed some more braking power on the Fetch+ 2, which has a maximum permissible weight of 200 kg. An upgrade of the rather small 180 mm brake disc at the front would allow the bike to stop more quickly even when fully loaded.The rather basic suspension relies entirely on the 2.35″ wide tires. They offer little comfort and gave both us and the load a good shaking when riding over kerbs. However, they work on the occasional gravel stretches and on rough asphalt.

Tuning-Tipp: Upgrade to a 200 mm brake disc at the front for more braking power

The handling of this bike really surprised us, though. The Trek Fetch+ 2 feels like a much shorter bike when you ride it. The compact cargo bike offers very direct handling thanks to the wide handlebar and steep steering angle. Those who cycle a lot will have great fun on the Fetch+ 2, as it is a playful ride and manoeuvres tight corners precisely. For newbies, however, the handling might be a little too nervous, especially with moving children in the back seat. The lack of a dropper post increases the fear of tipping over, as especially small riders will have a problem getting their feet on the ground quickly. In addition, the Fetch+ 2 will only be available in one size for all heights between 1.60 m and 1.90 m, but switching between riders of different heights is made rather easy by the quick release on the adjustable seat post.

Wow, the Trek Fetch+ 2 feels like a much shorter bike when you ride it!

The new Trek Fetch+ 2: Who gets their money’s worth?

The Trek Fetch+ 2 scores points on short-distance rides through the city. For transporting up to two children or a trip to the farmers’ market, the Trek Fetch+ 2 is also ideal. The agile cargo bike can be manoeuvred precisely and offers sufficient motor support for steep climbs. However, fans of suspension, high comfort and a smooth ride will probably be slightly disappointed. On the other hand, if you are looking for a longtail bike with basic features and a high level of riding fun or an inexpensive base for a custom cargo bike setup, you will find it in the Fetch+ 2.

Trek Fetch+ 2

€ 5,499


Motor Bosch Cargo Line 85 Nm
Battery Bosch Powertube 500 Wh
Display Bosch SmartphoneGrip
Seatpost Bontrager Alu
Brakes Tektro HD-T737 180/180 mm
Drivetrain Shimano DEORE 1x10
Stem Aluminum verstellbar 90 mm
Handlebar Electra Vale Go

Technical Data

Size One Size
Weight 31 kg
Perm. total weight 200 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 169 kg
Kickstand mount ja

Specific Features

Fun driving experience
eye-catching optics

Conclusion for the Trek Fetch+ 2

Bright red, powerful motor, playful handling but otherwise just offering the most basic features. What sounds like a Ferrari Testarossa is Trek’s cargo bike debut: The Fetch+ 2 is a fun and inexpensive longtail ebike with many add-on options. The equipment is rather minimalistic, but overall solid.


  • good base with multiple upgrade options
  • eye-catching look


  • low battery capacity for a cargo bike with 85 Nm

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Words & Photos: Jan Richter