Hype mealtime – Simple dining

You don’t have to be Paul Bocuse or Ana Roš to make yourself and your guests happy in the kitchen. The secret recipe is simple: good ingredients and the right appliances. We introduce you to six products that make life in the kitchen easier, and we think they deserve at least one Michelin star!

Westmark spätzle and potato press

The secret to making good spätzle lies in the surface. Traditionally, they get scraped off a board by hand using a bench scraper. If this technique doesn’t work for you or you want to save time, you can’t avoid this ingenious kitchen utensil. The press is made of powder-coated cast aluminium and produces hand-made quality spätzle in no time thanks to the slightly asymmetrical holes! It’s manufactured in Germany and should last a lifetime, which doesn’t just make sense economically. We should also mention that you can use the press to make sensational mashed potatoes. So, it’s a sustainable 2-in-1 device that will score you lots of points at the dining room table.

More info: manufactum.com
Price: € 49.90

La Marzocco Linea Mini

For fans of roasted beans, La Marzocco are the epitome of good coffee. The Italian company manufacture espresso machines that are appreciated in the catering industry both for their longevity and timeless design. Now, La Marzocco have transferred their expertise to a device for private households: the Linea Mini works with a dual boiler system and an integrated brew group that guarantees thermal stability as well as energy efficiency despite its compact dimensions. It’s made by hand from the same components as its big sisters. With the help of the La Marzocco Home app, you can control the temperature and set specific warm-up times.

More info: lamarzocco.com
Price: € 5,093.20

Panthella Portable MetaBruschettafreund organic rapeseed oil 0.5 l

Usually, it’s the daughters and sons that eventually join the family business. In Paul’s case, it was the other way around. Two years ago, at the age of 12, he got his own oil press and started producing organic rapeseed oil. He was so successful that his whole family eventually got on board and now they’re all working in the oil business. The oil mill is situated in the heart of the Upper Danube Nature Park and produces oil in cooperation with regional suppliers: cold-pressed and untreated. We chose the organic Bruschettafreund, the taste of which immediately puts us in the holiday spirit. Welcome to the Ölfreunde family!

More info: dieoelfreunde.de
Price: € 8.99

Milantoast contact grill

Warm, crispy panini – if you’ve been to Italy, chances are this is one of your favourite things about it, freshly toasted at the café bar. The Milantoast contact grill has been part of Italian culture since the 1960s, much like the cappuccino and the cornetto. The catering appliance is heavy and reliable, featuring ceramic-coated grill plates made of cast iron encased in a stainless steel housing. The contact grill can be ordered with fluted grill plates, ideal for sandwiches or vegetables, or with a flat bottom plate, perfect for burgers or fried eggs. The lower grill plate is also slightly inclined so that the fat gets drained directly into the drip pan. Perfetto!

More info: milantoast.com
Price: € 360

Riffelmann’s mustard 6-pack

During archaeological excavations in India, they discovered that mustard plants were cultivated as far back as 1800 BC. The Romans also had recipes to produce mustard. With so much history, it’s a pity if you only eat the classic medium-hot mustard that we all have in the fridge. The Riffelmann factory produces high-quality mustard in Hochsauerland, Germany using a cold stone milling process. The 6-pack contains such interesting varieties as (and it doesn’t get more German than this) Fieser Flammenteufel, Süße Sauerländerin or Grober Westfale, and it’s a great choice if you’re new to trying different mustards. Whether you eat the mustard on bread, cheese or meat is up to you.

More info: manufactum.com
Price: € 39

Alessi Mattina bread box and chopping board

The fact that you shouldn’t store your bread carelessly in plastic or paper bags has become widely appreciated. By placing your bread in a special bread box, you’ll keep it fresh for as long as possible and with the Mattina, Italian label Alessi show what the ideal bread box could look like. Designed by the BIG-GAME trio, this bread box is made of steel and comes with a lid that doubles as a cutting board. The cutting board is made of epoxy resin coated bamboo and structured in such a way that the breadcrumbs get trapped in the board. It’s available in grey or red and looks good enough to leave on the dining room table.

More info: connox.de
Price: € 105

Words: Susanne Feddersen Photos: Manufacturer