With the Pluto dog trailer, Hamax promise the highest level of comfort for your four-legged companion. In this test, it’s the only model with a side opening, ensuring easy access for pooches with mobility issues. We tested Hamax’s high quality Pluto trailer, which retails at € 799. What did our injured test doggie Bruce think about it? Woof!

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“Barrier-free” isn’t just a thing amongst humans but also in the canine world, and the Hamax Pluto is living proof of it! Built to the highest quality standards, the Pluto comes with a practical side opening for better access and countless safety and comfort features. For the past 60 years, Hamax has been offering innovative products for the transportation of children and has just started offering dog trailers this year.

Hamax Pluto, the dog trailer for bicycles, is available in two sizes, medium and large.
Hamax Pluto Medium | 19.4 kg | € 749.00 | Manufacturer’s website
Hamax Pluto Large | 16.5 kg | € 799.00 | Manufacturer’s website

The Hamax Pluto dog trailer is available in two sizes, M and L. The M variant is suitable for dogs up to 35 kg and costs € 749. The L model, on the other hand, can take dogs up to 45 kg and costs just fifty euros more, retailing at € 799. We tested both versions.

Hamax Pluto Large


Technical specifications

Park brake: side-mounted
Wheels: 20’’ x 1,75
Maximum dog weight: up to 45 kg
Trailer system weight: 19.4 kg


L x W x H folded: 119 cm x 75,5 cm x 83 cm; L x W interior: 96 cm x 53 cm
Step-up height: 33 cm
Interior height (front): 81 cm

Standard equipment

Buggy stroller kit


Rain cover (from € 39,90)
Dog bed (from € 89,90)

Hamax Pluto Medium


Technical specifications

Park brake: side-mounted
Wheels: 16’’ x 1,50
Maximum dog weight: up to 35 kg
Trailer system weight: 16.5 kg


L x W x H folded: 92 cm x 62 cm x 71 cm; L x W interior:80 cm x 38 cm
Step-up height:26 cm
Interior height (front): 65 cm

Special features

Side opening
Integrated dog leash

The barrier-free suspension dog trailer: Hamax Pluto

Let’s start with the special feature right away! In our 2023 dog trailer comparison test, the Hamax Pluto is the model with a practical side door. In theory, this is a very clever solution, allowing even bigger dogs with mobility issues to enter and exit the trailer without having to turn around. In practice, however, the system has a flaw, tipping over easily when a heavier dog (approx. 40 kg) – or a very lively pooch like our office labradoodle Henry – jumps out of the trailer with great excitement. With our other test dog Bruce, who weighs about the same as Henry but is much calmer, the trailer doesn’t wobble at all. All in all, the degree of stability depends largely on the dog’s character and if you hold the bike while your pooch shoots out of the trailer, you shouldn’t have a problem. As Hamax promises, the side entry’s step up is quite low, but unfortunately this isn’t the case with the rear access.

The dog trailer is the only one with side entry and exit.
Your dog doesn’t like break-dancing? No problem, with the Hamax you can just open the side door!

The Hamax Pluto is a roomy first-class trailer, and our injured test dog Bruce even managed to have a nap while travelling. After the Croozer Dog Tammo, the Hamax has the second biggest floor surface in the entire group test. It’s even padded inside and the big mesh windows ensure sufficient ventilation. That said, the Pluto forgoes a roof window altogether, which is a great addition if you like to keep an eye on your furry sweetheart while riding. At least, Hamax could have pulled the front opening up by a few centimetres, as even a small extension would give you a better view over your dog. Bruce’s daddy Oli really missed a similar feature.

The dog trailer even has a pocket inside where the drawbar can be stowed.
Practical! The towbar can be easily stowed away inside the trailer.
Bruce, who is physically challenged, benefits from the side exit in the dog trailer because he doesn't have to turn around.
Bruce loves the side door!
The dog trailer has the option of removing the inner workings with the help of a zipper and putting it in the washing machine.
Off into the washing machine!

Do Hamax take safety seriously? The Pluto has a leash hook on the inside, ensuring additional peace of mind with lively dogs as it prevents them from jumping out of the trailer. The Hamax trailer looks great and is built to the highest standards, combining a modern design and robust, hard-wearing materials. The high-quality frame construction is built to withstand the stresses of everyday riding – we found out ourselves after countless test rides! With the Pluto trailer, your four-legged friend secures a seat in the sleeping wagon. The Hamax ensures a smooth cruise even on rough terrain and bumpy roads, ensuring excellent stability and a high level of safety on all our rides. To complement the infinitely adjustable suspension, Hamax allow you to mount the wheels in three different positions depending on your dog’s weight. However, your dog’s comfort depends not only on the suspension but also on the padding of the bed – and the Hamax bed has plenty of it! In our accelerometer test, the Pluto with Hamax dog bed proved one of the most comfortable models in the entire test fieldHowever, the different settings of the infinitely adjustable suspension feel pretty much the same. In our test intro we’ll tell you everything about suspension dog trailers. When riding in traffic or squeezing through tight spaces, be careful not to hit something with your wheel, because the minimalist bumper might look nice but doesn’t really do its job, meaning that the tire or rim could get easily damaged with bigger impacts.

The Hamax dog trailer has continuously adjustable suspension, in yellow color.
Easy flowing
The infinitely-adjustable suspension of the Hamax ensures a smooth ride.
If your dog likes to jump out, there is a short leash inside the dog trailer to which your dog can be leashed.
Escapists beware!
With the Hamax Pluto you can secure the leash to a hook, preventing your dog from jumping out of the trailer.
If you're on the road with a dog trailer, an ice cream can't hurt during a break. Even Bruce doesn't say no to that. Unfortunately, the bumpers for the wheels on the dog trailer are too small and do not offer sufficient protection.

Unfortunately, Hamax’s optional dog bed and rain cover weren’t available at the time of this test. For sporty dog owners, the manufacturer also includes a stroller buggy handlebar – jogging with your dog has never been easier. The handlebar is adjustable in height and incredibly comfortable – the most comfortable in this group test in fact! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to assemble and it can’t be removed quickly without tools. Maybe there will soon be a triathlon dog trailer?

Bruce relaxes after the tour with the dog trailer. He is enjoying the sunset in the park.

Easy Handling: the Hamax Fahrradanhänger in review

The Hamax Pluto impresses not only with intuitive, predictable handling in, but also with a high degree of versatility in everyday life. It’s quick and easy to assemble, leaving more quality time to spend with your four-legged companion. The tow bar can be easily pushed into a separate compartment in the interior, making it easier to store the trailer when you’re not using it. The hitch mechanism is easy and intuitive to use, making it easy to secure the trailer to the bike together with the flexible joint. Hamax offers a universal thru-axle adapter for € 89.90 on their website.

The dog trailer can be easily folded and stowed away.
Bob’s your uncle…
… the Hamax bicycle trailer is quick and easy to assembled and disassembled
The hitch on the Hamax dog trailer is easy to use, plug it in and off you go.
Take it easy…
… is the motto of the Hamax! The hitch mechanism is intuitive to use, making it easy to attach and detach the trailer from the bike. Moreover, the tow bar can be locked and twisted slightly.

Stopping made easy! The Hamax’s side-mounted brake makes it easy to immobilise the trailer while at the same time holding the bike. If your dog likes to roll in mud, you can easily remove the padded interior with a zip to wash it.

If you are standing on a steep slope, braking with the dog trailer is not a problem, as it is attached to the side.

To smoothly navigate through the urban jungle, a taillight is always included in the package. Additionally, practical items such as a leash, water bottle and more can be carried in the integrated pouch, originally designed for the buggy wheel. You’ll find this discreet compartment at the front, cleverly concealed beneath the zipper adorned with the Hamax logo – a truly ingenious feature.

The dog trailer comes with a large entrance at the back for the dog. Unfortunately there is no rear light.
The Hamax Pluto has a big rear opening and a comfortable dog bed.

Our conclusions about the Hamax Pluto

With the Pluto, Hamax made their debut in the dog trailer segment, offering an innovative, high quality overall package with cool features, an elegant design and a fair price. If you look closer, however, in terms of safety there are still a few weak points. The small bumper should be significantly wider and there should be an additional window on the roof, giving you a better view of your dog. Overall, the Hamax Pluto is an exciting option for all dog owners, whether your pooch is young, old or physically impaired. The stroller buggy handle ensures excellent versatility while the intuitive hitch mechanism makes it easy to attach and detach from the bike. Cleaning is easy too! Oh yes, we also like the style and Bruce had a real blast traveling.


  • Side door makes it easier for older and impaired dogs to get on and off the trailer
  • High quality craftsmanship and materials
  • Generously sized, comfortable interior
  • Removable interiors can be washed
  • Integrated dog leash hook
  • Handlebar enables universal multi-sport use


  • Trailer can tipp over if the dog jumps out from the side door
  • Bumper too short to protect the tires
  • Lack of roof window makes it harder to keep an eye on your dog

For more info visit hamax.com

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