“Dude, how cool is that?!” The Bergamont E-Cargoville LJ 70 was well received in the hood amidst industrial apartment blocks and shisha bars. We put the cargo bike with its Bosch Cargo Line motor to the test to see what it’s capable of and found out that you really don’t need a Ferrari for that convertible feeling.

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Bergamont E-CARGOVILLE LJ 70 | Bosch Cargo Line Cruise/625 Wh
45.9 kg | € 5,399 | manfacturer’s website

What does it take to enjoy life and have fun? Not much. When cruising through our neighbourhood, we realised that sometimes less is more. You don’t always need a Michelin starred restaurant or a Ferrari. Sometimes the supermarket, your sweatpants and a picnic with your loved ones on the roof of a parking lot are all you need to have a good time. The loading bay of the Bergamont is perfect for heading out together, making your passengers feel like they’re cruising in a convertible, offering enough room for one person and their dog or a big piece of furniture.

The spacious loading area with its open sides makes the Bergamont a very versatile cargo bike. No other bike in the test is as capable of transporting large and bulky items.

How can you tell that a cargo bike is made in Hamburg?
Trust a brand from Hamburg to spec the Enviolo drivetrain – they don’t have hills! Unfortunately, the 380% gear range is less than suitable for more mountainous terrain.
As strong as Arnie
The Bosch Cargo Line motor is the most powerful in the test, providing plenty of assistance for the Bergamont E-Cargoville LJ 70 cargo bike.
Excellent choice
The Schwalbe Moto-X tires are perfect for carving through the streets and underline the bike’s sporty handling. At 2.4” wide they also provide a lot of comfort.

Bergamont E-CARGOVILLE LJ 70

€ 5,399


Motor Bosch Cargo Line Cruise 75 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display Bosch Kiox
Brakes MAGURA CMe5 180/180 (f/r) mm
Drivetrain Enviolo Cargo 380 %
Tires Schwalbe Super Moto-X 20 x 2,4" / 26 x 2,4" (f/r)

Technical Data

Size One size
Weight 45.9 kg
Length 271 cm
Width 51 cm
Height 107 cm
Perm. total weight 220 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 90 kg

Specific Features

integrated battery
Bamboo-decked loading bay with grip tape

Textbook cockpit configuration
Bergamont demonstrate how it’s done. The handlebar is just right, the cable routing is neat and the Bosch Kiox display works well.
The concept makes the difference
The spacious loading area with its open sides makes the Bergamont a very versatile cargo bike. No other bike in the test is as capable of transporting large and bulky items.
Grippy bamboo deck
The Bergamont’s bamboo loading deck looks stylish. Equipped with grippy rubber strips, you can transport light objects without having to tie them down. However, we would have liked a few eyelets or hooks to strap down bulkier cargo.
Stylish throughout
The Bergamont cargo bike is a true eye-catcher. The cool little details in the paint put the icing on the cake.

As a pure cargo bike with a bamboo loading area, the E-Cargoville LJ 70 isn’t only sexy, but also capable of carrying bulky loads. The concept of the loading area with open sides and grip-tape on the bamboo board works brilliantly. No other e-cargo bike in the test was as capable of transporting larger and bulkier items so easily. Unfortunately, there are no eyelets for straps andthe rubber strips on the loading area will only secure your cargo to a limited extent. If you regularly transport small items or children, we recommend investigating the different available bodies and transport boxes, which weren’t yet available at the time of our test. At 220 kg, the maximum permissible weight limit seems generous at first. However, if the cargo bay is loaded with the maximum permitted payload of 90 kg, minus the 46 kg of the bike itself, there’s only 84 kg left for the rider.

Helmet Bell Sixer MIPS | Shirt Ellesse Lampone | Sweatpants Ellesse Panino
Shoes Birkenstock Arizona

There’s nothing to stop you from cruising through the hood aboard the Bergamont E-Cargoville LJ 70. With its intuitive handling, the bike is a lot of fun to ride whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned pro or just riding along as a passenger.

From a distance, the Bergamont is reminiscent of a yacht. The design is characterised by straight lines and oversized tubes, making a tidy and robust impression. The high-quality paint job with its cool little details gives you lots of street cred in the hood. The square box around the Bosch Cargo Line motor and the beefed-up steering column, which also houses the 625 Wh battery, contribute to the overall clean design. The charging socket is within easy reach on the down tube, equipped with an in-house designed cover to keep out the dirt. That way it’s easy to leave the battery in the bike for charging. If you would rather charge the battery in your apartment, that’s no problem either as you can easily loosen the screw of the plastic cover on the head tube by hand before removing the battery with the supplied key.

In terms of feel and ergonomics, everything on the cockpit is perfect: the handlebar width, shape, functionality and look are spot on. One of our favourite bits is the Bosch Kiox display integrated into the adjustable stem, giving you all the data you need. If you want, you can have it record your rides and send the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also connect it to a heart rate monitor. The only thing we didn’t like about the Bergamont E-Cargoville LJ 70 is its stand. It is difficult to fold in and out and it takes a lot of effort to get the E-cargo bike on it, especially when the bike is loaded. It also makes a deafening noise when you fold it in and, in contrast to a Ferrari accelerating away, we don’t mean that in a good way. The starting price of the Bergamont is fair at € 5,399, making it one of the best value bikes on test.

The riding position on the E-Cargoville LJ 70 is upright and relaxed and, thanks to the adjustable stem, making adjustments to get the perfect fit is easy. However, you’ll need tools to do so, which could become a hassle if you’re sharing the bike with several people and constantly have to make adjustments. The infinitely variable Enviolo hub drivetrain theoretically allows you to shift gears under load. However, you’ll need strong hands and arms to do so in practice.

Tuning tips:attach a bit of foam to the stand to quiet it down | fit a smaller chainring for better uphill performance

The drivetrain’s 380% gear range is capable of conquering much steeper climbs when paired with the Bosch Cargo Line motor than the old Bosch Performance Line CX motor found on some other bikes in our test. That’s because the Cargo Line motor delivers enough torque even at low cadences. However, the hub’s gear range will still reach its limits on very steep climbs even when you’re not carrying a load. If you live in a place like Hamburg you’ll have no problems, but those who are at home in hilly Stuttgart or San Francisco will. A derailleur based drivetrain with a wider gear range would be the perfect solution for this E-cargo bike.

The handling of the E-Cargoville LJ 70 cargo bike is very predictable and good-natured. It is fully in its element when loaded, becoming even more comfortable to ride and easier to control than unloaded. Thanks to the intuitive handling, you’ll never want to stop carving through turns. The high-volume Schwalbe Moto-X tires are a good match for this bike. They’re perfect for riding asphalt and provide a lot of cushioning on cobbles. It’s a ton of fun to ride, even for newcomers to the E-cargo bike life!


The Bergamont E-Cargoville LJ 70 E-cargo bike offers intuitive handling, stylish looks and that cabriolet feeling. The flat loading bay facilitates the transport of bulky loads and is very versatile. The wide range of assistance offered by the powerful Bosch Cargo Line motor makes for dynamic support even when fully loaded. Brilliant! Unfortunately, the Bergamont isn’t the most suitable for hilly regions. On the other hand. in flat neighbourhoods, there’s nothing to stop you – hello Amsterdam! For € 5,399, the Bergamont cargo bike has a lot to offer, securing itself the coveted Best Buy!


  • fun to ride fast
  • open loading bay is suitable for bulky cargo
  • style and design
  • lots of fun
  • predictable handling


  • stand is loud and stiff
  • low maximum permissible rider weight limit when fully loaded
  • not made for steep climbs

You can find out more at bergamont.com

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Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf