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VanMoof S5 and A5 presented – With low-entry frame to the billions

VanMoof is known for smart ebikes that are packed with technology and polarize at first glance. With the new generation S5 and A5, the Dutch manufacturer promises numerous innovations and wants to ensure that a billion people get on their bikes with a low-entry frame. Find out what the new bikes are all about here.

“Look mom, a VanMoof!” called out a little kid when we were riding the VanMoof X3 in the city last year for our group test. Young and old alike are familiar with the ebikes andtheir unusual design, which have since built up a large fan community. With the new VanMoof S5 and A5, the Dutch manufacturer wants to address an even larger target group, and for the first time offers a bike with a lowered frame and lowered top tube. Find out what’s new below.

The novelties of the VanMoof S5 and A5 ebikes in detail

Certainly, the biggest new addition to the 2022 VanMoof bikes is the A5, with its angled frame that allows for easier mounting and dismounting, which should increase both comfort and confidence. This continues the trend of frames with a lower step-in, and any prospective buyers who were deterred from purchasing due to the high top tube of the predecessors should be thrilled with today’s launch. Unlike the S5, which rolls on 27.5″ wheels and is recommended for riders from 165 to 210 cm, the A5 comes with smaller 24″ wheels and should fit people from 155 to 200 cm, according to the manufacturer. The VanMoof’s typical high seating position for a great overview and controlled cruising is maintained, however, and the A5 is supposed to be the easiest VanMoof ebike to ride to date, the Dutch manufacturer says.

The VanMoof Gen 5 motor of the S5 and A5

With the new Gen 5 motor, VanMoof promise even quieter and more powerful operation compared to its predecessors, featuring the infamous Boost mode that lets you accelerate even faster at the push of a button. The 68 Nm motor is powered by a 487 Wh (S5) or 463 Wh (A5) battery and can be further expanded by 463 Wh via an optional add-on battery. A lot of watt hours for a short-distance city runabout! In addition to the standard charger, which charges the battery from 0 to 100 in 6.5 h or from 0 to 50% in 2.5 h, the speed charger is an exciting alternative. Here, 100% is reached in 4.5 h and 50% even in just one hour! As always, the batteries of the VanMoof bikes are only removable for maintenance work, so a quick removal for charging at home is still out of question.

The new Gen 5 Turbo Boost accelerates you like the Porsche Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo. Or something like that.
Hidden in the front hub promises the Gen 5 motor more power with less noise.

Carriers for front and rear are available for both ebikes. Even a reinforced HD version up to a load of 27 kg for taking your kids or particularly large purchases can be mounted. Awesome! Of course, VanMoof also gives the latest bikes the well-known anti-theft technology. The kick-activated Kick Lock wheel lock is equipped with a larger bolt and is supposed to have been revised for even more security. When you return to your VanMoof bike, it unlocks automatically. If theft does occur, Van Moof Bike Hunter promise to get your bike back within 2 weeks, otherwise they’ll provide a replacement of equal value. For a maintenance and stress-free drive in the city, VanMoof also installs an automatic 3-speed hub gear in the latest bikes, which takes all the work (and control) from you via Smart Shifting. This leaves you the choice between the 4 power levels of the Gen 5 front wheel motor. Those who like to navigate the city via smartphone will be pleased with the optional SP Connect smartphone mount, and USB-C charging port, and can look forward to the new VanMoof app.

The new Halo Ring interface on the handlebars informs you about speed, battery level and lock.

Via optional SP Connect mount and USB-C charging port, the smartphone is attached to the handlebar for navigation.

VanMoof offers the new S5 and A5 ebikes for a usual low entry-level price, set at a fair € 2,498 for the bikes available in gray. Having so much technology and smart features is absolutely unique in the price segment! The new bikes are available to order now and should be delivered from July. We keep our fingers crossed!

Our assessment of the new VanMoof S5 and A5 bikes

The new VanMoof bikes promise a seamless continuation of the Dutch bike success story and will appeal to an even larger target group with the A5 and the low entry. Let’s be honest: we would have loved to ride these bikes already and wouldgive you a test impression right on time for the launch. You’ll be the first to know as soon as there is something new. Stay tuned!

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