Attention bargain hunters! Retailing at € 349, the TRIXIE Dog Trailer is the most affordable model in our 2023 dog trailer group test. Despite its price tag, it comes with several exciting features, including a suspension system. Read the full review to find out whether the TRIXIE is a functional smart saver or just a complete waste of money!

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The TRIXIE is gray sage and is available in one size.
Trixie | 13.3 kg | € 349.00 | Manufacturer’s website

Up until now, TRIXIE only offered two rigid dog trailers for small pooches up to 15 kg. For this summer, the German manufacturer – who happens to be the European market leader for dog supplies – added a brand-new suspended dog stroller to their portfolio. With the TRIXIE, you’ll save money without renouncing useful features. Amongst them are an intuitive folding system, suspension, integrated rain cover, countless pockets and an integrated short leash. Is it possible to get all these features at this price point without sacrificing quality?

For this comparison test, TRIXIE sent their suspended dog trailer in size S, with a grey/sage finish, which retails at € 349 and is suitable for dogs up to 25 kg. There’s also a size M variant, which is suitable for dogs up to 35 kg and costs € 379, as well as a big size L model, which is designed to accommodate big pooches up to 45 kg and retails for € 399. As a result, even the biggest TRIXIE trailer is cheaper than any of the other strollers in this comparison test.



Technical specifications

Park brake: rear mounted
Wheels: 16’’ x 1.75
Maximum dog weight: up to 25 kg
Trailer system weight: 13.3 kg


L x W x H folded: 80.5 cm x 51 cm x 64 cm
L x W interior: 40 cm x 63 cm
Step-up height: 10 cm
Interior height (front): max. 54 cm

Standard equipment

Height-adjustable handle


Stroller Conversion Kit from € 59.99

Special features

Back door doubles as ramp
Integrated rain cover
Countless pockets

Just cheap or good value for money too? The features of the TRIXIE Dog Trailer

There’s a huge difference between cheap and good value for money! With most products, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. With some, however, you’ll get a cheap product that’s still functional and strikes an excellent price-performance ratio. In which category does the TRIXIE dog trailer fall? One thing’s for sure: with its countless pockets, the TRIXIE is the undisputed pack-mule in our 2023 dog trailer comparison test. There’s a zippered pocket on the side of the trailer, and three more pockets on the handlebars, which are very easy to remove. But be careful, if you ride without the stroller handlebars, the three pockets might fall off, because the holder rods are open and far too short.

The TRIXIE tag has integrated side pockets with zips.
Excellent: the leash is securely stowed away with a zip.
The extra pockets on the back of the TRIXIE are practical, but unfortunately the attachment with snap fasteners is not.
Practical pockets, impractical fastening system.
Three extra bags can be attached to the back of the TRIXIE. Among other things, there are two drink holders on it.
The drink holder also doubles as a pocket!

Canine sightseeing? Check! With its countless windows, the TRIXIE trailer offers excellent panoramic views – almost as good as the TAXXI DOG! Only the rear lacks a view, as it’s blocked by the access ramp, which prevents your pooch from enjoying the landscape at 360º. In return, the ramp makes it easy for all sorts of dogs to access the trailer, whether they’re small, old or limited in their mobility. Unfortunately, on our test-trailer in size S, the ramp doesn’t reach all the way to the ground, but according to TRIXIE that’s not the case with the bigger M and L sizes.

The TRIXIE is the only one with a ramp for boarding.
The TRIXIE trailer is also suitable for dogs with limited mobility: just put the ramp down and off you go!

Furthermore, the integrated rain cover allows you to quickly react to sudden weather changes to protect your pooch against the elements. The drawback: the roll-up cover looks cheap, spoiling the overall look of the trailer. On top of that, the rain cover makes a loud flapping noise while riding.

If you stop on a slope, you’re lost! Why? Well, because the foot brake is inconveniently positioned at the back of the trailer, where it’s still fairly easy to reach on level ground but rather difficult to operate on steep terrain – very impractical! In other words, when stopping on a gradient, you’ll have to be a professional contortionist to activate the park-brake. Multitasking with the TRIXIE? Not so easy! On the other hand, it’s a versatile trailer, because for an additional € 59.99 you can buy the stroller conversion kit.

If you want to stop with the TRIXIE on a mountain, it will unfortunately be a bit difficult because the foot pedal for braking is on the back.

On Test: How comfortable and safe is the TRIXIE Dog Trailer?

If you think that the list of features is over, you’re mistaken. The TRIXI dog trailer also has adjustable, two-stage steel suspension that can be preloaded to the desired setting. The suspension feels rather plush when riding at low speeds and in wide corners but tends to sway with abrupt manoeuvres – rather like an old-school American sedan. Given the price tag, however, we can’t expect the manufacturer to use high quality suspension. In our group test intro, we compared the different suspension systems in a bit more detail. Our accelerometer test shows that the softer setting is slightly more comfortable for the dog. That said, with other trailers with adjustable suspension the differences between settings are hardly noticeable. In general, however, the following applies: the overall stability of both the construction and materials is far more crucial to the overall riding experience, as is the increased comfort of a well-padded dog bed. Speaking of stability, the TRIXIE dog trailer isn’t the sturdiest, wobbling about like a Jenga tower on a seismic fault line. In a nutshell, neither the material, the hitch mechanism nor the overall construction are of high quality. On top of that, the trailer is tall and narrow, which improves ground clearance but at the same time ensures a high centre of gravity, increasing the risk of tipping over in fast corners. However, the advantage is that the generous ground clearance makes it harder to bash the bottom on high kerbs and steps. Unfortunately, there’s no padding on the inside, which would be an excellent complement for the dog bed and integrated safety leash.

There is a dog bed in the TRIXIE so that your dog can lie comfortably. In the TRIXIE there is a short leash to attach your dog.
Unfortunately, the underside of the TRIXIE is not very clean. A lot of dirt can get stuck here.

Assembling and disassembling the TRIXIE dog trailer is easy and straightforward. Whether you want to take it on a backcountry expedition, store it in your garage, or use it as a dog box in your car trunk, the TRIXIE is quick and easy to dismantle and reassemble, with the hitch system, wheels and towbar coming off in no time.

If you want to drive with your dog and the TRIXIE, this can easily be converted into a dog box for the car.

Our conclusions about the TRIXIE dog trailer.

Despite offering countless features and excellent functionality, even the TRIXIE isn’t perfect! Riding stability is heavily affected by the high centre of gravity and the sub-par quality of both the construction and materials. As a result, the TRIXIE dog trailer isn’t an option for sporty, fast riders or those who want to take their trailer off-road. On the other hand, it gets our thumbs-up for chilled city strolls and moderate tours! If you can live with the cheap look and lower build quality typical of cheap products, the TRIXIE offers a rather good price-performance ratio.


  • Practical ramp
  • Countless pockets
  • Integrated rain cover


  • Protruding mount for the stroller function, no cover
  • Narrow and tall shape makes the TRIXIE rather unstable and wobbly
  • Lack of a sturdy roll cage
  • Lower quality materials, breaks easily

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Words: Antonia Feder Photos: Antonia Feder, Robin Schmitt