Does double battery equal double the fun? With 1,000 Wh, the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL has plenty of energy to spare. But the longtail cargo bike, with a price tag of € 6,899, also wants to score highly in terms of style and versatility. Small 20-inch wheels provide the necessary agility for urban use. But does the new Moustache really deliver?

Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL | 34,7 kg | 6,899€ | Manufacturer’s website

The moustache is back! Today, although sometimes with an ironic undertone, men are once again sporting moustaches. The French manufacturer Moustache even use one as their trademark and brand name. However, the idealists from the Vosges do not refer to the facial hair of their employees, but to the characteristic handlebar shape of many of their urban ebikes. The Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL not only features this distinctive characteristic but is also a stylish longtail cargo bike that requires little space while offering a modular MIK luggage rack system, a huge total battery capacity, and a powerful Bosch motor. Is it aA Moustache for all occasions?

Very small and very chic – What makes the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL special?

Not every cargo bike looks as stylish and original as the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL. Although the Lundi is rather compact for a cargo bike, it exudes the spacious feel of a French metropolis. In particular, the rectangular shapes and the uninterrupted front unit give this relatively small longtail ebike a very chic look, with all this French mood making us want to say “très chic et très petit!” This impression is underlined by its elegant design language, the discreet logos, and the stylish black colour. The characteristic look is provided by the moustache handlebar, which mixes well with the small 20-inch wheels, promising agility and minimal spatial requirements.

The Bosch Intuvia display offers a large, easy-to-read display, but lacks features such as anti-theft protection or navigation.
Not only long(tail) but also really practical: MIK makes it possible to equip the rack with many different bags, baskets and even seats – in no time.

The retro look of the frame design and the moustache handlebar is complemented by modern features. Which include the 85 Nm Bosch Cargo Line mid-motor and the practical MIK luggage rack system. With a simple click mechanism, you can attach many different pieces of luggage such as bags, baskets and even child seats within seconds. The two batteries, which have a large total capacity of 1,000 Wh, can also be quickly attached and removed. They allow you to run all your errands for several days without having to recharge. Also really strong are the hydraulic MT4 disc brakes from MAGURA with powerful brake discs: 203 mm at the front and 180 mm at the rear. A 10-speed Shimano DEORE drivetrain takes care of shifting.

Holy Trinity: The combination of Bosch dual battery and Bosch Cargo Line motor make the electric drive a real powerhouse in every respect.

When it comes to day-to-day practicality, the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL also impresses with its spoke protector on the rear wheel, which provides safety when the rear rack is loaded. The maximum permissible weight of the bike is 200 kg, the luggage rack itself can hold up to 70 kg.

The kickstand is placed unconventionally far to the back, which takes some getting used to when parking. When parking at night, in a stairwell for example, you can store the longtail cargo bike upright on its stable rear end so that it only takes up its 2-metre length vertically. Unfortunately, the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL is not suitable for really tall people, as it is only designed for riders up to a height of 1.90 m.

Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL

€ 6,899


Motor Bosch CargoLine 85 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerPack 2 x 500 Wh
Display Bosch Intuvia
Brakes MAGURA MT4 203/180 mm
Drivetrain Shimano DEORE 1 x 10
Tires Schwalbe Big Ben / Schwalbe SuperMoto-x 20 x 2,15"/27.5 x 2,80"

Technical Data

Size one size
Weight 49,4 kg
Perm. total weight 225 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 175,6 kg
Trailer approval yes
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

double battery option
unique “Moustache” handlebar
can be parked upright

Let’s go! What is the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL capable of?

Before setting off, you can quickly and easily set the right saddle height on the adjustable seat post at the touch of a button. This function is especially useful when people of different heights share the Moustache Lundi, and also when stopping, as you can quickly place your legs on the ground. The step-through is relatively high compared to other longtail cargo bikes. “High” also applies to the characteristic moustache handlebars, however, resulting in more comfort and a cruiser feeling. Unfortunately, the handlebar cannot be adjusted in height, a disadvantage for particularly short or tall people.

The riding experience is very smooth and conveys both riding pleasure and safety. If you exercise regularly, you will be able to store the 34.7 kg total weight of our test bike upright in the stairwell. But remember to let the children get off before parking the bike vertically, and don’t forget to take the wine bottles out of the baskets. 😉

With the right setup, the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL offers enough space…
… for an extensive shopping trip to the nearest farmers’ market, despite its small size.

With a maximum permissible weight of 200 kg, the 85 Nm of the Bosch Cargo Line motor deliver optimal power. To keep the propulsion and weight in check, the powerful MAGURA brake system is an ideal match. The numbers on the Bosch Intuvia display are large and easy-to-read, but it offers no connectivity and thus no features like theft protection or navigation. You also won’t find any other lock integration.

Thanks to the 1,000 Wh battery capacity, you don’t have to pay too much attention to your power consumption. Both batteries can be charged at the same time via a charger when installed – handy! If you are on more of a budget you can opt for the model with only one battery and save € 1,200. The lighting system from AXA is connected to the power circuit of the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL and comes with a brake light function.

Thanks to the two batteries, you don’t have to pay too much attention to the battery level when you park the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL in an upright position, but you do have to remember to unload your children and the groceries.

Who is the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL for?

Particularly frequent riders and long-distance enthusiasts benefit from the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL thanks to the two batteries. No need to worry about range in your busy everyday life. On the other hand, modern features such as connectivity are missing. This longtail cargo bike is absolutely the right choice for those of you who want to cover a variety of uses with different riders. The strong propulsion in combination with the very powerful brake system makes it ideal for mountainous and hilly terrain.

The brand Moustache is defined by the distinctive moustache handlebar on many of their ebikes, also on the Lundi 20.3 DUAL.

Tuning tip: GPS tracker and a secure lock for optimal theft protection.

Our conclusion about the Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL

The Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL offers many practical features, and is a stylish companion for almost every occasion. Especially the powerful motor in combination with the two batteries and the resulting huge energy reserves make for an easier everyday life. The MIK luggage rack offers many different uses with its various luggage options and the easy change of functions. Very good, or should we say “très bien”!


  • coherent overall concept
  • long range with dual batteries
  • MIK system offers high flexibility for the use of different attachments and bags
  • can be parked upright


  • limited ergonomic adjustability of the handlebar
  • no integrated anti-theft protection
  • no connectivity features

Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Jan Richter