A trailer in a cargo bike group test? That’s not right! Or is it? The VEOLO Cargo trailer is intended to be the perfect companion for your daily errands and challenges, promising more flexibility in everyday life. But how does it stack up against the fully fledged cargo bikes on test?

VEOLO Cargo Trailer | 45/- mm (f/r)
9 kg in Size One Size | € 790 | Manufacturer’s website

Trailers existed long before the first cargo bikes were invented. Even the Romans hitched a kind of trailer to their mules, horses or oxen, transporting goods and people through the streets of the ancient metropolises. Approximately 2,000 years later, German brand VEOLO rely on largely the same principle, just much more refined, and not reliant on an ox, but hitched to a high-tech ebike. You’ll find a wide selection of various bicycle trailers currently on the market, including everything from dog trailers to models designed specifically for children, and, as in our case, cargo haulers. As the name suggests, the VEOLO Cargo trailer is made purely for cargo, and it’s designed to excel both in the city and off-road with its integrated suspension system. We tested how the VEOLO trailer performs in peak city traffic and whether it’s a viable alternative to big and heavy cargo bikes – the short answer is yes! At € 790 for the basic configuration or € 1,209 for the version on test, it’s also significantly more affordable than most cargo bikes.

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Thinking outside the box – What sets the VEOLO Cargo trailer apart?

The special thing about the VEOLO Cargo trailer is that it’s not a cargo bike. However, you need a bike to pull it. As with a caravan, that offers a lot of flexibility. In other words, you can simply unhitch the trailer and go exploring unhindered, able to ride your ebike up and down the trails the way you’re used to.

Whether it’s a camping trip or just your weekly grocery shopping, the trailer can be adapted to suit your needs thanks to a wide range of accessories. The basic € 790 configuration consists of an open loading area measuring 77 x 48 cm. Our trailer was equipped with an optional purpose-made bag with a roll-top closure for an additional € 230. It can be firmly secured to the floor of the trailer and stays in place whether you do a hard braking manoeuvre or hit a big bump. Thanks to the external compressions straps on the bag, the contents can be cinched down and it doesn’t flutter in the wind. Our trailer also came equipped with two additional cargo rails for € 189. They look like roll bars, protecting your cargo and allowing you to transport bulky items like surfboards or the world’s longest baguette with the bag placed at the bottom and the surfboard or baguette perched on top of the bars.

The trailer’s drawbar can be swapped out and is available in different lengths. If you’re planning on lugging your surfboard around, you’ll have to purchase the XXL drawbar for long goods from VEOLO’s online shop. They also offer other useful accessories, like a taillight or a wall mount. That quickly brings the total price to a hefty sum, considering that we’re still talking about a trailer.

The suspension can be adapted to the weight of the load via different elastomers (medium: up to 50 kg, heavy: from 50 kg to 80 kg).
The VEOLO Cargo trailer can be packed up quickly and without tools to save space. The wheels fit into the loading bin.
The coupling allows for extreme angles, so you can manoeuvre the trailer through tight bends. However, you should check whether your ebike is compatible in advance.

To cope with off-road use or poorly maintained city roads, the VEOLO Cargo trailer features a clever suspension mechanism. It can be adapted to suit different weights by swapping out the elastomers, giving you the option of a medium elastomer for loads between 0 and 50 kg, and one for heavy loads from 50 to 80 kg. Caution: the trailer’s stated maximum payload of 80 kg doesn’t take your ebike’s gross weight limit into account, though the trailer is usually included, in which case you can quickly exceed the limit. VEOLO state that their cargo trailer is compatible with every ebike, but you should check whether that really is the case before pulling the trigger. The adapter for the hitch can be bolted to the universal thru-axle of the respective bike.

The cargo rails can also be used to transport bulky items like a surfboard. You can still fit the bag or other goods underneath.
The roll-top bag attaches to the floor of the trailer to secure it in place. You can cinch down the contents with the external compression straps.

VEOLO Cargo Trailer

€ 790


Fork Elastomer 45 mm
Brakes none
Wheelset Alu 20"
Tires Continental CONTACT Urban 1.25"

Technical Data

Size One Size
Weight 9 kg
Perm. total weight 80 kg
Trailer approval yes
Kickstand mount no

Specific Features

packing handle
transport bag
removable wheels

Tuning tip: Get the optional Veolo roll-top bag

Over sticks and stones – The VEOLO Cargo trailer on test

Sunday morning. Time for a family outing. You’re running late again, but luckily the VEOLO Cargo trailer can be assembled and hitched to the bike in no time. Only the plastic coating of the securing pin started coming off after a short time with our test trailer. Loading the trailer is self-explanatory: pack the removable bag, put it on the trailer, cinch it down, and off you go!

Like on a bed of clouds – the suspension of the VEOLO Cargo trailer absorbs all bumps from the likes of curbs and potholes.

Even when heavily loaded and at high speeds, the VEOLO Cargo trailer remains impressively stable.
Thanks to the excellent suspension, you can sometimes forget that you’re pulling a trailer.

When it comes to the handling, it always depends on how well your ebike and the trailer work together. However, our testers were surprised at how inconspicuously the VEOLO Cargo trailer rolls behind the bike. The wheels are angled like on a sports car, ensuring ample stability and smooth handling even at high speeds. The trailer doesn’t tip over even when provoked by riding aggressively. If you make a quick stop on your way to the picnic, the bag can easily be removed from the trailer and placed in the shopping trolley, saving you from having to move things across. You hardly notice the trailer even when fully loaded, and the elastomers do a great job of absorbing bumps from potholes and the like, so the cake will arrive in one piece. Riding over a curb at an angle, the suspension also mitigates the impact on the bike, and you often forget that you’re pulling a trailer. This highlights how well the suspension on the VEOLO Cargo trailer works.
While you’ll have to park many of the bulky cargo bikes in the parking lot by the lake, the trailer will let you navigate bumpy terrain with ease and ride your ebike right up to the shore. Thanks to the flexible ball-head coupling, you can ride slalom through the trees and manoeuvre the bike and trailer into the picnic area with precision. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s better to keep an eye on the trailer or pack an additional lock because the VEOLO Cargo trailer lacks any kind of integrated anti-theft protection. Some kind of lock for the hitch would have been cool.

After a long day on the road with the family, the cargo trailer can be unhooked and packed up just as quickly as it was to assemble. The 20″ wheels can be removed without tools thanks to the quick-release mechanism, and they fit perfectly into the trailer’s loading bin. That way it’s compact enough to slide underneath your car in the garage or hang up on the optional wall mounts.

Thanks to the extensive range of optional accessories, the VEOLO Cargo trailer can be adapted to many use cases and transport a wide variety of items.

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Who is the VEOLO Cargo trailer for? And who better steer clear?

The VEOLO Cargo trailer is a flexible solution for those who only want to transport cargo from time to time and don’t want to fork out for a dedicated cargo bike just yet. It is a flexible, cost-effective, and space-saving alternative. But it also serves as a good solution for cargo cyclists who transport goods on a daily basis and want to expand their cargo carrying capacity.

Our conclusion on the VEOLO Cargo trailer

It doesn’t always have to be a cargo bike. Although the VEOLO Cargo trailer hasn’t got any direct competition, it’s a serious threat to the cargo bikes in the test field. It’s not exactly affordable for a trailer, especially with all the accessories, though it can be worth it. It’s flexible and versatile, and scores for its easy handling. The trailer also impressed us with its handling stability and excellent suspension both on and off the road.


  • space-saving
  • quick and easy to set up and take down
  • stable handling
  • can transport almost anything from small to bulky


  • no theft prevention features
  • plastic coating of the securing pin comes off quite easily

For more information, visit veolo.de

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Words: Mike Hunger Photos: Antonia Feder, Robin Schmitt