The TAXXI DOG is the sightseeing bus amongst suspended dog trailers. With its countless clever features, it offers an attractive overall package, with prices starting at € 549 for the size M model. Read the full review to find out how the newcomer in this test fares against the competition.

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German manufacturer TAXXI has been making trailers for children for a while, but in 2022 they decided to make their first dog trailer – the DOG. No other dog trailer in this test has as many clever features or as much sightseeing potential as the TAXXI DOG trailer – at least on paper: countless windows, adjustable suspension, integrated safety harness and a permanently installed rain cover – and that’s not all! But how do the many extras fare in everyday life?

The dog trailer from the TAXXI DOG brand is available in two different sizes. Size M and L
TAXXI DOG M | 12,96 kg | € 549,00 | Manufacturer’s website
TAXXI DOG L | 16,64 kg | € 599,00 | Manufacturer’s website

The TAXXI DOG is available in two sizes, M and L, and comes in a dark grey/dark green finish. The TAXXI DOG M retails for € 549 and is suitable for dogs up to 25 kg. The bigger TAXXI DOG L variant is approved for dogs up to 35 kg and costs € 599. We tested both variants for you.



Technical specifications

Brake: rear-mounted
Wheels: 16’’ x 2.125
Maximum dog weight: up to 35 kg
Trailer system weight: 16.64 kg


L x W x H folded: 105 cm x 77 cm x 77 cm; L x W interior: 86 cm x 48 cm
Step-up height: 22 cm
Interior height: max. 68 cm

Standard equipment

Buggy stroller handlebar
Floor mat





Technical specifications

Brake: rear-mounted
Wheels: 16’’ x 2.125
Maximum dog weight: up to 25 kg
Trailer system weight: 12.96 kg


L x W x H folded: 84 cm x 49 cm x 66 cm; L x W interior: 70 cm x 36 cm
Step-up height: 21 cm
Interior height: max. 57 cm

Special features

Countless windows
Rain cover
Integrated lead

Dog trailer with suspension: First class, Business or Economy with the TAXXI DOG?

In which class will your dog be travelling with the TAXXI DOG? In our 2023 comparison test, it’s the suspension dog trailer with the most windows. Our test-pooch Henry enjoyed a great panoramic view, while his human and editor Manne was able to keep an eye on him at all times. Even more mischievous dogs like Henry can still enjoy the cool breeze, ears flapping in the wind.

Henry lies in the dog trailer on a comfortable dog bed. Leo sits on the dog trailer. But not inside, but up on the roof.

The generous padding on the floor and sides ensures a high level of comfort, providing a pleasant riding experience for your dog. However, when travelling in Business or First Class, you’d expect an additional dog bed, but unfortunately TAXXI don’t offer this, neither as standard equipment nor as an optional accessory. One more drawback is that the trailer’s interior isn’t removable, making cleaning rather difficult. Especially on long tours, dogs like to explore the surroundings while their humans are resting, dragging tons of dirt into the trailer when they get back in. As a true trailer veteran, Henry is quite well trailer-trained, but anxious dogs or trailer-newbies can sometimes leave a mess behind. If that’s the case, you’ll have to wash the entire TAXXI DOG.

Countless pockets allow you to stow away all your doggie essentials, like treats, water and a spare lead, which is particularly handy and practical when embarking on an adventure with your pooch. However, there’s one small drawback: the rear roof pocket is in a rather awkward position and hangs down on your dog as soon as you put something in it. TAXXI still have to work a little harder if they want to move up into Business Class.

The dog trailer has pockets on the side in which treats can be stowed.
Full to the brim!
We recommend storing bulkier objects in the side pockets, because the roof pocket quickly gets in the way of your dog when full.
Drinking bottles can also be transported on the dog trailer.
Almost Business Class
You can ride without a backpack while your four-legged friend still gets the full-on travelling experience

How easy is it to fold down the TAXXI DOG? Before assembling and disassembling the TAXXI DOG suspension trailer, you’ll have to figure out the folding mechanism. Once you’re familiar with it, it’s fairly easy and straightforward. That said, if you don’t assemble and disassemble it on a regular basis, it’s easy to forget some of the steps, making the whole operation rather difficult and finicky – oh, and please, watch your fingers while you’re at it! However, true to the motto “practice makes perfect”, you’ll internalise the procedure pretty quickly, taking a little less time every time you do it. Do you want to use the trailer as a dog crate in your car trunk? That’s possible too, but with only 10 fingers available, we’d recommend refraining from folding down the TAXXI too many times.

The dog trailer is folded using a folding system in the trailer. A button has to be pressed here. Attention: Fingers can be trapped.
Be careful!
The TAXXI trailer comes with an integrated finger crusher, with a pre-programmed swearing function!
The Taxxi DOG is the dog trailer and is easy to fold.
Ready to store!

How did the TAXXI DOG suspension trailer fare in our test?

Even the coolest features are useless if the overall concept doesn’t make sense. Dog trailers with suspension are generally considered to be particularly good in terms of safety and handling. The TAXXI DOG features adjustable, 3-stage suspension. That said, our accelerometer test showed that the differences between the three suspension settings are marginal, with impacts feeling pretty much the same regardless of the setting. At this point it’s worth mentioning that the suspension alone doesn’t determine the trailer’s stability and the level of comfort it offers. The well-padded dog bed, low system weight, stable frame and well-tensioned cover ensure a smooth ride, regardless of whether you’re dashing through the city at Mach 10 or cruising down a fire road. In our dog trailer group test intro, we covered suspension and our accelerometer testing in a bit more detail.

Unfortunately, the safety strap for the drawbar on the dog trailer is too short.
Unfortunately too short.
The drawbar of the dog trailer is simply attached to a coupling.
Ready, set, go.

At 8 cm, ground clearance is rather tight, but we had no issues whatsoever during our test rides, clearing kerbs and bumpy paths without breaking a sweat. It’s all perfect then? Unfortunately not… In very tight corners, the super short towbar quickly hits the ground or the tires, requiring you to take extra care! While this doesn’t happen when the hitch mechanism is in a horizontal position, the hitch tends to tilt downwards while riding. On top of that, the TAXXI DOG doesn’t have an integrated floor plate, relying on a simple floor mat. We would have preferred a fixed floor plate to ensure a higher level of safety. Apart from these minor drawbacks and a faint rattling noise coming from the rain cover, the TAXXI DOG is an extremely smooth-rolling trailer and displays good cornering qualities.

Cornering is also possible with the dog trailer.
Let the good times roll!
Caution: the drawbar of the dog trailer is too short and quickly touches the ground on tight bends.
Overshooting the corner?
Be careful, the tow bar tends to hit the ground with wide corners.
The dog trailer can be adjusted in three stages.
Yes! Switching between the three suspension settings is pretty easy.

Safety first? The TAXXI DOG comes with countless safety features, including an integrated dog leash. During our test rides, two of our test dogs kept trying to jump out of the trailer, partly due to them being inherently anxious, and partly because they’re still unfamiliar with canine means of transportation – only frequent flyer Henry made it through this test with stoic composure. Especially with big openings and with the open roof, an integrated dog leash is crucial. While the pre-installed rain cover is an excellent feature in areas with unpredictable weather, the flexible press-on closure system requires precise handling, which can be a problem when you’re in a hurry with black clouds hanging over your head. The permanently installed rain cover, however, is always practical and a great feature if you aren’t too much into weather forecasts or tend to be forgetful. As far as aesthetics go, the TAXXI DOG trailer isn’t the most beautiful out there.

The weird snap closure for pockets and rain gear demands accuracy on the dog trailer. The dog trailer can have many windows.
A dog leash is integrated in the dog trailer.
Two leashes are better than one!

Braking like in a car? Yes, but first you’ll have to go around the trailer, because the brake is right at the back of it. The foot pedal is rather intuitive to use but can be hard to activate in some situations, for example on sloped terrain where you have to hold the bike at the same time. Another impractical feature – and not at all functional with some bikes – is the short safety strap that secures the dog trailer to the bike, which makes it compatible only with a handful of bike models.

At the back of the dog trailer there is a parking brake that can be operated with the foot.
You brake, you lose!

Our conclusions about the TAXXI DOG

Despite a few teething issues, TAXXI’s new suspension DOG trailer is an attractive option for many dog lovers. The panoramic all-round views are a great plus for 4-legged sightseeing aficionados, while the safe riding behaviour is a true pleasure for the rider – and the price is fair considering the countless well-thought-out features. All in all, the TAXXI DOG trailer is an excellent choice, provided you can live with the look, which is on the cheap side with the rain cover and big plastic surfaces.


  • Dogs can enjoy 360º views thanks to the countless windows
  • Permanently installed rain cover is always ready
  • Integrated dog leash for more safety


  • Rain cover fastening system
  • No removable parts on the inside for quick cleaning
  • Roof pocket can bother your dog when full
  • Tow bar is too short and grinds against the floor and rear wheel in tight corners

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Henry had a lot of fun as a passenger in the dog trailer.

Words: Antonia Feder Photos: Antonia Feder, Robin Schmitt