The Larry vs Harry Bullitt is one of Copenhagen’s hottest cargo bikes. With a Shimano motor and mountain bike components, the Larry vs Harry STePS eBullitt E8000 XT Di2 promises to be more versatile than ever. Big city life in the fast lane? We put the eBullitt to the test to see how it performs and whether the concept works.

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Larry vs Harry STePS eBullitt E8000 XT Di2 | Shimano STEPS E8000/1008 Wh
36.6 kg | € 5,125 | manfacturer’s website

The Larry vs Harry eBullitt E8000 XT Di2 came to this test with big shoes to fill. Anyone who is even remotely interested in cargo bikes will have stumbled across this modern classic from Denmark at least once. The roadies among us even more so. It is the only cargo bike in the group test that regularly shows up with drop bars, being ridden in cargo bike races and proving itself day-to-day as a bike messenger bike, thus underlining its aggressive character.

With a width of less than 45 cm, it is predestined for bike couriers and the rush hour sprint through congested traffic, where every second counts. Whether the € 100,000 Benz on the left or the honking taxi on the right get scratched often boils down to mere millimetres. By equipping it with a motor, the team behind Larry vs Harry want to make their cargo bike a viable option for an even larger target group. In cities like our beautiful Stuttgart, you’re faced with one climb after the other and if you’re hauling a payload of 50 kg without a motor, you would have to have legs like André Greipel if you don’t want to throw in the towel before lunchtime.

Invitation for thieve
The second battery can’t be locked in place, making it vulnerable to theft.
Easy up
The handlebar height can be easily tweaked with the help of the super sturdy SATORI Easy-Up handlebar riser, giving you a 100 mm adjustment range.

Larry vs Harry STePS eBullitt E8000 XT Di2

€ 5,125


Motor Shimano STEPS E8000 70 Nm
Battery Shimano STEPS BT-E8010 1008 Wh Wh
Display Shimano STEPS E8000
Brakes Shimano Zee 203/180 (f/r) mm
Drivetrain Shimano Di2 XT 382 %
Tires Schwalbe Big Apple/Marathon (f/r) 20 x 2,0 / 26 x 2,0"" (v/h)

Technical Data

Size One size
Weight 36.6 kg
Length 243 cm
Width 44,6 cm
Height 102 cm
Perm. total weight 217 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) - kg

Specific Features

wide range of configuration options
wide range of transport boxes and additional accessories
adjustable steering damper

Put a damper on it
The steering damper is easy to adjust using the rotary knob, makes perfect sense on a cargo bike and works great in everyday life. It calms down the steering and prevents the front end from wobbling when you’re riding slowly. This should become a cargo bike standard.
Why no quick release?
A quick release clamp on the seat post would make life significantly easier when several people share the same bike.
High-quality welding
The workmanship on the eBullitt frameset is excellent and sure to please fans of good welding.

The Larry vs Harry STePS eBullitt E8000 XT Di2 features a high-quality finish and is neatly welded. Not a fan of green? Don’t worry, the bike is available in a total of eight different colours and you can also customise the build in the online configurator or at a local dealer. One of the options includes a belt drive if you’re looking for an alternative to the Shimano XT Di2 drivetrain as featured on our test bike. Of all the cargo bikes on test, the eBullitt offers the largest selection of third-party accessories – the loading bay is almost as universal as a GoPro mount. Whether you’re after a lockable box, deck plates or a bench for two kiddies, the possibilities are endless.

More bite than Mike Tyson. Hailing from the downhill sector, the Shimano Zee brakes have a lot of bite and are sure to bring you safely to a standstill in any situation.

Helmet ABUS Viantor | Shoes Vans Old Skool VD3HBKA | Watch Garmin Fenix 3 | Glasses Ray-Ban Erika

The Shimano STEPS E8000 motor has been elegantly integrated into the E-cargo bike and underlines its industrial look. With 70 Nm torque and three individually configurable support modes (adjusted via the Shimano app) we were easily able to climb Stuttgart’s notorious Hasenbergsteige with a gradient of up to 15%, despite the comparatively small 382% gear range. However, the eBullitt still can’t keep up with bikes featuring the modern Bosch Cargo Line motor which is significantly more powerful, produces more torque and supports a larger cadence range. Unfortunately, the second battery isn’t connected via a Y cable as it is with a Bosch system but simply gets stowed away unlocked. If the first battery is empty, you have to stop and swap it out with the spare battery. There are significantly more elegant solutions! The minimalist Shimano display gives you the most basic riding data such as the support mode, the approximate battery level and your speed while blending in nicely with the look of the bike. However, there’s no upgrade option for those who want a bigger, easy-to-read display with connectivity features for navigation.

Unfortunately, there is neither a chainstay nor a chain guard which means your suit pants are likely to get soiled quite quickly. The handlebar can be adjusted up and down by 100 mm thanks to the super-stable SATORI Easy-Up handlebar riser, which mirrors the adjustment range of many other bikes in the test. Despite the generous adjustability, the riding position on the eBullitt is generally more aggressive than that of the competition. For very tall riders, this may result in a position suitable for the Tour de France. As with all E-cargo bikes in the group test, “one size fits all” only applies to people with average dimensions. The eBullitt E8000 XT Di2 is equipped with a steering damper that can be fine-tuned using a rotary knob depending on your load to effectively prevent unwanted speed wobble or nervous steering and thus offer increased stability. This is technology that has trickled down from the world of motorcycles. The damper also acts as a steering limiter – brilliant! In practice, the system worked great and makes a lot of sense on a cargo bike.

Tuning tips: install a suspension seat post for more comfort | use the Shimano app to set Trail mode to the highest support level so that you can forget about the remote. Depending on the load, it will dynamically regulate between Eco and Boost | 200 mm rear brake rotor for better heat management | quick release on the seat clamp for families or other situations where several people ride the same bike

Even experienced riders will have to get used to the eBullitt’s stiff and super direct handling. As we hit the first curbs, cobblestones and broken streets away from the main arteries of the city we quickly found out that the eBullitt doesn’t care much for comfort! Riding on rough roads is reminiscent of working with a jackhammer: the stiff frame passes each bump directly on to the rider. Ride off curbs? You should think twice before you do.

Compliance, where are you? Neither the seat post nor any other component offers enough flex to make the stiff frameset more comfortable.

For this reason, we’d also advise caution when transporting children. Our joints and the kids would have been happy about larger volume tires that you can ride at lower pressures for more comfort! On the other hand, you’ll quickly realise that the eBullitt is a cargo bike made to go fast, for people less concerned about comfort than a responsive ride and direct handling to get from point A to B as quickly as possible. One advantage of the frames’ stiffness is that it doesn’t mind heavy loads. In fact, the handling even becomes slightly more intuitive when the cargo bay, which keeps the centre of gravity nice and low, is loaded up. That allows the eBullitt E8000 XT Di2 to remain agile as you whizz through the city.


The Larry vs Harry STePS eBullitt E8000 XT Di2 is well-built and beautifully finished and its direct handling and stiff construction are perfect for experienced riders who like to go fast! However, it’s not a comfortable bike and kids are unlikely to enjoy the ride of the stiff bike either. On the other hand, the handling remains very precise when fully loaded and the adjustable steering damper sets it apart from the competition. You can customise the eBullitt via the online configurator where you’ll also find a huge selection of third-party accessories.


  • high-quality workmanship
  • agile and intuitive handling with and without cargo
  • custom configuration possible
  • largest selection of third party accessories
  • adjustable steering damper


  • lacking in comfort

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Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf