Hepha’s Trekking 7 Ultra is a serious challenger to the ebike competition. Starting from € 2,499, the bike is available in three versions and with different motor variants from 80 to 100 Nm torque. Can this ebike really make good on its promises or are they just hot air after all?

Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra | Hepha DU-P100/708 Wh | 63 mm (f) | 26.7 kg in size L | € 2,999
Manufacturer’s website

Finding a solid ebike for less than € 3,000 can be difficult, not least since inflation has risen beyond the targeted 2% in Germany, and it’s even higher than that in other parts of the world. Ebike manufacturer Hepha from China have also recognised this new challenge and developed their own motor concept specifically for the new Trekking 7. With an entry price of € 2,499, the Hepha remains well below the € 3,000 mark. However, if you opt for the fancier frame or the more powerful motor, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Our test version with the 100 Nm torque motor retails at € 2,999. We tested for you how the new ebike performs in everyday life, on climbs and on tours.

The Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra in detail

Hepha’s Trekking 7 series is the only product that the company offer on their own website. You have a choice of three different motor variants with 80, 90 or 100 Nm torque as well as two different frame shapes. For a cleaner look, Hepha also offer the bike with polished weld seams for an extra € 200. This is already included in the price of the two more expensive models – trés chic! A small shortcoming, however, is the limited choice of frame sizes: Hepha have refrained from producing many different sizes and only make the Trekking 7 available in sizes M and L. On the other hand, buyers have more flexibility when it comes to choosing their desired motor power. Our test bike in size L with the 100 Nm motor weighs 26.6 kg and is equipped with rugged mudguards and a rear rack with a spring flap.

Large display for a large variety of functions.
At the rear, the rack with a spring flap offers a useful cargo option.

Hepha did not follow the minimalist trend of the industry with their in-house developed display. It provides the rider with all the necessary information as well as some additional practical data. The display is clearly arranged, easy to operate and also equipped with a light sensor that automatically activates the lights when it gets dark. In Hepha’s own app, you can set your own configurations for the bike, as well as save ride data, arrange bike service appointments or customise motor support levels. On the bike itself, the stem can be adjusted according to personal preference, which compensates to some extent for the otherwise limited variability of the geometry. Thanks to the quick-release, the saddle is also easy to adjust. Of course, the ebike also comes with a push assist, but unlike Bosch’s, it only functions when you exert a little force on the bike yourself.

The charging socket is nicely integrated and easy to reach.
The angle of the stem can be adjusted.

The frame of the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra is really noteworthy for its price bracket: Although it is made of aluminium, it looks like a single piece and gives the bike an elegant appearance. With its polished weld seams and clear lines, it presents an all-round classic trekking design. The cables on the Hepha Trekking 7 are also neatly routed inside the frame, but are somewhat untidily attached to the cockpit and especially to the lights – but given the great price, it’s not too hard to let that go.

The frame with polished weld seams is a real eye-catcher!

The motor of the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra

If the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra were a superhero, the DU-P100 motor would be its superpower. Hepha offer the Trekking 7 with a choice of a 80, 90 or 100 Nm motor, depending on the desired superhero category. Our Ultra model is equipped with the 100 Nm motor, making it the Superman of the “Trekking League”. The DU-P100 draws the energy for its superpower from the 708 Wh battery and achieves a maximum support of 450% in the most powerful mode. In addition to the turbo mode, there are also the tour and eco modes, which can be individually adjusted via the app. With the help of a slim remote on the left hand side of the handlebar and the buttons directly on the display, you can switch between modes and also navigate the menu. To unlock the bike, the 2.8″ display acts as a key. It also presents a very clear menu reminiscent of a smartphone navigation system with a similar number of functions, including a torque indicator.

100 points for the Hepha motor with 100 Nm torque.
The remote sits discreetly on the handlebar.

The features of the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra at a glance

As already mentioned, the Hepha Trekking 7 is available in three different versions. You have a choice of colours between beige and grey, and a diamond or a step-through frame. Depending on the motor power, the features vary slightly too. In our version, an SR Suntour SF19 fork with 63 mm travel and lockout function is fitted to provide that certain level of comfort. In addition, the Trekking 7 Ultra runs on Kenda Kwick tires with 27.5×2.20″ and a sporty trekking tread. For the drivetrain, Hepha rely on the 10-speed Shimano DEORE RD-U6020. To ensure that the powerful bike comes safely to a halt, TEKTRO M535 brakes with a disc diameter of 180 mm at the front and 160 mm at the rear have been fitted. For a safe ride in the dark with the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra, the bike is equipped with AXA Blueline lights, which are automatically activated by a light sensor, but of course can also be switched on and off manually. The ebike has a maximum payload of 123 kg, with a permitted total weight of 150 kg.

Tuning tip: A suspension seat post for greater comfort

Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra

€ 2,999


Motor HEPHA DU-P100 100 Nm
Battery HEPHA BT-P100 708 Wh
Display HEPHA SC-P100
Fork SR Suntour SF19 63 mm
Brakes TEKTRO M535 180/160 mm
Drivetrain SHIMANO RD-U6020 450 %
Handlebar HL NOIR 660 mm
Wheelset ALEX 27.5"
Tires KENDA 2.25"

Technical Data

Size M L
Weight 26.7 kg
Perm. total weight 150 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 123 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

variable motor power

Limitless power – The Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra in the test

Right from the very first few metres, you’ll notice the DU-P100 motor has plenty of power! The 100 Nm push powerfully, from starting off to just over 25 km/h, and the motor provides constant support, even at a low cadence. In turbo mode, you’ll definitely win the traffic light start, not giving car drivers the chance to even think about honking at you. Steep climbs are no problem either. For one thing, the motor carries the rider and bike effortlessly up the hill, and for another, the wide gear range helps to easily climb steep slopes without much effort – even at over 20 km/h, if desired. The only thing you will notice is a quiet and restrained whirring of the motor, which gets slightly louder during rapid acceleration, but after a while becomes less and less noticeable. Once the maximum speed of 25 km/h is reached, the motor does not stop abruptly, instead it slowly reduces its assistance. The sitting position on the Trekking 7 Ultra is comfortable and relatively upright, especially nice for longer tours. The SR Suntour suspension fork, in combination with the tires, absorbs some of the bumps, but the rear end passes the shocks onto the rider relatively directly – a suspension seat post would be a good solution here. The 27.5″ wheels provide sufficient agility and mobility so that even fast manoeuvres in tight spaces are possible. If you travel a lot in mountainous regions, you should definitely consider fitting a larger brake disc at the rear to prevent overheating on long descents.

Whether on forest paths…
… or in the city: the Hepha Trekking 7 is an all-rounder.

Hepha have brought a clean looking bike onto the market with the Trekking 7 Ultra. The polished weld seams give the bike a high-quality look. They also did a good job of integrating the motor into the frame. Only the battery cover looks a little out of place, being reminiscent of a very large skid plate, and is more functional than visually appealing. However, the upside is you can easily remove it and take the battery out without much fiddling. The battery lock and the charging socket are also easy to reach and are both located high up on the down tube. The charging socket is well sealed and relatively discreet, but the battery lock seems a bit clunky and, like the battery cover, is more practical than pretty. This also applies to the untidy cable routing on the handlebar and lights, which is not really aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra scores points for the large rear rack including a spring flap, as well as for the positioning of the front light, which swings pleasantly along while steering.The large mudguards provide good protection from getting splashed in the wet, and the cover on the front sprocket also protects your trouser leg from greasy chain oil.

Conclusion on the Hepha Trekking 7 Ultra

With the Trekking 7, Hepha have definitely succeeded in making an impression on the ebike market! The affordable, yet solid entry-level ebike manages to seriously convince with its powerful motor and clean frame finish. This undoubtedly makes Hepha a strong competitor for the big players, who often only cater to the higher price brackets. Thanks to its practical features, the Trekking 7 Ultra is agile, relatively comfortable and above all a pretty powerful trekking ebike.


  • automatic light system
  • polished welding seams
  • powerful motor


  • limited size options

More information at hepha.com.

Words: Gabriel Knapp Photos: Julian Lemme