The Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD looks like a designer piece and status symbol in one. There’s no denying that it wants to be more than just a means of transportation. This is proven by the smart and sporty elements that have been incorporated into the design. Does the concept work or is this ebike like the Ferrari that merely creeps through the city centre and never sees a racetrack?

Canyon Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD | FAZUA Ride 60/430 Wh | 14,32 kg Size L | € 4,999 | Website

German direct to consumer brand Canyon offer a vast range of cycling products, covering everything from mountain to road bikes and triathlon to trekking bikes – both motorised and analogue. And despite this variety, Canyon always manage to create bikes that are reminiscent of design pieces, like the Canyon Precede:ON. The same applies to the new Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD for € 4,999, which Canyon are calling a fitness ebike, which promises to make staying fit while riding your ebike less of a compromise. Helping to deliver on this promise, the carbon bike weighs in at just 14 kg, and it looks good, too. Does this ebike concept work in the real world or is it nothing more than a beautiful design accessory? We put it to the test to find out.

Integration is king – Is the Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD the emperor?

Visually, the Canyon is a no-frills bike. It looks seamless, clean, and sporty with its oversized tubes and sharp edges. Its deep profile seatpost is reminiscent of an aero road bike that’s out to set record times on the asphalt. However, the flat handlebar and, of course, the motor make it clear that this isn’t the case. That said, the motor and big battery in the down tube are hardly noticeable since they match the bike’s remaining proportions seemingly effortlessly.
Behind this tidy front, however, it packs quite a high-tech punch, featuring integrated lights in the handlebar and under the saddle, as well as the FAZUA system with an app and a 430 Wh battery. All these features only come to light upon closer inspection. You also get inconspicuously integrated mudguard mounts, and there’s a thread hidden under a cap on the rear axle for a direct-mount trailer hitch. Thanks to these two upgrades, the bike can quickly and easily be converted into a sporty e-commuter.

If integration is king, the Roadlite:ON is the emperor. All cables are routed internally, and the bike comes equipped with integrated lights at the front and rear.
The inconspicuous motor remote isn’t the best in terms of haptics, but it doubles as the display with the help of 5 colour LEDs.

In a game of hide and seek, the Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD could beat a chameleon. You’ll find hardly any visible cables on the bike as they’re routed internally throughout, entering the frame via the handlebar. The most striking feature is the one-piece carbon cockpit, with only the brake levers protruding from it. The remaining hardware, i.e. the brake hoses and master cylinders have migrated to the inside of the handlebar. The only clamp on the handlebar is that of the shifter. Shifting itself is wireless. Like the remote control for the motor on the left, the included bell hugs the right-hand grip almost seamlessly. The cut-out in the centre of the handlebar houses the LightSKIN Ultra Mini headlight, which is more there to let you be seen than see with its 150-lumen output.
The drive unit is supplied by FAZUA, and the Ride 60 motor provides 60 Nm of pedalling support for as long as the 430 Wh battery lasts – and it lasts a long time. Especially since the bike is destined to frequently get ridden above the 25 km/h ebike threshold. And despite the seamless integration of the motor system, it offers maximum versatility, allowing you to charge the battery on or off the bike. The battery can be removed effortlessly by unlocking it with the included key and dropping it out the bottom. If you have a power source where you park your bike, you can simply plug the cable into the charging port underneath the top tube. At 14.32 kg, it’s also light enough to carry up the stairs into a penthouse suit where it will complement your designer furniture from Thonet. Our only complaint regarding the bike’s look and workmanship is that the removable battery isn’t colour-matched to the frame, and the haptics of the charging port and battery cover are a bit of a let-down.

Canyon Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD

€ 4,999


Motor FAZUA Ride 60 60 Nm
Battery FAZUA Energy 430 Wh
Display FAZUA LED Hub
Brakes Magura MCI 160/160 mm
Drivetrain SRAM X01 Eagle AXS 1x12
Wheelset 28"
Tires Schwalbe G-ONE Allround 1,5"

Technical Data

Size S M L XL
Weight 14,32 kg
Perm. total weight 130 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 115 kg
Trailer approval Yes
Kickstand mount No

Specific Features

All cables and wires routed internally

Fast and sporty despite electric support – What is the Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD capable of day to day?

The Canyon Roadlite:ON doesn’t just look fast, it is fast. The riding position is balanced and sporty, making you lean forward slightly to reach the flat handlebar, and the FAZUA motor will quickly have you reaching the 25 km/h threshold in Rocket mode. But just because the motor cuts out doesn’t mean it’s over. The Roadlite:ON encourages you to keep on pedalling and makes it easy to ride above the legal ebike limit – extending your range while you’re at it ;). If you also want to do more of the work yourself when riding below 25 km/h, you can simply switch to the lower River or Breeze mode. The 3 buttons of the motor remote aren’t the most defined, but it functions as a remote and display in one. Thanks to the minimalistic design consisting of five colour LEDs, the frame and cockpit don’t require an additional display.
The wide gear range of the SRAM X01 Eagle AXS drivetrain from the mountain bike segment allows you to conquer even the steepest climbs, providing a suitable gear for every situation. When winching your way up an incline, the motor offers plenty of support in the highest mode despite putting out a maximum of “just” 60 Nm.

The Roadlite:ON makes easy work of fast city corners and riding slalom through bollards. The bike feels agile and sprightly, and the forward-leaning riding position keeps the front wheel weighted. However, you’ll want to avoid bumps. The frame and fork are very stiff, and the 40 mm Schwalbe G-One all-round tires provide limited cushioning. We would have preferred slightly wider tires for more comfort and an even more coherent looking bike. Unfortunately, however, the frame’s tire clearances max out at 40 mm.

The neatly integrated MCi BRAKES FROM MAGURA are exclusively available to bike manufacturers and – apart from the brake levers – are fully integrated into the handlebar. The braking power is sufficient for forward-looking riders, though it doesn’t quite correspond to the bike’s responsive character. If you want more powerful brakes, we recommend upgrading to the performance brake pads from MAGURA. The ergonomics of the brakes are also limited, favouring clean looks – besides lever reach, you can’t adjust them.
The cleanly integrated headlight from LightSKIN and tail light from Supernova add a level of safety. While the 150-lumen headlight is bright enough for you to be seen, the tail light functions as a two-stage brake light – they increase in brightness when braking moderately, and flash brightly when you slam on the brakes. That way, you’re perfectly equipped for urban night rides, and there’s no need to recharge the lights as they’re powered by the on-board ebike battery.
The Roadlite:ON can accommodate two bottle cages, matching the bike’s sporty character and perfect for long rides. It seems as if the designer bike deliberately dispenses with other accessories such as mudguards or luggage racks, which its sporty handling underlines with confidence.

Who is the Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD for?

The Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD is clearly aimed at sporty individualists, for whom the outfit is as important as the workout itself. Fair-weather commuters who are tired of their drop-bar bike and like the idea of a discreetly integrated motor will be just as happy. One thing is certain: this ebike will make you the centre of attention, standing out from the crowd. How does it compare to the Ferrari in the city centre? It’s more fun to ride and gets fewer ill-disposed looks 😉

Our conclusion on the Canyon Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD

The Roadlite:ON isn’t without its flaws, but it sets the bar in terms of integration. At first glance, the bike seems absolutely purist, though, on second glance, it offers a wealth of features such as integrated lights. Thanks to the discreetly integrated FAZUA motor, the undercover ebike will get you to your destination fast and almost effortlessly, serving all those who are willing to give up on comfort in favour of style.


  • (almost) flawless integration
  • battery can be charged on or off the bike
  • next level in cockpit integration
  • inconspicuously integrated trailer and mudguard mounts


  • limited adjustability of handlebar and brake ergonomics
  • lack of compliance
  • skinny tires can get stuck between tram tracks

Tuning-Tipp: Aero socks for marginal gains 😉

Words: Julian Schwede Photos: Mike Hunger