Genius is making complex ideas simple! Retailing from € 679, the Burley bike trailer is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it one of the most practical dog trailers out there. Despite lacking suspension, it’s extremely stable while riding. Find out what else the Burley Bark Ranger XL is capable of, and what else it can do for your furry friend.

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With the Bark Ranger, Burley offer a spacious dog trailer with a roll-up window and several anchoring points, promising to deliver a safe and comfortable ride for your pooch. We tested one for you to see whether the American manufacturer is promising too much and to find out what else it’s capable of! By the way, Burley also have another bike dog trailer in their portfolio: the € 489 Tail Wagon. This differs from the Bark Ranger in shape and size, has fewer pockets, and lacks a rain cover. In our 2023 dog trailer group test we tested both models for you.

The black and blue Burley trailer with drawbar and wheels.
Burley Bark Ranger |14 kg | € 679,00 | Manufacturer’s website

In our 2023 dog-trailer group test we tested the Bark Ranger, which retails at € 679 and is approved for dogs up to 35 kg. However, you can also get the standard Burley Bark Ranger variant, which fits dogs up to 45 kg and costs € 779.

Burley Bark Ranger XL


Technical specifications

Parking brake: side mount
Wheels: 20’’ x 2.12
Maximum permitted dog weight: up to 45 kg
Trailer system weight: 14 kg

Standard equipment

Buggy Kit


Dog bed (from € 69.90)
Pet Trailer Pouch (€ 54.90)
Storage bag (€ 69.90)
Rain cover (from € 54.90)
Trailer stand
Tail light (battery powered)

Burley Bark Ranger


Technical specifications

Parking brake: side mount
Wheels: 20’’ x 2.12
Maximum permitted dog weight: up to 34 kg
Trailer system weight: 13.9 kg


L x B x H folded: 92 cm x 60 cm x 69
L x B interior: 92 cm x 43 cm
Trailer step-up: 27 cm
Interior height (front): max 55 cm

Special features

Easy to fold
Underbody construction

Easy come, easy go – Burley dog stroller for bikes

Does the Burley bicycle dog stroller combine lightness and functionality? Yes, it does! It’s extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, setting new standards in user-friendliness. It’s even easier to set up than a pop-up tent, making assembly and disassembly quick and straightforward, even if you happen to have two left hands. Thanks to the clever folding mechanism, it can be set up and dismantled quickly and effortlessly.

The Burley is easy to fold up. It is foldable with one hand.
The folding mechanism is easy and intuitive to use from the get-go!
When folded, the Burley is very small and ready to be stowed away.
Ready to store!
Leo also likes to run behind the Burley during breaks.

DThe Bark Ranger’s solid construction and high-quality materials ensure a superior riding experience, refuting the widespread assumption that dog trailers with suspension offer a more composed, more stable ride. There’s a logical explanation for this: with dynamic cornering, soft suspension tends to tilt the trailer, causing the weight to shift towards the outside of the corner. This affects steering accuracy, resulting in less predictable handling and in extreme cases even increasing the risk of the trailer tipping over. If you drive a car, you might be familiar with this already – it’s the same principle that requires sport cars to use a much stiffer chassis than standard road cars. As usual, not all that glitters is gold, and while numerous dog trailer manufacturers use suspension as a strong selling point, this doesn’t always come as an advantage. The Burley Park Ranger, on the other hand, forgoes suspension altogether and relies on a low centre of gravity to ensure riding stability. The only drawback is the limited ground clearance, meaning that it’s easier to hit the bottom of the trailer with a kerb or an obstacle when riding offroad. We covered dog trailer suspension in more detail here in the introduction to this test.

If you thought that the lack of suspension would have a negative effect on riding comfort, you would be wrong! Our accelerometer tests have clearly shown that a good dog bed ensures just as much riding comfort as a suspension system – and has virtually no effect on the bike’s riding stability. And (surprise, surprise) the Burley Bark Ranger comes equipped with a well-padded dog bed. Our canine test crew agrees: neither Henry, Maja nor Leo complained about sore hindquarters, or stretched their legs when getting out of the trailer! Moreover, as a rider, you hardly notice that you’re towing a trailer.

In curves, the Burley is stable even without suspension.

The hitch system, on the other hand, isn’t as intuitive to use, requiring good aim and a firm hand to attach the towbar to the hitch – and the bike has to be upright to do this! While the safety strap is sufficiently long and easy to secure, it could be a smidge narrower, which would make it easier to thread it through the frame and secure to the bike – and the same goes for the snap ring.

The Burley has an adequate safety strap that connects the drawbar and hitch.

The wheel bumper ensures a good level of protection but, unfortunately, the Burley lacks an internal leash that prevents jumpy dogs from escaping. This would come in extremely handy with sensitive dogs like our test pooch Maja, who are new to canine-carriers and try to jump out of the trailer from time to time.

To activate the Bark Ranger’s parking brake, you’ll have to pull the lever on the side of the trailer while at the same time holding the bike. However, stopping on a slope isn’t a problem, even with a higher gradient. Safety stands high on Burley’s priority list: whether you ride in the day or at night, powerful reflectors ensure excellent visibility, making you less vulnerable in the night traffic. Moreover, the trailer comes standard with a mount for a battery-powered tail light which, unfortunately, is sold separately.

Unfortunately, the Burley has bumpers on the wheels that are too short and therefore do not offer sufficient protection.
The bumper covers the wheel, protecting the tire and rim from impacts.
If you want to stop briefly on the mountain with the Burley, this is not a problem because it has a side brake.
Fancy a rest while climbing? No problem!
Reflectors are attached to the back of the Burley.

Burley bike trailer – Why not take it easy for once?

How practical and comfortable is Burley’s dog carrier, both for you and your dog? Whether your pooch is young, old, healthy or infirm, the low step up makes it easy to get in and out of the trailer’s opening at the back without having to jump – nothing stops you from touring with your best friend!

The Burley has a low entry and makes it easy for the dogs.
The low step-up makes it easy for all dogs to get into the trailer!
Leo is relaxing in the Burley at sunset and enjoying the sun's rays.
Lean back and relax, enjoy the comfort while soaking in the sunset.

The opening facing the rider is fairly big and extends far up the trailer’s front wall, providing a generous viewing area for dogs who – like our office dog Henry – love to cruise around town with a fresh breeze on their snout. Generously sized mesh windows provide additional ventilation, ensuring a pleasant inner climate. Furthermore, the Bark Ranger is one of the few trailers in this test that features a back door with a roll-up cover. This allows more light to shine into the trailer, preventing the dog from sitting in the dark and making it easier for the rider to keep an eye on their furry darling, so you can enjoy your ride and the view together, at 360 degrees. The Burley trailer also features a side pocket with a Velcro fastener, which can be used to stow away all your doggy-essentials, from leads to poo-bags and whatever you may want to carry! Unfortunately, the bag can’t be fully closed, which makes it unsuitable for storing valuable items. If you need extra storage space for epic adventures, you can buy additional bags, which Burley sell from € 54.90. If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, you can purchase the optional rain cover for a further € 54.90. Just make sure you don’t forget to check the weather forecast before leaving the house, and don’t forget the rain cover if in doubt.

If it rains, there is a rain cover for the Burley.
The rain cover keeps your furry friend dry on rainy days.
You can buy extra bags for the Burley.
For a few more euros you can also get the bags.
Henry is happy that you can stick your head out with the Burley.

The Burley’s underbody is well designed and made from a hard, robust material that’s easy to clean – no frills or porous, delicate fabrics that collect dirt or rip during a wild offroad session.

Unfortunately, the interior of the Burley Bark Ranger isn’t padded, so we recommend buying the optional dog bed for an additional € 89.90, which will significantly improve your dog’s riding experience. Like us, pooches don’t like a rough ride and deserve comfort on four wheels. Since the interior can’t be removed, cleaning is rather difficult, requiring you to wash the whole trailer with a high pressure washer every time it gets dirty.

The bottom of the Burley is made of sturdy material without fabric.

Our conclusions about the Burley Bark Ranger

The Burley Bark Ranger might not have suspension, but it doesn’t need it either. Not only does it convince with super easy assembly and disassembly, but also on the road with next-level stability. Despite the lack of suspension, the Burley bicycle trailer manages to combine comfort and lightness, proving an excellent travel companion for our four-legged friends. The only drawback is the lack of padding and leash anchoring points on the inside.


  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Good stability despite the lack of suspension
  • Stable frame
  • Sturdy underbody construction ensures long service life
  • Low step-up
  • Parking brake


  • Inside isn’t padded
  • Lack of integrated dog leash
  • Battery tail light not included in the price

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The tour with the Burley was successful, and then a beer is drunk.

Words: Antonia Feder Photos: Antonia Feder, Robin Schmitt