Look at me! While many cargo bikes try to hide their bulk, the Benno RemiDemi XL cargo bike is a lot more conspicuous and in your face. The polarising design and big balloon tires are sure to turn heads in the urban jungle. But can the RemiDemi XL also stand out from the crowd in our cargo bike group test?

Benno RemiDemi XL | Bosch Performance Smart System/1090 Wh
40 kg in Size One Size | € 7,288 | Manufacturer’s website

Named after founder Benno Benzinger, the Benno Bikes brand specialise exclusively in the production of e-assist longtail cargo bikes. The Swiss brand are known for their bikes’ unmistakable and eye-catching looks. The RemiDemi XL also boasts a colourful design and wide balloon tires and is reminiscent of a beach cruiser that draws in the curious eyes of passers-by. However, the brand promise to combine the conspicuous looks with a high degree of functionality. To this end, it features a dual battery concept consisting of two 545 Wh Bosch PowerPacks, offering a total capacity of 1,090 Wh, powering a 75 Nm Bosch Performance Line motor. However, the second battery can only be added by a specialist retailer. If you’ve got the beach right on your doorstep, you can also get the Benno with a small 400 Wh battery for € 6,499 instead. In terms of price, the configuration of the cargo bike on test starts at € 7,288, which is somewhat higher than the test field average of € 6,536. The RemiDemi XL tips the scales at 40 kg. With a gross weight limit of 190 kg, this leaves 150 kg for the rider and their payload.

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A bird of paradise with luggage – What sets the Benno RemiDemi XL apart?

The retro design with its curved round tubes and low step-through, and the beach cruiser handlebar are reminiscent of times gone by. Thanks to the colourful design with red accents, the RemiDemi XL is the bird of paradise in the test field, unlike bikes like the Winora F.U.B. 2W or Riese & Müller Packster2, which are more discreet and try to hide their bulk. So, when you ride through the farmers market on the weekend, you’re sure to draw attention. The RemiDemi XL would also look good on the rear rack of a VW Samba.

The wide balloon tires stand out from the crowd, but they offer little comfort on the Benno RemiDemi XL.
The Benno certainly isn’t short of battery capacity. Thanks to two 545 Wh Bosch PowerPack batteries, you won’t run out of support even on endless beach days.

The curved frame shape and red accents give the RemiDemi XL a striking retro look, drawing many curious looks.

As the name suggests, the Swiss long tail carries most of the cargo at the rear and, the luggage carrier with a maximum payload of 60 kg, is easily capable of accommodating a fully loaded cooler box and a surfboard on top, though this would extend slightly beyond the bike’s dimensions. Alternatively, you can fit two crates of sparkling water on the rear rack. Benno offer a wide range of optional accessories via their online shop, all of which will drive up the total price. You’ve got a choice of various safety rails and a bench with two seat cushions that attach to the rear carrier with Velcro straps, for transporting kids. You’ll also find pannier bags like those for the Riese & Müller Multitinker, but they’ll only be available by the end of April 2024, according to Benno. The front rack offers plenty of storage space and has a carrying capacity of 15 kg. You could use this for your four-legged friend. If you want to treat your fur-baby to more comfort, we recommend taking a look at our big dog trailer group test. Unfortunately, the Benno isn’t approved to pull a trailer.

Propping the Benno RemiDemi XL up on the centre stand takes minimal effort, and it offers a secure footing even as you load up your goods.

The 9-speed Shimano drivetrain has a limited gear range, and the RemiDemi XL only gets up steep climbs with a big physical effort from the rider.

Like all brands in the cargo bike group test, Benno also rely on a one-size-fits-all concept, which should be suitable for riders from 155 cm to 188 cm tall. The riding position can be adjusted via the saddle height and the strongly curved handlebars. However, you have to use a tool to adjust the handlebar position, which makes it difficult to change riders quickly.
You get a 75 Nm Bosch Performance Line motor for support, which is weaker than the Bosch Cargo Line and Performance Line CX motors on the other bikes. The motor, in turn, is powered by two 545 Wh batteries, which are attached externally behind the seat tube. Unfortunately, the Benno RemiDemi XL has to make do without a fully-fledged display. There’s only the minimalist display above the Bosch LED remote providing information. However, this suits the bike’s retro look. The eBike Lock function, an electronic immobilizer, is still available via the eBike Flow app. One of the most striking features are the small and wide 20 x 3.8″ tires, similar in width to fat bike tires. You can even swap them out for snow tires, available in the Benno webshop. The thin wheel guards keep your passengers’ feet out of harm’s way, but they attach to the rear end with Velcro and look a bit rickety. You won’t find any noteworthy accessories on the RemiDemi XL either.

Benno RemiDemi XL

€ 7,288


Motor Bosch Performance Smart System 75 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerPack 1090 Wh
Display Bosch LED Remote
Seatpost Benno Alu
Brakes MAGURA MT Thirty Disc 4 Piston/Magura MT Thirty Disc 2 Piston 180/180 mm
Drivetrain Shimano CS 1x9
Handlebar Benno Alu 675 mm
Wheelset Benno Alu 20"
Tires Benno RemiDemi All Road Tire 3.6"

Technical Data

Size One Size
Weight 40 kg
Perm. total weight 190 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 150 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

Balloon tyres

Tuning-Tipp: Snow tires and a plane ticket to Alaska 😉

A beach cruiser in explorer mode – The Benno RemiDemi XL on test

Measuring 194 cm in length, the RemiDemi XL requires little space in the garage and is relatively compact. This makes it the third shortest longtail cargo bike in our test and is easy to manoeuvre out of the driveway. Jacking the Benno RemiDemi XL up on the centre stand is easy, and it offers a secure footing even as you load up your goods. The low top tube makes it easy to climb aboard, and you sit on the bike in a compact and upright position, giving it a relaxed beach cruiser character.
As with most other longtails in the cargo bike group test, the RemiDemi XL allows you to pull away quite effortlessly, but it can quickly start feeling somewhat shaky once you’ve got going. The Swiss bike’s handling is vague and imprecise, and the handlebar starts wobbling even at moderate speeds, like a bird of paradise flapping its wings. As a result, the cargo bike robs you of confidence. At higher speeds, this effect intensifies, and the bike can’t match the stable handling of bikes like the Moustache Lundi or Riese & Müller Multitinker, requiring you to always stay alert.

Thanks to the retro look and eye-catching balloon tires, you’re guaranteed to turn heads as you cruise through the farmers’ market aboard the Benno RemiDemi XL.

Beach cruiser vibes! – The Benno feels more at home on the soft sandy beach than on our ride in Paris over the rough pavements of Montmartre.
While the bird of paradise never takes off, its handlebar flutters unpleasantly at high speeds as if flapping its wings.

The brakes are underpowered, too, so you’ll have to train those forearms to bring the bike to a stop. That said, our demo model had to make do with two-piston Shimano brakes, whereas the production bikes will come equipped with more powerful four-piston callipers, at least at the front. The wide tires look like they should offer plenty of cushioning, but the rigid aluminium frame feels quite stiff on cobblestone roads. Despite the balloon tires, the bike simply lacks any active damping elements that would increase rider comfort. Even the affordable BTWIN Cargo offers a more comfortable ride. When coming to a stop at traffic lights, you’ll have to get off the saddle or stabilise the bike with one foot on your tiptoes due to the lack of a dropper post. The RemiDemi XL also struggles in hilly terrain because the 75 Nm Bosch Performance Line motor and gear range of the 9-speed Shimano drivetrain haven’t got the reserves needed to cope with steep climbs. You’ll have to put in a big effort to get the RemiDemi XL up the mountain, and it will reach its limits in very steep terrain.

Jacking the Benno RemiDemi XL up on the centre stand is easy, and it offers a secure footing even as you load up your goods.

Helmet Dashel Ocaean Edition | Glasses Kapten&Son London | Shirt Gucci x The North Face

Who is the RemiDemi XL for? And who better steer clear?

The RemiDemi XL only serves a small niche made up of style-conscious riders in explorer mode who want to take their surfboard and swimwear to the beach. If long cruises don’t interest you and the beach is right on your doorstep, you can also throw off any unnecessary ballast and go for the 400 Wh battery option, which will even save you money. If you’re looking for a pack mule that caters to a wide range of use cases, we recommend looking at the more versatile all-rounders in our cargo bike group test instead.

Our conclusion on the Benno RemiDemi XL

Due to the demanding handling and lack of comfort, the RemiDemi XL serves a limited range of applications, and thus only caters to a small niche of cargo bike riders. However, if you’ve fallen for the retro looks and only transport light goods in flat terrain, you’ll find a stylish beach cruiser in the Benno. Ultimately, the Benno RemiDemi XL can’t keep up with the more versatile all-rounders in the test field, and the concept wasn’t entirely convincing.


  • flexible dual battery concept
  • retro look


  • demanding handling
  • lacking in comfort
  • motor isn’t powerful enough for hilly terrain

For more information, visit bennobikes.com

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Words: Benedikt Schmidt Photos: Antonia Feder, Robin Schmitt